In The News: Clinic Mistakenly Transfers Wrong Embryos Into Two Women


A fertility clinic has accidentally implanted the wrong embryos in two women. 

Reprofit, in Czech Republic, put the wrong embryos in the wombs of the women without checking if they were right.

The State Institute for Drug Control is now investigating the clinic after it discovered the error during routine quality checks.

Matej Stejskal, the vice Chairman of the clinic’s holding company FutureLife confirmed: ‘It was a human error, not a system failure. The people who manipulated the embryos are suspended.’

According to the clinic, both couples involved come from EU countries outside the Czech Republic. One of the couples are believed to be Austrian.

The clinic is regularly visited by foreigners and works with several clinics in the UK.

In 2015 the Reprofit clinic had 304 clients from the UK.

Under Czech law, the mother of the baby is the woman who gives birth to the child regardless of genetic maternity.

Lawyer Tomas Pelikan said blaming it on ‘human error’ is not good enough, and added: ‘The system should prevent individual errors from occurring. It should be set up in such a way that such mix-ups don’t happen.

‘They should use bar coding, colour coding and what they call witnessing, in which one embryologist checks the work of another. It’s highly individual work that requires very careful concentration.’

The patients will reportedly received significant damage payments once the investigation is completed.

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