Morayo’s Mountain 8: A Problem Shared


April 20th, 2009

I went to bed, and lay awake for hours, symptom spotting!!! I finally got to sleep, only to be awoken a couple hours later by the stupid witch, and cramps!! Hello, AF 🙁

But onwards and upwards. My sister got back from her vacation over the weekend, and she sent her driver to deliver the TTC stash I ordered. So I now have my thermometer, tonnes of OPKs, as well as the cups for insemination. I’m feeling loads better, and a lot more positive about it now. This is largely because I know Babs is positive and supportive about it now, when he was against it for so long.

If I am this impatient getting to ovulation, I dread to think what I am going to be like in the 2 week wait!! Ovulation-zilla! LOL!


April 25th, 2009

Finally, my period is over…so that means we can now get down to this TTC business! I have already been charting, and rocking my thermometer, and I will soon start using my OPKs, in a few days.

So, this evening, I had a surprise visitor at home. A few minutes after I drove into my compound, I was surprised to see my sister’s car pull up behind me. We are a very close knit family, so her visiting me wasn’t the surprise. No. We talk on the phone all the time. The real surprise lay in the fact that, as I live in Ikeja, and the rest of my family are spread all over the island, their visits to me are planned, and announced waaaaay in advance. And never weekdays! Even I hate the commute back home, talkless of someone who doesn’t have to endure it. But here she was.

“Torera!” I exclaimed, as I hugged her. “What are you doing here?!”

“Is that how to welcome me?! Abeg let’s go inside!” she teased.

“Did you get your stuff?” she asked, once we were seated in my living room.

I nodded, and thanked her profusely.

“I know we don’t talk about this” she said nervously. This was obviously referring to our infertility. “But I was just curious about the insemination cups you asked me to buy. Why do you need them?”

I momentarily regretted not ordering the cups online, but realized that I need to have someone in my corner. So, I proceeded to give her a very abridged version of the issues we were having, and how we have now decided to try some other options.

“That’s where the cups come in.” I explained. “The cups are supposed to be an alternative to tampons. Basically, they work by keeping all the sperm in your cervix, and stop them leaking out again”.

I could see Torera struggling to stay calm and unflustered. Of all my siblings, she is the most level headed one, the one least prone to judgment, and the one who hates gossip the most. Which is why I decided to share with her today.

“So…” she cleared her throat multiple times “How exactly do you use them?”

I was almost enjoying her discomfort.

“Babs has to ejaculate into the cup, and then I’ll insert it…the way I would a tampon.”

“So you’re saying he can ejaculate through…erm…other methods?” she asked.

When I nodded, she nodded pensively. I could tell she was struggling with the right words to say, and when she didn’t find any, she asked if she could pray with me.

And that was how Babs met us, when he came back home a few minutes after…my sister and I, hands interlocked, deep in prayer.

I felt like a heavy weight had been lifted off my chest. I didn’t realize how freeing it would be to actually talk about this with someone.

Knowing my sister, she is definitely going to research the condition to the very last, and start bombarding me with information and tips, the minute she gets her head around it. But I don’t mind at all. It’s definitely true about a problem shared being a problem solved.

Oh, and my PMA is definitely back!!!!!


April 26th, 2009

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea when I ovulate. I don’t have a clue!! I never needed to know before. What point was there, when I wasn’t even having sex. Change that to present tense. I’m still not having sex. But thankfully, we are on the TTC train now, coitus or no coitus!

Back to the ovulation matter, I think it is about day 10…or something like that. I know I have seen EWCM, and I think I have had ovulation pains, and I know I get really irritable mid-month but never paid attention to the day. That’s one of the reasons I have decided to temp, and use OPKs. Hopefully we won’t miss it.

So fingers crossed for this cycle!


My name is Morayo. I’m a TTC Warrior…and I’m far too stubborn to give up.


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