My (Nigerian) PCOS-Friendly Meal Plan


I have been struggling with coming up with a suitable meal plan for a while. The meal plan I got from a diet consultant didn’t really address my PCOS condition, and the PCOS diets I have found online have been a bit too….well….westernised for me. I needed something that would have food items easily accessible to me here in Nigeria…but also able to control my PCOS.

So, after being prompted by one of our community members, I finally put one together, incorporating food items like cabbage, sardines, cinnamon, etc., all of which are known to control PCOS symptoms. I have included fruits to help with my sweet tooth, as if I don’t, it’s a one-way street to relapsing to my old ways :wacko:

I also did not include oats, as I can’t stand the stuff. But you could always substitute any of the breakfast items with a nice bowl of oatmeal!

Wish me luck  :good:


Breakfast: 2 medium sized sweet potatoes + cabbage and carrot stir fry

Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad OR Fish/skinless Chicken pepper soup

Snack: A handful of Nuts and/or Raisins

Dinner: Cucumber & Apple Smoothie (sprinkled with cinnamon)



Breakfast: 2 Scrambled Egg Whites + chicken breast in vegetables, fried with 1/2 TBSP of olive oil

Lunch: Plantain or Wheat Flour (no larger than fist sized) + Vegetable or Okra Soup OR 1 piece of Moin-Moin & Grilled Fish

Snack: Fruits of your choice (except Watermelon, as it has a very high GI)

Dinner: Fruit smoothie (sprinkled with cinnamon)



Breakfast: 1 medium sized Boiled Unripe Plantain + Tuna/Sardine Tomato salsa (made with 1 tomato, 1 onion, 1 small pepper, and 1 tsp olive oil)

Lunch: Grilled Chicken Salad OR Fish/skinless Chicken pepper soup

Snack: A handful of Nuts and/or Raisins

Dinner: Cucumber & Apple Smoothie (sprinkled with cinnamon)



BreakfastWestern Omelet (made from egg/ egg white, 1 small pepper, 1 onion, seasoning, and 1 tsp olive oil), eaten with 3 carrot sticks

Lunch: Mini Shawarma (made from a small slice of whole wheat pita bread, cabbage,  carrots, cucumbers, skinless chicken breast strips or 1 hard boiled egg + lettuce + tomato sauce)

Snack: Fruits of your choice (except Watermelon, as it has a very high GI)

Dinner: Fruit smoothie (sprinkled with cinnamon)



Breakfast2 medium sized sweet potatoes + cabbage and carrot stir fry

Lunch: Beans + Grilled Fish OR 1 piece of Moin-Moin & Grilled Fish

Snack: handful of Nuts and/or Raisins

Dinner: Cucumber & Apple Smoothie (sprinkled with cinnamon)



Breakfast: Green smoothie (made from celery +1 medium cucumber + a handful of spinach + 1 apple or a little 1 slice of pineapple to taste)

Lunch: 3 medium sized Grilled Sweet potatoes + Vegetable and Chicken Stir Fry

Snack: A handful of Nuts and/or Raisins

Dinner: Fruit Smoothie (sprinkled with cinnamon)



PCOS-Friendly Diet

BreakfastFruit Platter

Lunch: Treat yourself (in moderation  😉 )

Snack: Fruits of your choice (except Watermelon, as it has a very high GI)

Dinner: None  :haha:



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  1. Thanks Nicole.

    I think I will pass on this one…… rice or even my fav. Dodo…….Haba!

    Didn’t know Watermelon is unhealthy for PCOS babes… I know better!

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. @momoreOluwa, lol. Same thoughts I had. I said hunger is real but funny enough this meal plan is what we need.

    Good work Nicole but please pity us and add rice. I didn’t know watermelon is not good too, we learn everyday. I can’t drink green smoothies, do you have other alternative? My idea of smoothies is banana, apple, pineapple plus yogurt.

  3. LOL….you ladies can just forgeraborrit oh :haha:. You can treat yourself to rice on Sunday….lol!

    I considered adding brown rice, but the truth is, GI wise, it is only a little bit better than white rice. I am thinking of incorporating couscous though… that should take care of the rice crave 😉

    @momoreoluwa Dodo shaaa! You’re not serious oh :haha:. As for watermelon, even I was surprised as it is has such high water content. Mangos and bananas are not far behind, but abeg I can’t die oh….lol! I’ll still take them but in moderation.

    Ivuoma (@reggy), you could do an apple and cucumber smoothie. That’s green enough. Your smoothie recipe sounds perfect, except for the yogurt. Could you try water instead?

      • LOL….because of the yoghurt abi?? You never start :haha:. I used to pour juice in mine before….in fact, once I even used to add sugar :haha:. Unserious me! By the time it hit me that I was just sabotaging myself, na water I dey use now oh :haha:

  4. Hmm, na God go help person o, all this oyibo food, this one no fit hol bele oo.what i do is to avoid sugar in all forms, less oil, no cucumber. even though am a light eater but pu-lese small swallow suppose dey now. Haba

  5. Ah! Is not fair o! Lol… for how long am I gonna be on dis kinda diet? No rice? Ah! No watermelon? N what is cinnamon? Is it in Nigeria? Where I fit buy am? Vegetables soup nko? I don’t like okra. Sweet potatoes, is it d. Yellow one or d one with a red skin n white inside?
    God heal us o! I wanna eat everything! Crying…

    • LOL!!! It’s not easy, but you just have to try Machy! I recently also backslided and stopped keeping to the diet. But my exaggerated PCOS symptoms have made me realise I need to get right back on it. So tomorrow, the struggle continues :good:

  6. Nice menu. I discovered garden eggs so I make a sauce with it that takes care of my craving for stew. I use it for everything sweet potato, beans, local rice ( once in a while as no be my own bad pass). I also use it to eat swallow ( I only eat oat but at times semo when am lazy). Beans became my new favorite. For my smoothie I use unsweetened yogurt ( I add watermelon joor) and lemon . Good news is after 6 months am now a healthy 71kg(still working on the dropping 2kg for a perfect bmi), pcos gone and the best part progesterone is up( was 1.023).

  7. Woooow! Mummy, please I need that recipe oh…for the garden egg sauce. Having that kind of substitute would really help me. And :haha: at no be my own bad pass….LOL!!!!! My sister, I feel you ojare. I pray I achieve your results too :good:

  8. First time am coming across Pcos fam in nigeria… this just made my day but NO Rice is killing me @ Nicole, I did plan my own diet and I had my period two months consecutively without any medication… will surely try this menu.

  9. Really nice recipes here. looking at those pictures alone…i can eat everything in a…But thanks to PCOS who is making me eat clean and not eat too much.

  10. Nicole ooooo….will I survive this..I v a serious sweet tooth n practically force myself to take fruits…na wa o…but this post has boosted my morale sha…

  11. Eeehen! Not even eba and oha or egusi soup once in a week.
    Me I will do egusi soup and amala once in a week o. I can not come and die o.
    Nice write up, got educated the more.
    Thank u ma.

  12. I have never taken wheat before. But am willing to give it a trial.
    Can I take the wheat wit any soup of my choice. Cos am really a swallow person.
    Na wa o. No EBA, no amala. Odi kwa serious. Lol

  13. God bless you @Nicole. You re too caring! This is very much appreciated. Nw to follow this diet.hmm.I’m going to hv to learn to prepare moin I’m going to miss my pastries ??

  14. So I want to start a detox programme for two weeks and it requires eating fruits and drinking lots of water. Please what fruits are advisable to eat?

    • Hi Damilola, a good mix of oranges, grapes, apples, pineapples, and (to an extent) watermelons are a good way to go. You could have 1 banana a day, but for a detox program I wouldn’t recommend more than 1. Cucumbers are not fruits are a good addition too :good: :yes:

  15. No, not on any mess. I tried glucophage but d reactions were too adverse for my body so I just watch my sugar intake n diet but have yet to stop eating rice though have substituted yam with sweet potato

    • :haha: at mess, @feisty2015. These our keyboards aha :haha:. It’s baby steps hun. I limit my rice to the weekends (Sundays mainly) as I’m not yet at the place where I can give it up either. But it’s a great way to start :good:

  16. Oh Nicole, u just saved a soul, have being ttc for four years now and was just diagnosed with PCOS, I don’t even know how to start but dis is a good start. Pls I need ur help. Can we talk privately. Thanks for d meal plan

  17. hi Nicole nice menu plan, my quetion is that sometimes PCOS goes with yeast infectons are these recipes safe also in other not to aggravate more yeast growth? thank you

  18. Hi Progress, i read up a lot on pcos diet as i am currently living with this condition. Avoid yeast products, thats the simply truth. Better eat baked stuff that has baking powder used instead. Stick with wheat or brown bread. As you can observe, these diets really eliminate carbohydrates which eliminates any yeast potential foods as well. wish u Gods guidance

  19. This is such an awesome group. Been battling pcos for close to 14years. I try diet n relapse a loot. I would love to be a part of a pcos naija community such as this

    • fauz dear, We’re glad to have you :friends:. As a fellow Cyster, I can tell you how hard it is to stick to a diet. But it’s all about commitment and dedication hun. Once you’re determined, everything else will fall into place.

  20. Fauz, lifestyle changes, such as dieting is one of the best bet for battling PCOS. While, its okay to fail to stay focused, it good to get back on the train once more.

    • Thanks Cysters. I have been following the diet altho with some modifications since I last logged on. I got a period without Meds. Yaay n I dropped 8.5kg. Way to go.

  21. Hi Nicole, all,
    Pleased to find this group. Great diet plan, but I have two fears: 1). Expensive- hubby and I have less than 15k a month for feeding. How do I manage this diet. 2). We actually need some carbs for energy, bit this is almost absent in the diet. Do u add exercise? I hate it, lol.

    • LOL! I hated it at first, Lila…but soon got used to it. As for the expense, I understand your concerns dear. You could actually include more moi-moi and beans in place of some of the more expensive items, and try sardine/tuna instead of fish too. Groundnuts can take the place of almonds or anything like that, and you can take any seasonal fruit at your disposal. And as for the limited carbs, my darling carbs are an enemy to the PCOS girl oh :yes:

  22. Thank god for this group and thank you nicole, i have been TTC for two years and had three miscarriages, this has really inspired me, am on glucophage,vit e and the abdominal pains are killing now that i have read about ur struggle and victory definitely am next in line for the victory. thanks alot will definitely start this meal plan.

    • Hi Isoboye, this diet plan helps ensure, you feed your body with meals that do not worsen PCOS symptoms. It might boost your chances of conception but it doesn’t on its own cause you to conceive.

  23. Your Comment…Found out I had PCOS two years ago,I must say it has been so difficult. my period has been on four two straight months and I took primolut N but it didn’t help matters. I had to even leave work early today because of the heavy flow,been crying all evening n finally decided to check for anything I can do to fight this and I stumbled on this page…Thanks Nicole and everyone,I thought I was alone. P.S. pls keep me posted,I don’t want to miss out on any vital info that would help.

  24. It’s good to be here, was googling pcos friendly diet and Nigerians, and I found this, let me work my way around these suggestions……. Thanks Nicole dear…..

  25. Good day. I’m a lady with pcos trying to conceive. Pls can I follow ur diet plan. I’m sure it will help or can u pls help me out

  26. Hi house… Nicole u doing a really good job. What of beans? Is it OK to eat and how long do we keep up to this diet.

  27. I have a close friend who was diagnosed with pcos for 5 years now , she lost upto 6 pregnancies and d hormonal drugs given by her doctor here in Nigeria make her more fat ad craves for food, wen she told me all this , I took her to my gynecologist where I did my nursing, she was advice to eat in small amount of food, to always exercise everyday and take her drugs but I my self wanted to reduce my weight as well but I don’t have pcos, she was also told to take vit E ad drink alovera juice everyday early in d morning and vagitable but can still take carbs in small quantity, with this she stripped so down , from 115kg to 70kg with sexy flat tummy , now she is pregnant and still take d drugs as prescribed by her doc to prevent her from loosing d baby again , I guess most people with pcos meets d wrong doctor here in Nigeria who do not really understand d best management and because we were in anoda country we hardly c carbs but only rice we eat rice everyday as our only surviving food .

    • Adaeze, thank God for your friend abd congratulations on her BFP! It’s true, having the right doctor, who can diagnose and manage PCOS is important in achieving conception. Just saying…there are Nigerian doctors, who manage this condition very well.
      Thank you for sharing.

    • Hello Precious, please talk to your doctor about that, then you can be sure, your medications​ will be personalised and based on your symptoms. Please don’t self-medicate. Lifestyle changes in your diet and getting on an exercise routine can also help.

  28. Hi everyone, good ti find this group. PCOS can be so frustrating and duscouraging. I was diagnosed over 5years ago after i got married. Had 2 failed IVFs and 1 IUI, i really need encouragement and testimonies from people here. I will try this diet out n really hope i smile someday too.

    • Hi Ife, please don’t be discouraged. Several of our members have gotten pregnant even with a PCOS diagnosis. The road is tough but it’s not impossible. You can try the diet but don’t forget to include some form of exercise too.

  29. good day everyone,i am sixteen years I was told I got Pcos,i don’t know what to do,i have been crying ever since,am thinking of starting gym in Monday because they said exercise could help,pls what else can I do

    • Olafaith hun, don’t be discouraged dear. All you need to do is manage your diet, and yes, exercise, and it will help a great deal. You might need to reduce/eliminate white carbs and sugars from your diet completely. How regular is your period?

  30. Thank you ma,i so much appreciate it, what else can I do aside from the exercise I already started the diet,ma I will also like to ask if I can include pap,soyabean cheese,white bean pudding because I can’t take smoothies.Thank you ma I await your reply

  31. I really loved this… Infact I was feeling lonely with this pcos.. Infact my mind just said let me look for. Pcos Nigerian meal plan and I saw this… My sista it is not easy to stick to meal plan oo.. But with this Nigerian version.. I must stick to it.. All the way.. Thanks to the writer.. Thanks to all the comments.. Let me quickly eat rice for the last time.. ?.. A proper ?… ?

  32. hmmm! finally I found a Nigeria pcos group. Hi all, I am slim and tall and weigh 63kg yet got diagnosed with pcos cos I have irregular periods..hmmmm! I’ve been on diet and also exercise for like a month now and jux dis morning I checked my weight and m happy to have dropped 4kg. though I haven’t seen my period yet but I hope luck will also smile on me soon by d grace of God.

    • Woow, that’s great Pharleelah. How long have you made these changes? And amen praying that luck indeed smile on you soon, so the witch shows up.
      Dieting and exercise make a lot of difference in ladies diagnosed with PCOS, so you are on the right track. Are you trying to conceive? If you need any more tips, just holla. Godspeed

  33. Thank u very much…and no I’m not trying to conceive cos m not married yet but my wedding comes up early next year and also it won’t be bad if get pregnant now considering how difficult it will be getting pregnant with pcos. Pls how can u be of help?

    • Pharleelah, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. In this case, you should keep up with the lifestyle changes you have made and fingers crossed that you get pregnant when you desire, your case might just be different.

  34. I have been ttc for the past 6years n have even tried iui but failed,but dis meal tym table is somehow expensive for me,am thinking if I can list out d foods I can afford so that you can help me draw out another time table plz

  35. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks so much for this. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2013. Its been a struggle since then, as every little thing I eat I gain weight, and can’t seem to lose it. And exercise sucks! I get heart palpitations 😓and allover itches! Gahh! 😵

    Please i don’t have money ooo for some of the ingredients here, could i substitute? Plus I’m addicted to bread and Rice and Watermelon! Kai! What do i do now?🙆🏻

  36. tnk you so much@Nicole. I actually tot I was on this alone. I was diagnosed of pcos about 2months ago.
    I’m 29yrs am slim and my weight is 60kg. I will be getting married by may. I’m scared, my husband to be loves children alot. I’ve not told him about it and I don’t intend telling him. I’m on metformin 500mg daily. I just pray God shows me mercy.

    • Hi Onyii. So sorry about your diagnosis hun, but thank God with good diet and lifestyle it can be well managed. Many women with PCOS are mothers now, myself included. Just eat right, take your meds if required, and leave the rest to God. Wishing you all the best with your upcoming wedding and life of love thereafter :heart:

  37. God bless you Nicole. tot I was on this alone.
    I was diagnosed of pcos 2months ago. I’m 29yrs, my weight is 60kg, I’m getting married by may. my fiancee is not aware of this and I don’t want to tell him. he likes babies alot. I pray God delivers me from this syndrome. amen

  38. Hi nicole
    Thank u for the meal plan.i was diagnosed 5years ago not married yet but this year.My period seized. Only when I take pills before it comes but have stop.i want to stick to the meal plan and exercise .hoping my period will be restored back.Pls Advise

  39. HI Nicole,
    I never know this group exist in Nigeria, I have search online so many times but the challenge is our Nigeria food, can you pls list food that I need to strictly adhere to, am getting married April and want to trust God and diet changes, drugs is tiring.

    • Hi Olayide, I’m working on an update to this with mainly our Nigerian food. I can’t overemphasise the importance of diet for overcoming PCOS symptoms. Good luck with your upcoming wedding hun :wedding: . Blowing lots of :dust: your way

  40. My smoothie option is raspberry strawberry chia seeds, sunflower seeds and coconut water as those fruits are pcos friendly

  41. Ifeoluwapo, it’s very correct. Wheat does have gluten and is not the wisest choice for a PCOS diet. I’ll be updating this meal plan soon. Unfortunately, there are a LOT more restrictions for us PCOS girls, but if we eat right, it helps abate symptoms.

  42. Where is bread and rice please….how can I cope with these? What about fruit juice like 5-Alive pulpy? I’m so tired.

  43. Hi Nicole,
    Thank you for all that you do.

    Please I want to know which Nigerian soups are PCOS friendly.
    Also, is Good Morning Oats PCOS friendly?

  44. Hi Nicole,
    Thanks for all that you do. Please, which Nigerian soup is PCOS friendly. Is good morning oats also complaint.
    Can you also share some things you personally did that helped you in your tracing journey? (IF you don’t mind). Also, I have heard a lot about inositol. What’s your take on it.

    Thanks a bunch!

  45. Thanks at Nicole. Am 22 and I just got diagnosed of this and it’s really weighing me down. I am not on the fat side that’s just my joy. But hirsutism is really something I keep praying for now. I will start this recipe of yours and I will keep you posted to my improvements. Thanks for this. I really feel normal again seeing that I am not the only lady in this. Thanks for this platform.


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