Morayo’s Mountain 50: Defeat


December 19th, 2012

Well, I think I’m ready for Christmas now. Just the fresh food left to buy.

Nothing much to report here. AF due tomorrow, but at least it will be out of the way for Christmas and means I’ll be ovulating on New Year’s Eve, which would be an amazing time to conceive, so I shall mainly be seeing the New Year in with lots of sex!  :haha:

Oh hell, who am I kidding. I’ll be jumping him from boxing day onwards just to make sure!! LOL!


December 24th, 2012


I should have listened to my gut and stayed home. But oh no, I just had to stop by my parents’ house.

My 5 year old niece – “Aunty Morayo, do you have any children?”
Me – “No darling”
5 year old niece – “Why not?”
Me – “I just haven’t”
5 year old niece – “Can you have some for next Christmas so I can play with them?”
Me – “I’ll try sweetheart”

Needless to say, that conversation pretty much ruined the rest of my day. What a way to enter Christmas…


December 28th, 2012

I dreamt I was pregnant last night. I hate those dreams.

I have pretty much been a hermit this Christmas. After what happened at my parents’ house, I haven’t dared venture out, and I have lied to anyone wanting to stop by. Babs got frustrated yesterday, when I refused to go for dinner at his sister’s house, but I just can’t bear any more pity, questions and taunts.

I just need this Christmas to be over with already!


December 30th, 2012


I had the most overwhelming feeling in the car today. Just a BANG  “You’re going to me a mum” moment. Really hard to explain. I haven’t ovulated yet, so I’m definitely not pregnant. But I felt the colour drain from me as the shock of realisation hit. It’s very odd and I’m probably not explaining it very well. But it’s a comforting thought though.

Should hear about the loan in the next week or so. That’s scary too. I really don’t want to do IVF again…but can’t wait to start either. Does that make any sense?

Well, in other news, my parents LOVED the photo book I made for their 40th wedding anniversary today. Mum cried the second the paper was unwrapped! She just sent a text to say it is a really thoughtful present, and they can’t stop looking at it.

That definitely put a smile on my face!


December 31st, 2012

Well that’s another year over. Nothing changed. No baby. No bump.

It’s also been 8 years since my niece grew her wings, aged 2 days. For some reason, this year I thought about her more than I have in previous years. It seems no time at all since she went, but also feels a lifetime ago. Her mother, my sister, has other kids now, but I’m sure she misses her.

Her passing was very traumatic. They knew she wasn’t going to survive from the 12 week scan, but wanted to give her a chance. She did well to fight for two days after she was born, but as she grew her wings on New Years Eve, none of them have felt the same since. On a positive note, her parents have two rainbows now that I absolutely love to bits. So, we thank God it all ended well…and we’re left with only the memories of her.

Ah well…roll on 2013! Be good to me.


January 3rd, 2013

I’ve had some stabbing pains for a few days. Maybe ovulation pain? Who knows!

I called the woman dealing with our loan application. No answer. So I e-mailed her and got an out-of-office automated reply. No idea when she is back at work.


I’m so pissed off with waiting


January 5th, 2013


We’ve made the decision to decorate the spare room. It hasn’t been touched since we moved into the the house in 2004. We always said the first time we did it was when we were making it into a nursery. Even though we didn’t start TTC until 2005, it was going to be the nursery from the minute we bought the house.

Now we can’t leave it fallow any longer. It is rank in there, and desperately needs a coat of paint and some TLC.

It feels like I’m admitting defeat.

But I can’t afford to do that…


My name is Morayo. I’m a TTC Warrior…and I’m far too stubborn to give up.


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