Nicole’s IVF Journal (Cycle 1) – Complete


I have finally shared the last post from the journal of my 1st IVF cycle. You can check out the complete journal here.

It was such a roller coaster of emotions, especially with it being my first time. Hopefully, it will be of help to someone walking that road.

September 14th, 2010

Just got back from the hospital. The bad thing is that I only got my blood taken. The chat with the Doctor will be after I have my sonohysterogram next week Thursday. But the good thing is that I got assigned a Nurse, and she seems really nice. Anyways, I got my history taken, blood work done, and an appointment booked for next Thursday. Hopefully, my DH would have had his semen analysis done next Saturday.

So, still in the dark as to what protocol I will be on, or when exactly I’ll start, but I have a good feeling I’ll be good for my October-November cycle. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!


September 15th, 2010

I just wish the days would go by quickly. Everything seems to be crawling right along. I can’t wait to get things on the road!

I’m also feeling low because my DH is not as gong ho about this IVF thing as I am. He’s not in any hurry and thinks we could still try for longer. He thinks 2 years isn’t a big deal. I, on the other hand, am very mindful of my 33 years of age, and am not interested in wasting another 2 years before decide on IVF. He says he’s going along with the process, but just wants me to know he’s only doing it for my sake. It hurts so much because I so want us to be partners in this. I just pray that God blesses us with success first time around, so this whole TTC madness can end!


September 21st, 2010

Went to Nordica this morning. The results of last week’s blood work came back very fine. I had a physical examination this morning, which also came back fine. I still have the sonohysterogram booked for Thursday, and hopefully DH will have his semen analysis on Saturday. My doctor says I might be placed on the long protocol, so that would mean down regging from my day 21 (which would be October 2nd). I pray with all my heart that this timeline works!

SO..we are almost all systems go……


  1. Good morning @nicole, pls need u to help me out on these few questions…….. A friend has been on TTC for years, she had fibroid, dunno which though bt was operated upon way back. Luckily God answered our prayers sometimes this year, unfortunately, she lost it(miscarriage). The problem now is its been three months since she’s miscarried, bt blood hasn’t stopped flowing. Pls what can be done?

    • Hell Busola. The most common reason for continuous bleeding after a miscarriage is if the evacuation wasn’t done properly. She needs to see her doctor (or probably a new one, so he/she can tell her exactly what’s going on) to ensure that her uterus has been 100% cleared of all debris. Another possibility is that the fibroid might have regrown, and possibly bruised the area where the placenta would have been. This would mean a wound that still needs attention. Whichever case, she needs to see her doctor a.s.a.p!

  2. Thanks Nicole, I appreciate. She’s based in the far north, she intends coming to Laos soonest, do u be a good fertility clinic she can go to plus it shldn’t be too expensive please. Another question pls, do u think there’s anything wrong if the number of days for one’s period reduces, plus the blood flow isn’t as much as it used to be?

    • Hi Busola. I know quite a number of good fertility clinics. As far as not being too expensive, what do you think is her budget. Unfrotunately, the very good ones don’t come cheap.

      As for the reduced number of days of a period, and diminished blood flow, that’s a red flag for hormonal imbalance. Have there been any other physical symptoms? Rapid weight gain? Acne? Hair loss?

  3. As there are no physical symptoms, I would recommend some sort of supplement/prenatal like Pregnacare Conception, Wellwoman, Trevo, Feminine Herbal Complext, M2-Tone, etc., as these are all great for hormone regulation, just in case there is a hormonal issue.

  4. One of these drugs right? Pregnancare Conception would be fine or which is best? Thank u so much @nicole, learning a lot from all the write ups. Kisses

  5. Hi,
    So I had my first failed ivf cycle last month. I must confess it wasn’t easy. The emotional drain and stress it puts on u and ur body, relationship, is not something I would wish for anyone but I don’t have anyother option as my dh had a failed reversal. I would Luv to try again soon so my question is please what ivf hospital would u recommend? I reside in Lagos. The experience wit d last place wasn’t nice cos they weren’t committed to me as a patient and even as a first timer.
    I would also love to know what drug to take to reduce my FSH levels. At d last test three months ago, it was 11.46iu/l. Am presently eating veggies and fruits(don’t like).
    Would love to hear from you soon. Sorry for d long write up.

    • Darling Ogochukwu, I am so sorry about your failed cycle. I had a failed cycle last year and that counts as the most excruciating pain I have ever gone through. Just remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. You will get that :bfp: soon because God never fails.
      Fortunately, you are asking the right questions in the right place. It is so heartbreaking when hospitals take our treatment for granted and make our journeys even harder :negative: :negative: :negative: . There is a clinic review that you will really find helpful and I am sure @nicole and @oluwakemine , our greatest support system will be able to provide that soon.
      Personally, If I was ever to cycle in lagos, my ist choice will be Georges memorial. So many of our members have gotten their babies with them. That said, there are also other very fantastic hospitals with good success rate in lagos. Trust me, the clinic reviews that nicole and oluwakemine did ( God bless them) will help you immensely and I assure you that the link ll come up soon.
      Sending lots of love your way; we understand because we have been there. We will celebrate your babies soon.
      Please, join our family, it’s a place to be :heart: :heart:
      Lots and lots of :dust: :dust: :dust:
      Ps: there are also helpful tips on boosting egg quality. I am so sorry, I am bad with the link thingy but I am sure you will also get that.

    • Hello Cyn o, so sorry about your failed cycle. I hope that you are beginning to regain some semblance of inner peace. Where did you cycle?
      Here’s the link @mimibabe mentioned, It will help you in making your decision on which clinic to cycle with. However, our members have has successful cycles with Georgie’s Memorial Medical center, The Ark Klinic and Olive Branch.
      For reducing your FSH, your doctor is the best bet but I’ll ask our members, if anyone has an idea, you can discuss with your doctor.
      …and Isi, you are the best. Thanks for filling in the gap. ?


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