In The News: Pregnancy Hormones Could Affect Eyesight During Third Trimester- DNA Expert


Pregnancy hormones that help your body support your growing baby can sometimes affect your eyesight during the third trimester. You may become more near or farsighted than usual, to the point where you might have trouble seeing clearly with your regular prescription lenses. But, this is generally minor and temporary, and reverses within several months of delivery. In fact, that’s why most ophthalmologists won’t recommend undergoing laser eye surgery for vision correction during pregnancy.

Dry eyes: Hormonal changes can also cause the body to produce fewer tears, causing irritation, and make them red and sensitive to light. Drops for red-eye constrict blood vessels and increase irritation among pregnant women. Look out for non vasoconstrictive drops instead. Cut down on computer usage, sitting under fluorescent lights, and facing air conditioners. Take a break from wearing contact lenses and switch to glasses.

Poorer vision: This is usually due to swelling in corneas from fluid retention because of the hormones. Your vision should eventually return to normal post delivery. Your retina may also experience changes in case of diabetes or gestational diabetes. Monitor your blood sugar levels, and let your eye doctor know if you experience blurred vision.

Most pregnancy related eye disorders are reversible, but a few conditions like vascular occlusions, torch infections should be diagnosed and treated as early as possible, as they can cause loss of sight. If vision problems persists one month after delivery, visit an ophthalmologist at the earliest.

Dr Jasdeep Kaur is from Ophthalmologist Sharp Sight Group of Eye Hospitals in Mumbai.

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