Morayo’s Mountain 48: The Loan


November 20th, 2012

I was finally able to get the pictures from my parents house!!!

There were a couple albums I couldn’t find, but managed to get quite a few others and loads of envelopes of photos I don’t remember seeing before. Their few wedding photos were in them, so I’m quite happy about that!

I took it a bit further by hacking into my father’s iPad as well, because he has some old photos from negatives on there and there were a couple fantastic photos on it as well. In one, they look so loved up it prompted Babs to ask if they were married at that point!  I had to give my husband a dirty look. As if married couples can’t still be loved up!

There aren’t as many of them together as I would like, so I’m going to photoshop some to make it look like they were! This anniversary is really doing my head in!

I just hope the end result is worth all this hassle.


November 21st, 2012

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Yaaay! I have an unexpected day off!!!

There was a small fire in one of the floors in my office building, so the entire building has been cordoned off for a few days. Am I bad person if my first instinct was to rejoice?! I’m sorry for the affected company, but I won’t say no to a few days off work!

Babs called in sick today, so we snuggled up all day, watching TV and scanning all the photos I stole yesterday for the photobook. It’s at times like this that TTC is at the very back of my mind and I’m so grateful for the love of a good man!


November 22nd, 2012

We’ve had a call about the loan. They wanted to query a few of the details (so it means they are looking at it – Yay!). They mentioned they still haven’t received the form from the fertility clinic confirming that we need IVF to conceive. As it was a medical loan we applied for, they apparently need this information.

Quite irritated, I called the clinic this morning to query it, and they said it was only done yesterday and they are waiting for the doctor to sign it. When she has, it will be sent to us in the next few days.

That will be three weeks it has taken for them to fill that form and for us to send it to the loan office. I’m so fed up waiting! I can’t understand why it has taken them so long to do it!!!

I’m just hoping that because they are querying details on the finances form it means they will be ready to go with an answer when they get confirmation we need the IVF. Like anyone would put themselves through this if they didn’t need it!!!

I need to just breathe. Okay. Rant over!

I think I’m just having a bad day. One of the guys at work was complaining about his kids doing something or not doing something. I wasn’t really paying attention, but I just wanted to punch him, to tell him to shut up and appreciate what he has. Thankfully, the sensible part of me pointed out that not only are you not allowed to punch your colleagues but that one day my kids will annoy me and I’ll probably want to vent as well.

Ah well…


November 23rd, 2012


The good news is that the album is looking amazing!! I am a few pictures short, so deciding what to do with the blank pages at the moment.

But I know that by the time their anniversary is here, I will have 40 photos of them together over their married life.

If that’s not an accomplishment, I don’t know what is!

So, here I am…waiting to hear back from the loan officers, and staying positive!

My name is Morayo. I’m a TTC Warrior…and I’m far too stubborn to give up.


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