My Pre-Eclampsia Story – A TFC Member Shares


I’m not one of those people that share their stories or write about everything that happens to them out there, but if I do not do this, I might go crazy or I don’t know…..

I started my journey into mother in 2009, after getting married in 2008. Was I happy to have gotten pregnant? Happy was an understatement; we were thrilled. Immediately, I registered in a private hospital and the journey began…. We went shopping; bought all the buyables. The day we found out we were expecting a boy, our joy knew no bounds. I could see it in my husband’s face that he was very happy. Then one day at the clinic, my doctor started giving me one drug. He asked me to slow down my activities and rest more, and even placed me on bed rest. I couldn’t understand what was going on. After some days, I was discharged. Then one day (April 16,2010) in the morning, I started having pains on upper part of my tummy. I called my husband, who had gone to work. He rushed back home and took me to the hospital. When we got there, I explained and was asked to lie down. Immediately the nurse inserted her hand in me, the next thing I saw was blood. I became scared and shouted, but the blood didn’t stop and contractions started. I was just 28 weeks gone! I continued to bleed and I thought I was going to die, then I was transfused. After trying for a while, I was referred to a Government hospital. By the time we got there, my boy had already passed in my womb. The next day, I delivered the dead baby…

Did I cry? Oh I was inconsolable! I wept like I was going to die. But after a while, I got over it and life continued.The doctors said I lost the handsome boy as a result of placenta abruptio. Then another attempt to try for another baby started, but didn’t happen until after 3 years. In January 2014, I missed my period. This time, we were more than careful. I registered for ante-natal classes immediately, so as to be monitored in a Government hospital because they had good hands. When I was seven months gone, the blood pressure started rising and protein was found in my urine. I was admitted immediately and placed on bed rest for close monitoring. Then one day, after spending 3 weeks on bed rest, the doctors went on strike and we were all discharged to go to private hospitals, but I was placed on anti hypertensive drugs. When I was a little over 8 months, one morning as I was preparing to go to church, I felt a sharp pain in the upper region of my tommy and I called my husband and told him I couldn’t go to Church again, as I wanted to rest at home. When he came back, we went to the hospital to complain about how I was feeling. I was checked and the baby was checked, and we were certified okay…but the doctor told us that if I didn’t fall in to labour by the following Sunday, I should come so he could induce me as the baby could survive at that gestational age if delivered. Then we went home. At night, after eating, I tried to lie down but I couldn’t. The contractions had returned, and thank God my mum was with me. We immediately went back to the hospital and when my BP was checked, it was super high. I was advised to have a C-section quickly to save both lives of mother and baby, which we agreed on.

By the time I woke up the next morning, I was in serious pain. Everyone was all over me, and when I asked for my baby, they said he was fine and that I should hold on and let them take care of me as I almost lost my life in the process. The next time I asked, they said they were taking care of him. I asked again after some hours, and they told me he had to be taken to a Government hospital to be checked by a Paediatrician, because he had breathing problems but that he’d be fine. They kept assuring me that he’d be fine, as I asked of him daily. I didn’t know my baby had passed at birth. My mother-in-law kept telling he was fine, that she was always at the hospital and that they were taking good care of him. On the fifth day day, in the afternoon, the doctor came to me and started telling me to be strong that my baby was not improving and that they had to let him go so he won’t become a vegetable. Hmmmmmmm!

I died and woke up again. Is this happening to me again? Why should I be going through all this again? Another loss? It was too much for me! I was devastated! After some days, I was discharged and went home without my baby. The healing process was fast, as I healed in no time. I was also told to start trying for a baby after six months, because pressure had already started coming from in-laws. You know African mentality. I survived that because I married a man that loves me despite all odds.

That episode passed and another TTC journey began, and didn’t happen till January 2017. I missed my period, but the joy was short-lived as I miscarried after eight weeks. Still, I didn’t give up and I got pregnant in October again, but started dealing with blood pressure issues from day one, and I was placed on anti hypertensive drugs to control it and was on bed rest for most of the time, so that nothing would trigger it. As my pregnancy grew, the blood pressure was being controlled and I was happy that I had overcome it. But that fateful morning during my ante natal clinic, protein was detected in my urine and my fears came back. Pre-eclampsia! At 27 weeks! I was told to do a Doppler scan to see how my baby was growing, and it was detected that my precious baby was not growing well and was advised to deliver her to avoid fetal and maternal death, as my blood pressure had hit the roof at 190/110, at my 35 years of age. The Chief Consultant of the Paediatric unit was called, and she spoke with me that my baby could survive if given a certain injection to develop her lungs. My dear and wonderful husband rushed to get the very expensive injection, and I was wheeled to the theatre to deliver my baby. After delivery my baby was taken to the neonatal ward and kept in the incubator. We were happy she made it and the next morning I was asked to come and express breast milk for her. This made me so happy and I went to check on her. Oh she was so fair and beautiful…and her hair was dark and full!

I was happy that I was now a mother. I continued to express breast milk for her until the third day in the afternoon,my husband was called that she was having breathing issues and we rushed over to the baby ward, seeing my daughter with three doctors on her made me helpless. I was taken away as I kept wailing. My fair and beautiful daughter passed in the evening. This happened four weeks ago. I’m still hanging in there believing that one day I will tell my success story, but I’ve been advised by the doctors to hold on for a while till my BP has crashed totally and till when I’m good health.

Thank you for this opportunity of telling my story, one day I will share my success story.


This story was shared by a member of our Community. To say we are touched by it would be an understatement. My dear TTC Momma, we are sending much love and strength and peace your way. It will end in praise, by the Almighty Grace of God!  :hug:   :hug:   :hug:



  1. O my!!!, so heartbreaking. My wish as I read was that it ended well, but alas, it has not YET!!!. My dear, the writer of stories have not finished with you YET as long as we are all still alive there’s hope. I’ve been married since Dec 2007 so we should be counting the same number of years. My story is however different because I conceived once in Oct 2017 but lost the pregnancy at 8 weeks. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob will complete us, Amen! My prayer to you is to let the spirit of the living God come into your heart fully and take residence so healing can start before the your pregnancy because you will get pregnant again. I pray for restoration and joy for you before this year ends in Jesus name. I have a testimony of a friend that waited 10 years and just gave birth to 3 girls and a boy last month. She went through a lot that I cannot start recounting but God proved Himself and showed that He indeed hears prayers and all we need to do is ask for the blessings of Sarah. Sarah was well advanced in age and Isaac’s birth negated all medical theories which proves that the Lord almighty can do all things. Cheer up, and please know you are loved, and not alone.

  2. I forgot to add, please drink ginger and garlic every other day. You can drink the combo with pap in the evenings. It is just the smell of garlic but it is good for BP control. cheers dear!!!

  3. So sorry you have gone through this three times. It sounds like there’s more than eclampsia happening though and there are genetic tests and other tests that may be advisable in your case.

  4. While reading this story tear drop from my eyes , because am also experience this type of evil sege. In life I have loss two babies for this evil pre-eclampsia.. My sister is only God that can deliver from this sege.


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