My Struggle, My Victory – Nicole’s Road to Pregnancy



So… my name is Nicole. It’s my real name… not my first name… or even my middle name (lol!)… but it is one of my given names, so yes, this is the real me.

I married at the age of 31. Though not quite a grandmother, I wasn’t a spring chicken either. So, you can imagine that I had BABY on the brain from the get-go. In my mind, since I’d already had a wait for marriage, there was absolutely no way I would have another wait for a baby. Hmmmmm… how wrong I was!

Before I go any further, I have to backtrack to earlier that year, some months before my wedding. I was diagnosed with multiple fibroids, and had surgery (a myomectomy) to remove them. The procedure was performed by my longtime Ob/Gyn, and it was a smooth, hitch free procedure.

Anyways, at the end of my first month as a married woman, I was convinced I was pregnant. Name the pregnancy symptom… I had it. It seemed like the most natural thing in the world… you get married… you get pregnant… easy. You can only imagine the shock I felt when I got a negative test result. Ah well… it was only the first month. On to the next. The next month, the symptoms were even more pronounced than the last month. I was fatigued in a way I had never been before. But shock, horror! Another negative. Alarm bells started to ring in my head.

By the fourth month, I was already mega paranoid. Everybody thought I was being silly after such a short period, but something in me knew there was a problem. My body just wasn’t acting right. I started putting on an inexplicable amount of weight. My hair started to thin. I just couldn’t explain what was going on with my body.

So, at the end of the fourth month, just because it was free using my medical insurance, I registered at a popular hospital in Onikan. My first day there… nightmare! I got there at about 9am, but didn’t see a doctor till well after noon. I met a most unfriendly, elderly female doctor who asked me about 2 or 3 questions, before promptly dispatching me away, with a flimsy recommendation for me to see another Consultant later that week. I went back as scheduled, and was booked for a hysteroscopy. This indicated that my uterus was clear, but there was some blockage with my left fallopian tube. I was then prescribed a shot of hCG, which was meant to bring forth ovulation. Typically, ovulation is expected between 38 and 40 hours after a single shot. I was so confident when I got this shot. I was DEFINITE that this would be IT!!! But nope… Grandma Red had other plans and showed up in her full glory exactly as scheduled. I was shattered and heartbroken. My husband recommended taking a break from trying to conceive. I gladly did.

So, we went on holiday, and I was able to neutralise my mind… to an extent. By September, month 10 after marriage, I returned to the Onikan hospital. This time, I insisted on seeing the Professor himself. That proved almost as hard as getting an appointment in Aso Rock. I eventually got a Saturday morning appointment, and after a bit of a wait, was finally able to see the man. What a disappointment!!! I was in there for 5 minutes, maximum!!! I felt like I had been on a conveyor belt. He asked a few questions, scribbled a bit, and practically shooed me out of his office. Dazed and confused, I stared at his scribbling. My husband was to come for sperm analysis, and I was to have a 3-day dose of progesterone injections, coinciding with my ovulation. My husband, who still did not understand my panic after less than a year of marriage, scoffed at any such invasion of his manhood, and promptly refused to be tested. I, on the other hand, put myself through 3 incredibly painful progesterone shots. The recommendation for progesterone was a welcome one for me as I suspected I had some form of hormonal imbalance. I refused to even think of PCOS… after all, it was only for fat people… right? My weight gain wasn’t that bad… was it?! And my periods were still timely, which meant I must be ovulating… right?? I educated myself about estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency… and everything I read was like they were speaking to me directly. This was it!! I had a hormonal imbalance!! And the progesterone shots would definitely work wonders for me! Pregnancy, here I come… or so I thought!

The 2-week wait before the pregnancy test dragged on forever. But it finally came. I went to the hospital late one evening, after work, and had my blood drawn. My negative result was delivered to me by a grouchy, irritable doctor, very annoyed over having been woken up to attend to a patient. As I walked away from the Onikan hospital, my heart broke into a million little pieces. I knew I would never return there again.

So, tail between my legs, I went back to my original Ob/Gyn, and told him of my Onikan misadventure. He immediately scheduled me for a laparoscopy and (yet another) hysteroscopy. Hmmmm! During the process, it was discovered I had a lot of scar tissue from my myomectomy, but he was able to clear these. However, the left tube was shown to be partially blocked. My husband reluctantly submitted himself for semen analysis, and his result came back perfect. As my right tube was fine, and I had decent ovarian function, my doctor placed me on clomid from the 2nd day of my next cycle, followed by about 10 days of Humog shots. This was to ensure I would ovulate from my good tube. My scans were perfect… I had a number of good eggs. My doctor even joked about me having triplets. I had the hCG trigger and was sent home to my husband. About 2 days after I was supposed to have ovulated, I started having these intense lower back and abdominal pains…so much so that I had to be rushed back to the hospital early one morning. Apparently, I had overstimulated and produced quite a bit of fluid in my abdominal cavity. But after a while, the pain left and I still had hope that it was going to be successful. Alas, it wasn’t and my period came 6 days early, 10 days after ovulation.

The overstimulation pretty much proved something I had been denying to myself. PCOS! Further scans showed that indeed, I did have polycystic ovaries. Even though I didn’t have the typical syndrome per say, and might not have been totally anovulatory (evidenced by my clockwork cycles), there it was. PCOS. Who woulda thunk it?! My doctor told me not to worry, and to take a break the next cycle. He assured me that some women do get pregnant the month after clomid. So I did just that. I felt so many twinges and knew I was ovulating from my good side. I had such high hopes… but no… my period showed up, right on time.

Oh gosh. How my body mastered the art of deception. During every 2ww, there was no symptom in the book I did not have. Name it, I had it… nausea, check! Sore books, check! Lower back pain, check! Creamy cervical mucus, check! Stabbing pain in boobs, check! Unusual skin break out, check! Metallic taste in mouth, check! Sensitive gum/teeth, check! I have had e.v.e.r.y symptom in the book… and just when I was able to get over the fear of believing, and just start to think I just might be pregnant… my heart would get broken all over again.

I was so lucky to be blessed with a husband who loves me so unconditionally and who was so supportive, even through all that! But even with the best of husbands, can anyone trying to conceive a baby really explain the persistent fights that happen, especially during ovulation???!! Oh boy!!! My hubby and I could be like Siamese twins all month, but come ovulation time, we would become like cat and mouse. Fights over everything, and nothing. Some months, I would watch my ovulation go by like a freight train. And the many couples I have spoken all affirm this to be the case with them as well. My deduction is that this is caused by the strain of planned sex… nothing more than that. Losing the spontaneity of sex can cause a strain on even the best of marriages.

Anyways, in my 20th month of trying, my doctor advised we rest the clomid for a few cycles as my ovaries seemed a bit swollen. Even though I knew it was the best advice, I was so irritated with him for not being aggressive enough. I also made up my mind, then and there, that I was going to go assisted.

So, off I went to another popular fertility clinic. I had a wonderful chat with their medical director, who was very nice and patient, and took the time to answer all my questions. My initial plan was to discuss IUI, but after I had explained my situation to him, he explained that IUI would only improve my chances marginally, and it might be best to go straight for IVF.

Whilst preparing to commence treatment at the clinic, I came across an advert for yet another fertility clinic, located in Ikoyi. I called the listed phone number, and spoke to the Administrator, who is also the wife of the Medical Director. In hindsight now, I still wonder why on earth I made that move!

Anyways, I started treatment there… got my drugs, was shown how to inject them (considering my needle phobia at the time, it was only God who gave me the grace and ability to overcome this), and was sent on my merry way. I had a Nurse assigned to me, who would check on me half-heartedly, but that was about it. I had a few scans, my ovaries responded well to the stimulation, and they were able retrieve 12 eggs from me, with 9 fertilizing. By this time, I had read every single thing there was to read about IVF, and I insisted on having only blastocysts (day-5 embryos) transferred. So 5 days after egg retrieval, I had 3 embryos transferred. However, my dear embryos, which had been doing excellently up until day 3, were suddenly not developing the way they should have. On day 5, instead of having 3 blastocysts, I had only 1 blastocyst and 2 morulas (what the embryos are supposed to be on day 4). And dare I forget to mention the conveyor belt scenario again, for both egg retrieval and transfer. On both days, there we were, dozens of women, sitting haplessly in our flimsy, white hospital gowns, being rolled in and out of the theater. Very wham, bam, thank you ma’am kind of scenario. Anyways, I went home after egg transfer, and spent every day after that obsessing… and obsessing… and obsessing some more. I knew every symptom to expect (and promptly experienced it), I knew everything that was supposed to be happening to my embryos at any given time (and vividly imagined it), I named each one of my darling triplets… in fact, I had even instructed a friend travelling to the States to buy my maternity wardrobe. And then the day before I was scheduled to test, I started spotting. In a panic, I called my husband and instructed him to bring back DIGITAL pregnancy tests home. He did. I tested. And there it was in black and white… “Not Pregnant”. I died inside. I was shattered.

The next day, I went back to the clinic for my blood test, and got the confirmation. The IVF procedure had failed. The very next day, my period came with a vengeance. I was broken. I was lost. I was a wreck. Oh my gosh, I thank God every day for my dear husband who stood by me… who comforted me… who wiped away my tears. As I type this, I can feel the pain as strongly as if it was yesterday. Heartbreak like that, I had never experienced… ever! And then to add insult to injury, on the day of my follow-up meeting, to discuss what went wrong with that cycle, my so-called Nurse, Tina, left me in the waiting room as she noisily screamed and jubilated with another of her patients whose scan had just shown she was carrying quadruplets. I left the Ikoyi hospital feeling like the scum of the earth. A few days later, when the pain had ebbed a bit, I sent a stinker e-mail to their Administrator, complaining about the appalling way I had been treated, especially by my Nurse. Their Administrator immediately invited me to her office, and in between being patronizing, she also tried to imply that the procedure failed due to some problem on my part. She asked if I’d had a hysteroscopy. I told her I’d had it twice before. Her response was that none of these procedures was performed by them, so her recommendation was that I get scheduled to undertake another hysteroscopy with them. I left her office in a daze… feeling like such a failure.

For the next few weeks, I drifted around like a ghost. I searched the internet looking for counsellors, but found none. I even confided in a colleague, whom I wasn’t even very close to, just because I knew her sister had also had both failed and successful IVF cycles, and hoped she would be able to counsel me. No such luck. I held on to God with my entire being, because He was the only one I had. My two best friends were lovely and tried their best to comfort me… but they didn’t understand. They hadn’t walked that road. Even my Mother… who was grieving perhaps even more than I… could only help me so much. Because none of them had experienced it, they just could not give me the consolation I needed.

I’m sure my Ob/Gyn had a good laugh when I found my way back to his clinic, in Lekki Phase 1. He listened patiently to my story, explained to me the reasons he thought it best for me to take a break the last time we saw, and proceeded to plan for another cycle of IVF. So 3 months after my failed procedure at the Ikoyi hospital, I commenced medication for Cycle number 2. The difference was clear!! Even though I administered the daily down regulation shots myself, the nurses at Lekki hospital administered the daily stimulating shots. My scans were more frequent, and my Ob/Gyn (bless his heart) patiently answered all my questions and gave me so much paternal support. All this while, my mind was 50-50. After the first disappointment, I was only too aware that there was a chance it could, or couldn’t ,work. After stimulating for about 11 days, I had my trigger shot. My egg retrieval process was a dream. No conveyor belt system. No battalion of other women waiting their turn. It was just me in the theatre, in the able hands of my doctor and his team. They retrieved 30 (thirty!!!) eggs, of which 16 fertilised. My doctor was quick to make me realise that transferring them as quickly as possible was best, so 2 days after egg retrieval, I had 4 embryos transferred. I chose not to go home that night, and instead spent 3 nights in hospital… only getting out of bed for toilet breaks. When I got home, I took things easy… watched lots of comedies… laughed a lot… and just generally chilled out. 11 days after egg transfer, I bought some home pregnancy tests. The next day, I tested… and got the first positive of my married life.

Oh my gosh!!! Oh my golly gosh!!! Words really cannot explain how that moment felt. It was 4.30am, but I woke my husband up, to tell him the good news. We were over the moon! Finally, it was over.

Two days later, I started spotting, and in a panic rushed to get a blood test, which showed that I was still as pregnant as ever, with a healthy HCG reading of 111. Two days after that, I had my “official” test at the hospital, and got my “official” positive result. Two weeks after that, at my 6 week scan, my doctor saw 2 beautiful sacs. The next week, at my 7-week scan, they heard 2 beautiful heart beats. 30 weeks after that, at exactly 37 weeks, I was delivered of the most beautiful twin girls in the world!!!

So that’s my story… that’s my happy beginning. I still have 9 beautiful frozen embryos, and could possibly have some of them transferred in the near future… still undecided about that. Here’s hoping anyone who has read this, and is walking that same road, will soon have a happy story to share.

God bless you on your journey!!! HE really has been good to me!

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  1. What a touching story. My dear, God blessed u wt a loving and caring husband that understands life. Most husbands today are callous and mean, all they want is for their wives to get pregnant; afterall that’s the sole reason for marriage. Sometimes I ask myself, all these love we show on wedding days are they really real? I guess not, because once trying times come we see ourselves singing and acting differently.

    I conceived 2weeks after my marriage but lost the pregnancy at 12 weeks. 3 months after I lost d baby, my husband started panicking because another conception had not taken place. Every month as soon as my period comes, he stops taking to me. To the extent that a month after our wedding anniversary, he made the most stupid and senseless statement I ve ever heard in my life, “that he has tried, that he has been childless for 1year”.

    • My dear Jk…I’m so sorry your husband hasn’t been supportive. It just makes the journey even harder and longer! The statement he made was extremely uncalled for! I think you should sit him down for a heart-to-heart conversation, and tell him how hurtful his actions are. My prayer is for men…especially Nigerian men…to be educated enough about these things, because the things I hear really break my heart! :nope:

  2. Hi Nicole. I find your story very re-assuring and I tap into your testimony. I am a fruitful vine.

    So I’m in my second year in marriage and although my husband thinks I need to stop worrying, I find that hard because I know something is wrong.

    I first went to this popular hospital in ikeja and after a hormonal profile and some scans I was told I have PCOS and intramural fibroids. Hsg was advised to check my tubes, my tubes both potent and all was generally normal. Doctor started me on clomid which didn’t work but my periods were more regular. Before clomid, they used to be at least 40+ days apart.

    Anyways like you I grew impatient and sought help elsewhere because I just wasn’t convinced I was getting the attention I needed. So I started seeing this second doctor who followed my test results from the previous hospital (I mean I was glad I didn’t have to do another Hsg if he didn’t think it was necessary). Oh and by the way I somehow managed to get my husband to do a sperm analysis and his results were good.

    So anyways as I was saying, this second doctor started prescribing so many drugs. Primolut n to induce my periods every month, clomid, metformin, bromocriptine, all this without as little as a scan to even check my uterus. Every time I paid for consultation all I ever left with was a prescription for more drugs. He also put my husband on proviron to boost his sperm mortality rate. Too many pills flying all over the place. The only good thing was I was getting periods but I can’t say whether or not I was ovulating cos I never got any of those signs.

    So anyways in June after the monthly round of pills my period came on Day 21. Needless to say, I’m not sure I wanna continue with this doc cos I can’t continue swallowing pills when the doctor who is supposedly very good hasn’t done due diligence.

    So here I am now, since 8th of June last month and no period. Didn’t just bother with any test. I dunno what to do next.

    This exasperating experience.

    • Hello Teeter! I’m so sorry for what you’ve had to go through. It is unacceptable for a Gynaecologist to be prescribing drugs, without scanning to check for progress? It’s only inevitable for your body to react the way it is now.

      I think you should give your body a break, until at least the end of the month. And then I would suggest you get another, more hands-on doctor, who will take an active interest in your case. Have you heard of the drug M2-Tone? It is supposed to be a really great medication…usually taken with clomid, but can also be taken on its own. It has helped quite a few of our PCOS girls, especially with bringing on their periods naturally. It is made mainly from herbs, so is almost (sort of) a natural(ish) treatment method. You could google it, or ask your next doctor about it….but I think that would be really good for you…at least for now.

      Good luck hun! Please let me know how it goes!

      • Thank you Nicole. Finally found someone who understands (even tho I can’t see you….lol). Thank you for this amazing blog

        These things just confuse me jare, till now grandmother red has till refused to show. Don’t know if I should just take a test, to be honest tho I am just not ready to see another NEGATIVE ???

        I did not use anymore this month, I guess my body is glad. I don’t even know which doctor to go to now but I will definitely read about the M2-Tone.

        At what point is it okay to consider IVF.

        Thank you so much Nicole. God bless you

  3. Hello dear. Sending you lots of :hugs: hun. I know how heartbreaking seeing a :bfn: can be. Maybe you can wait another week, and then test if :af: still doesn’t show up? :hugs:

    As for when the right time to consider IVF is, my dear, it is a function of when you feel ready. I started IVF just before my 2nd anniversary. Some would say it was early, some would say it was late. For me, it was the point when I couldn’t take it any more. I know those who have started even earlier…and those that have waited up to 10 years. So it’s all up to the individual.

    God bless you hun :hug:

  4. Hello Nicole, I’m glad I came across your blog, thanx for been here. I’m a 25yr old gal dealing with infertility issues due to complications I had from draining a dermoid cyst a year ago. I meet with one of the so ‘called’ best gyneas in lagos, and at the end he had no idea what he was doing, aftr the cyst drainage I was in pain few days later because the content of the cyst went into my pelvic and thts when my went into the worst pain EVER! I almost died in the process! My fiance kept taking me back to the clinic but they kept only givng antibiotic ND pain killers! Can u imagine. Anyway I had a surgery done ND my ovary ND right tube was taking out due to the complications frm the cyst draining. I was told later I would need ivf to conceive bcs d left tube I hav has got hydrosalphinx so a year later I had a hsteroscopy ND insertion of essure in the uk just had it done actually ND now I hv to start preparation for ivf. D issure I hv right now the gynea knew he had done wrong ND told I and hobby to come fr free ivf all we’ll pay for is just drugs bt now I’m concerned bout actually talking d offer knowing fully well how he made a huge mistake d first first. Should I take this offer or let it go considering d fact I hav jusr one ovary, don’t want nythin to happen to it. Thnx

    • My dear Rachel, I am so sorry for all the trauma you have gone through. Please please please, don’t take up that doctor’s free IVF offer! The last thing you want to do is subject yourself to the trauma of IVF in the hands of someone whose competence is questionable! My dear, please don’t! IVF is emotionally and physically draining in itself, and you don’t want to do that in the hands of someone who has already messed up.

      But before you start, please let them pay close attention to your hydrosalpinx. It is critical for them to get this under control, as it is possible for it to sabotage your IVF cycle, if not well managed.

      Good luck my dear! Please keep me posted!

  5. Wow Nicole,Wow…:) what a story though and to top it all it was real#smh

    God help us.

    But for me i am scared,like scared,dont want to hear the worst(i think IVF is sha),where is the money for that i learnt its quite expensive(smh)

    How do i test for PCOS and scar tissue? Can you please refer a good Gynae for me please,i use FMC (i hate their services)i dont have medical insurance but using DH own(a clinic at surulere)never been there for myself just once due to the fact that DH came down with serious malaria.

    Please i need help,like i am worried,and to top it all DH told me on Friday night that a cousin of his who he barely talk with called him to say he went to church and his prophet while praying saw a vision saying its gonna be difficult for us to have a child so he wants my husband to come down to Akure for prayers,guess the church?(a white garment)i have never been a fan of those people (no hard feelings to those who attend it here please)i just dont go well with them,i feel they are fetish. Now to cut the long story short,DH is asking what i think if he should go,?(left for him sha he wont)i know who i married(smh)but again i dont want a situation where they will say they were told o but did nothing so i said ok go. But again i am thinking,will God just sit on his throne and allow a man take his glory in the name of he saw a vision which i dont even believe(buh again i am here thinking like what if its true).

    Now after i went for a scan and diagnised with PID and a seedling of fibroid and was suggested to go for HVS test,collected the result i was told there is nothing so what is wrong?smh

    DH is still trying to find time to go for his own semen analysis(dont wanna force him)its better when he does it at his own pace. We have just been married for 7 months and started trying actively like say in March(am i too worried)but last year by this time i was even pregnant before the loss.

    Please Nicole advice me on a good Gynae.

    Thank you @nicole

    • My dear Grace (@iyawodiipo), please please please, try to convince your husband not to go. Apologies to anyone who might be offended, but I’m also not a fan of those white garment churches. I just can’t figure them out. Please ask him not to go, and instead get him to fast track his semen analysis. I know he might be reluctant, considering he has already impregnated you before…but it’s important nonetheless.

      A good and reasonably affordable hospital in Surulere is Parkland Hospital (13, Razaq Balogun Street, Off Adebola Street, Off Adeniran Ogunsanya, Surulere). You could also try Omni Medical Centre (Military Street, Onikan or 16, Johnson Street, Off Bode Thomas Street, Surulere). Another affordable one is the IFPF Hospital Maryland (374 Ikorodu road, Maryland, Lagos). All 3 are quite affordable, and are usually covered by medical insurance.

      Good luck hun!

  6. Awww,thanks so much @nicole for your swift response.
    Ok i will ask him not to go,.

    I am going to go check this places out and see how it goes. Will keep you posted.

    Thank you again.#Kizzes

  7. your story very inspiring. I had 3 embryos 10 cells day 3 transferred on the 25/02/2016 and am in my 2ww. can you explain what to da or eat with in within this period. many thanks

    • Hi Sandy. Thanks so much! Good luck with your cycle hun. It might not be too late to eat the core of pineapple, as you just had your transfer yesterday. Pineapple core helps with implantation. I would also suggest you go on bed rest for the first few days…getting up only to go to the toilet/bathroom. And keep stress far far away from you. Those were the main things I did. All the others were done before my egg retrieval, to help with egg quality.

  8. Hi Nicole!
    Am glad I got through your write up this evening;it just gives me hope.
    Been married for 2yrs pplus and have lost 5 pregnancies all one miscarried the rest blighted. Did a mayomectomy. After several test drugs etc. At times people not in my shoes donr even understand so now have stopped talking to them. So I won’t get names, I remember a friend said I don’t any other job aside being pregnant.
    Have not seen my period for a month not pregnant I have all the syptoms. The doctor has asked me to do an hvs test waiting for the result;as of today have bought m2-tone while am waiting to get the result on Monday. Am glad I can express myself here and not feel ashamed. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dear Atinuke! So sorry about all you’ve gone through, but so glad we’re here to comfort you. Your :bfp: is surely on the way, God willing! The HVS test is a good way to start, but have you ever had any FSH or AMH tests, to check your egg quality? Wishing you all the best of luck hun! if you ever need to talk, we’re here :hugs: :friends: :hug:

  9. Good afternoon Nicole, glad I came across your blog this afternoon. We all have faith in God that the desires of our heart shall not be cut short. I am a firm believer that what you say is what you get so I am careful saying the right stuffs to my body. Went o see a gynae at a general hospital yesterday. Always knew I had fibroids but each time, I am told it’s not the type that can stop me from conceiving. But last month I menstruated for almost 12 days and was sent to the lab yet again. After the test, the usu suspect(fibroids-about 3 of them). The doctor recommended Primult N,flagyl, and some antibiotics. It stopped 2 days later. That was when I was referred to a gynae. I saw him yesterday and looking at my test result, he repeated the same thing that fibroids(the type my enemy has are not supposed to stand in the way) he also examined me and said the sizes are small to pose any threat. He recommended HSG, HP for me and seminalysis for my hubby. Also recommended M2Tone and asked me to continue on Primult N the MBBS doctor recommended earlier.

    Now, In your response to Grace you actually mentioned some hospitals as being affordable. I do know that these doctors look for different things in their diagnosis as if there is no standard. Did you go to these hospitals yourself because I didn’t read where you mentioned going there, all I saw was Initially and Lekki and those were fertility clinics so how are you sure these clinics you mentioned have as much success rates though affordable? I have gone to one of the fertility clinics on the mainland but by the time they mentioned 20k only for consultation and then the tests alone almost 300k, while the main IVf is almost N1m, I knew we have to really be ready for it financially but in the meantime one cannot fold her arms. Who knows it may happen from those affordable ones which is why I would really appreciate your quick response. Thanks again for sharing and being there.


    • Hello Lycia,

      Thanks for your message. I used Omni briefly…even though I didn’t use them for my surgery. But as for Parkland and IFPF, I personally know people who used them successfully. Another one I would add to the list would be Smith’s Medical Centre in Surulere (Iponri), as the doctor has vast expertise in managing fibroids.

      You are right dear. Even with the supposedly affordable ones, it takes a lot of financial preparation. I pray you don’t need IVF, but if it has to come to that, then it’s good to be prepared.

      Good luck dear :hug:

  10. Thank you so much, sure I need that moral support. I will finish the drugs recommended by the present gynae at the General Hospital, then I will check the Smith’s Medical Centre in Surulere (Iponri). Also, it looks like IFPF are no longer in Maryland, I hope to find their new address online. Thanks again and God bless you

  11. Oh Nicole your story made me cry, u really went through a lot and it looks as though ur fertility journey started even before you got married, it can be so devastating having to be diagnosed with so many fertility issues at the same time. Fibriod, scar tissue going through myomecetomy ,hysteroscopy, pcos failed ivf cycle, Omg it’s truly not easy cos most times ure so confused because you can’t really tell which is the main culprit causing the infertility. Your story truly gave me hope because in the end God showed up for you, he alone made it possible . For everyone ttc let’s keep our faith high cause God is still on the throne. We will surely testify like her this 2017 is our covenant year of isaac, our long awaited promise will surely come. Amen!

  12. After been diagnosed with Pcos, high, prolactin, low fsh, Low progesterone. Low estradiol levels. I thought it was just that until last year november the new doctor I started seeing sent me for Hsg and got the highest shock of my life scar tissue was found on my uterus (uterine synchiae) . But the doctor says it’s not a barrier for pregnancy and says it’s the pcos and asked I and my hubby to go some tests like the hormone analysis , Tsh, t4, t3, Fasting blood sugar and sperm analysis for hubby .So we’re on it and trusting God for the best.

  13. Your Comment…your story is exactly like mine . I did ivf once n I was shattered. For now have done all tests hormonal profile, hsg,fibroid operation etc . so far all is good. Hubby’s soerm is good too. just waiting on God.

    • It will end in praise, Changing Faces hun! After my first cycle failed, I almost lost all hope. But I praise God for lifting up my head…and HE will do the same thing for you. You’ve done your part…just leave the rest to HIM :heart:

  14. Hi Nicole. Thanks for this pIatform. I heard women with PCOS are prone to higher risk of miscarriage. Did you do anything different after you got your BFP?

    • Hi Tee. So sorry for the late response. My dear, you are quite correct. We are prone to low levels of progesterone, which also can contribute to miscarriage. It is critical to be on progesterone support, the minute you confirm pregnancy. I was on Cyclogest pessaries. Some doctors like to also top this up with progesterone oil injections too. Please speak with your doctor about this hun :hugs:.

  15. Thanks Nicole for the inspiring story.I also took m2 tone in august 2014,and was pregnant in d last week of November 2014 with God’s favor. I didn’t have any symptoms of pregnancy till I delivered after 10months two wks.right now, I m using the drug again to try to get pregnant, hopefully a twins thanks for your inspiration

  16. I am really touched by your story and encouraged Pls which hospital can u really recommend that’s very good at ivf in Lagos.thanks

    • Dear DoubleT, I was on Pregnacare Conception, and also took Royal Jelly. But I think what made a difference was my diet. I cut down carbs to the barest minimum and ate more of proteins, not only to lose weight but also to improve my egg quality. I also took the core of pineapple in the days leading to my transfer. When does your cycle start?

  17. Nicole thanks so much for the comments, in fact I don’t know where to start mine bcs it will take me much time to type, my marriage is 7years now still no issues, I have done all the test and result came out good except high prolactin, but early this year my DH semen analysis showed low sperm motility and 20 million Count, anyway he’s on Evergreen Dad to be, I earlier suggested ivf but doesn’t want to hear that due to the cost, pls any advice will help me, am just shattered and still trusting God

  18. Aaaaaah! Thank God the twins finally came! ??
    I am at exactly the same point as you were before being diagnosed of PCOS. Our stories up to that point are exactly the same. The hunt is REAL.
    I just dont want to hear that from my GP ( I have no ob/gyn)
    I have been placed on some medication to lower prolactin levels and a herbal to take care of my uterus. Still waiting for my desired results.

    I hope I can find my way back here to share my story and encourage all other TTC women out there. Our God no dey sleep.

    Kisses and hugs to the twins. I expect they are senior to someone now….

  19. Aaaaaah! Thank God the twins finally came! ??
    I am at exactly the same point as you were before being diagnosed of PCOS. Our stories up to that point are exactly the same. The hunt is REAL.
    I just dont want to hear that from my GP ( I have no ob/gyn)
    I have been placed on some medication to lower prolactin levels and a herbal to take care of my uterus. Still waiting for my desired results.

    I hope I can find my way back here to share my story and encourage all other TTC women out there. Our God no dey sleep.

    Kisses and hugs to the twins. I expect they are senior to someone now….


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