My Mom Knew I Was Pregnant Before I Did



I’m one of those people, who gets pregnant but is not aware until the symptoms are practically knocking on my head and saying “Are you not aware you are pregnant?” That’s when I stop to pin point the symptoms and come to the realisation that truly,  some people have taken up residence in my body.

Usually, when I get to this stage, I do a mental exercise to identify when I actually conceived. I was able to get it right the first time but not the second time. I just had to go with the date of my last menstruation back then.

Interesting, the second time, I was pregnant,  I went to the hospital twice in six weeks, that was not normal at all for me. I never ever go to the hospital for my personal medical treatment but this time around, I felt pushed to go. That was my babies then, the size of onions, trying to get my attention.

However, it’s not every pregnant mom that gets to break the news to herself first. You know there are people, who just by looking at you, they would know, if you’re pregnant or not? Woe be tie you  if she happens to be your mom. She would most likely know about the latest arrival, been before, you realise you’re breeding.

I used to know an elderly mom like that. She practically announced the pregnancy of all her grandchildren. It became a joke among her kids; there was no need to have a pregnancy test, just let mom catch sight of you and it’s confirmed.  Guess what, she had never been wrong.  Even when the pregnancy was unplanned, she confirmed to the shock of her older daughter, who had  two babies in quick succession.

That older daughter is my namesake, Kemi, Fadekemi, specifically. She had gotten married while in the university reading law and had started her family immediately after marriage, though unplanned. After two pregnancies, both unplanned. She had headed for the family planning unit of her hospital and chosen the method that lasted for the longest possible time.

The first time, she had gotten pregnant was a few weeks after her wedding and she had gone to pick up the rest of my bags from her patents’ house.  The effusive welcome from  her parent had been like she had been gone for two years  instead of a mere 4 weeks.

Her mom patted, petted her, her dad told her to  stand still  so he could check, if her new husband had been taking care of her. All of these was done light-heartedly. The story changed, when  they got to her former room and as she dragged the bags out from the wardrobe,  her mom sat on the bed, grinning like the cat, who ate the cream.

When Fadekemi had turned and seen that look in her mom’s face, she had sat down and said  “Okay,  mommy  what is the gist?”

With an innocent look in her eyes, she had returned the ball to her, “Fadekemi, I was expecting you to give me the  gist ni o.”

Now, Fadekemi was confused. So she was supposed to have gist for her mom, that she had been calling every single day, since her wedding day, what kind of gist was that again, she wondered. But she decided to wait her out. True to type  her mom could not resist sharing this gist, she so wanted to hear.

She told Fadekemi, “You don’t know you’re pregnant already? Or are you trying to hide it from me? You know, I know such things nau” She had been  rambling on happily, until she realised the shock on her daughter’s face.

Fadekemi had abandoned the bags she came for and headed for her car, but her mom wouldn’t allow her. She brought her back into the house, where she called her new husband to come and pick her. While waiting  her mom started to hedge her bets; perhaps she was wrong  but she had not been wrong before.

Her parents advised her to take a pregnancy test though to  confirm and she told she would but I  her heart, she knew her mom was right.  She had seen that uncanny ability to sense pregnancy at work over the years and it had never failed.

It was not that Fadekemi was unhappy about the pregnancy,  they wanted babies but she and her husband hadn’t thought they would be coming immediately, so they hadn’t used any contraceptive. They had just been firing on and there was the reward of their one month honeymoon.

When her husband came to pick her up, he had met his bride moody. She burst into tears as they got into the car. Fadekemi’s husband had been surprised at her tears. Through her tears, she had told him what her mom said. Too bad for him, he had burst into laughter, if her eyes were daggers, they would have pinned him to the car window.

Anyways, she asked that they go to a pharmacy and buy a pregnancy test kit. They got home and anxiously waited for the next morning, when she would test.  Morning came, she rushed to pee on the stick, rushed out of the bathroom, woke her husband and asked him to go and check the result.

Groggily, he woke up and went to do as he had been asked. A few minutes later, he came out with a cocky smile on his lips and shout of “It’s a goal!!!”waving the urine soaked stick in the air, like a child, who was just given candy.

After he calmed down, he asked, how come, her mom knew she was pregnant, even before she did. Fadekemi said, it was a gift.

Fadekemi was still breast feeding her son, when her mother took a look at her one day, when she came to drop off the boy for the day and said, she looked pregnant. “Look at your eyeballs, you look pale oh. Buy a pregnancy test kit eeh?”

Mommy, is that the next thing for now, belle?! Not yet Mommy,  I’m not pregnant.” Fadekemi said, as she rushed out to catch the bus.

She forgot about her mom’s statement, until a few weeks later, when Aunt flo  was supposed to show but didn’t come. Fadekemi thought, it was delayed, but after a few more days, her worst fear was starting to look real.

That was when she remembered her mom had said she looked pregnant a few weeks earlier. She jejely went to buy a pregnancy test and tested. As expected it was a big fat positive. She did not cry, she did not call anyone. She waited for her husband to  come  home and showed it to him with, “Here goes all your planning.”


The next morning, she told her mom, they were expecting and the woman smiled as though she won a million dollar. “I told you and it will be another boy” she predicted.

When she had that boy, she did not wait for anyone to tell her to get on a contraceptive method…else she should be prepared for her body to do its normal business.

So, both times, Fadekemi’s mom knew about her pregnancy, even before she knew. While its nice in one way, it’s also queer.

If you have had such an experience,  please share.

Sending truckloads of baby dust your way.




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  1. My mom too knew I was pregnant bfor I did.I came to visit and she was like” ur skin looks somehow, seems u r pregnant”.,I waved her off,calling her “skin doctor”. Lo and behold, I didn’t see AF that month and d next.that’s when it dawned on me that she was right after all.

    • So, your mom is one of those moms, who have special eyes for pregnancy? Imagine it dawning on you, weeks later, when it took only one sighting for your mom to know. I guess, you don’t need HPTs at all. Just show yourself to your mom Promise.


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