In The News: Not Enough Investigation Is Done Into Why Babies Die In Nigeria – Fertility Expert


Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist  and Managing Director/CEO, Nordica Fertility Centre, Dr. Abayomi Ajayi is worried about the high number of babies that die before birth or are born with genetically transferred disorders.

He had an extensive interview with Vanguard, where he shared what can be done to improve the situation.

In Nigeria we do not investigate why babies die. This is a significant problem. Some babies have congenital abnormalities, they blame doctors, and we do not investigate enough why the baby has died one thing that is one of the things we need to bring into our practice. Why did this baby die? The way we treat the death of babies leaves much to be desired. I recall an incident in Asaba, a patient did PGS and lost the baby at about 14 weeks. That should not really happen.  We told the woman that when the baby was expelled we needed to take a sample from the placenta for testing, but she blatantly refused. But these are things that a white person would do willingly.  So it is difficult to understand some of these things, and until we start looking at why we keep losing babies, we will not learn.

Congenital abnormalities The assumption now is that congenital abnormalities are not common in Nigeria, but I beg to differ. Human beings are the same. If something is common somewhere, it should be common everywhere, except if it is environmentally linked. Congenital abnormalities are usually errors in nature, so why is error occurring in Europe and not here. I do not agree, these are some of the things we need to start doing so that we can answer some of the questions.

Problem is Society: The problem is even beyond the doctors, the problem is society. Let us look at the baby that dies in-utero. What is the normal reaction of the patient? The common reaction is often that the doctor is not skilled, but people need to know that babies die. We need to differentiate the ones that die as a result of negligence,  we should start asking questions about why babies die.  That will also differentiate the ones that die due to negligence and the ones we cannot do anything about. When people lose pregnancies in the first trimester they blame everybody, yet 50-70 percent of the time babies that are lost in the 1st trimester are congenitally abnormal and there is nothing any doctor can do. There are congenitally abnormal babies most of the time. So when things happen, let us grieve from point of knowledge. Let us begin to educate the public about these things.

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