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By the time one dizzy spell after another followed, I was almost tempted to ask what the whole drama was with the issue of pregnancy sef. Dizziness was one of the symptoms of pregnancy that plagued me both times I was pregnant. In fact, it was one of the earliest symptoms that I have ever had.

I’m not the fainting girl, but I have lost consciousness for a few moments, while pregnant, no thanks to the dizzy spells.  Apart from the dizzy spells, there were other plethora of complaints that made me, and sometimes make pregnant moms, less than excited about the precious cargoes being carried and even the whole pregnancy experience.

I found some ways of easing my symptoms; avoid sudden movements and learning to intentionally breathe helped with the dizzy spells. Ginger worked wonders for the nausea and sleep sorted out the rest.

In this article,  I will curate from mine and other moms’ experiences, what natural remedies worked for them, asides from over the counter drugs, because the less medication a pregnant mom takes, the better for all concerned, as the side effects of drugs on babies in utero are not completely known.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness ranks up there as one of the most bothersome pregnancy symptoms. For some, it is truly a nightmare in the morning, from the moment they open their eyes till most of the morning is gone. For some, it’s evening sickness and for some, it’s all day sickness. Whatever your experience is, you can pull through.

Tanimola, who spent the first three months of her three pregnancies in the hospital, thanks to her chronic morning sickness, said the one thing that helped her, aside the medication she got, was ginger tea. It was something that was always by her bedside.

Chioma, a first time mom recommends eating little bits at a time frequently throughout the day, including lots of protein. “Once people feel nauseous, they don’t want to eat, but an empty stomach will make nausea worse”, she said. Well, Chioma is also a doctor, so, you can take that seriously.



This particular symptom starts during pregnancy for some women and continues right through the post natal period, where using the toilet becomes a challenge.

To help, Kafilat suggested get plenty of fibre from fresh fruit, vegetables, whole-grain cereals. She said to avoid bread and starchy snacks.

Drinking plenty of water also works, if everything else fails.


This was something that I did not experience and I bless God, because while pregnant, there was nothing that my sister ate or drank, that she didn’t experience, heartburn afterwards. If she ate rice; one, two spoonfuls, she would be hammering at her chest and making faces.  It was tiring and made eating with her a chore. Not even ice cream was without effects. I wondered if the babies wanted her to eat at all.

According to experts, heartburn is caused by fluctuating hormones. Progesterone is thought to relax the valve between the stomach and oesophagus, meaning stomach acids can splash up. The added pressure of the expanding uterus can also contribute to heartburn.

When my sister complained to the doctor, she was asked to identify the food items that made the burning sensation worse and avoid them. Also, she shouldn’t lie down for one to two hours after eating.

And at night, she was told to keep her head elevated, to help with the heartburn. And feet too for that matter…you will soon know why.


Swollen feet

I suffered from swollen feet, oedema, while pregnant; you can even make that swollen leg, as my ankles and the lower part of my leg were all swollen.

So did my sister, and it turns out, most women’s feet swell at some point in their pregnancy.

The only solution I know to it is to keep your feet elevated while sleeping, foot massages from Mister or whoever is kind enough to offer a pregnant mom, and a foot rub.


Stretch marks

Honestly, I wish there really was some miracle cure that will help me get that kind of tummy that some celebs like model, Oluchi Orlandi flaunt. She is a mom of two boys, yet, not a single stretch mark mars her tummy, when she wears all those bikinis of hers.

True, some people are more prone to have stretchmarks genetically than others, but it can also vary. Yes, it’s possible to have stretchmarks during one pregnancy and not during another.  I experienced this first hand with my first pregnancy, I didn’t have any stretch marks, no saggy boobs, no pauchy tummy, just dandy as new, but the second pregnancy blessed me with all of these things, and more. It also left me with two awesome people. So, it’s still great. I love my lines, wherever they are on my body and by whatever name people choose to call them; stretch marks, tiger tatoos, etc.

The only trusted remedy for this is ori, shea butter. Just slather it on your bump every day and do your best to avoid scratching. Scratching in itself can literally undo any good that ori will do for you.

Maintaining a healthy weight throughout your pregnancy can also help reduce your risk of having excessive stretch marks all over your body.



Let’s talk about it this fatigue business. Sometimes, you pretend that you’re tired; after all being tired is synonymous with pregnancy. However, sometimes, you are totally wiped out for real.

In this case, I found that doing some really simple physical exercise like stretches boost my energy levels naturally.

Also, daily walks and drinking water might just do the trick for most pregnant moms.



All the excess hormones in the body of a pregnant woman can cause headaches, especially during the first trimester, when you may not want to take medication because they could affect your little one.

Isimeme suggested applying a warm or cold head compress, and increasing your intake of water to get your system working.

These natural remedies should make the next few months a little bit easier to bear and that counts for something.



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