Morayo’s Mountain 20: Nightmare Mother-in-law!


November 1st, 2009

Well, I just about survived yesterday. Nothing quite like being asked by a 9-month pregnant woman when you are going to start trying for a baby!!! It totally floored me, and she felt so bad when I said we have been trying for over four years. I almost wish I hadn’t said anything.

I don’t really keep it a secret that we are having problems, but obviously not enough people know. I’ll have a word with my line manager when I feel brave enough.

No more symptoms to report. I’m not even sure if that is good or not….


November 2nd, 2009

I have had a bad headache, all day, that I just can’t shake off. I have also got bad cramping. Kinda like AF pains, but slightly higher up than they would be. Not even sure if it’s a symptom or the witch on her way early??


November 3rd, 2009

The cramping and tinges continued through the night. I had a really bad night’s sleep. I kept switching from being excited, to despair at it the witch on her way early.

I think I might test tomorrow….


November 4th, 2009


No surprise there. I’m not accepting that I am out just yet though. Not sure why or how. I just feel different this month.


November 5th, 2009

Another BFN.

Ah well! I don’t even feel pregnant. I guess I should give up.

My sore boobs arrived today, along with a tiredness I’ve never known, which even prompted someone at work to ask if I wanted to share some good news with her, because I couldn’t stop yawning….


November 8th, 2009

I swear I want to kill my MIL!!

I spent the day with my mum, sorting out their spare room, and she mentioned that Babs’ mum has asked her a few times when we are going to be starting a family.

Now my mum knows nearly every thing, but his mum knows we are trying and having problems.

So I know the woman is just fishing for information, because we won’t tell her what the problems are, or how we are treating them, etc. Either that, or she wants to know if my mum knows we are having problems.

I am sooooooo angry with her. What right has she got to put my mum in that position?! My mum said she always just answers ‘they will when they are ready’. But I am fuming

I told Babs about it, and he was just as angry as me, and phoned her to tell her to being intrusive.

The woman can be a bloody nightmare. You can’t tell her a secret, because she can’t keep them. She told me a week before Babs’ surprise weekend away that he was going to propose to me (he had organized everything himself, and wanted to surprise me). She told us as soon as his sister got pregnant each time, knowing that his sister wanted to tell us herself. So, there is no way I am giving her any details of the problems, because the whole family, plus everyone on her street, will know before the week is out.

She also complained to my mum that she never sees us any more. She left out the part that she is hardly ever in town any more, as she is almost always in London, with her daughter, helping looking after her two kids. She didn’t say to my mum that she hasn’t made the effort to call us in over two years, unless it was to return a call she missed.

I have no idea how I am going to hold my temper when I do next see her. She is a nightmare!! I remember messing around with her once, saying I wanted to return Babs under the 12-month guarantee, because he didn’t pick his socks up, or something stupid like that, only for her to moan to my parents, that we were getting divorced. My mum was inconsolable for hours, until she was able to speak with me.

If she carries on with these stupid games, she can be rest assured that she isn’t going to see any children we have.

I just want to cry with frustration!!!


November 11th, 2009

I had a really blurgh today.

Got to work today, opened my e-mails only to find a photo of the guy I work with, and his three hour old baby (born two weeks early). I mean, seriously???!! Can’t people put a warning on e-mails like that?!

Got home and had a fight with DH. There is a family function on Sunday, and I don’t want to go see his mother (not sure I could hold my temper) but he says I have to, otherwise it will go on and on forever, and get blown up into more than it is.

And then, I just ordered more insemination cups and ovulation strips, and they sent the e-mail confirmation together, and said they are sending me a free copy of Pregnancy and Birth magazine. I don’t want that!!! Its only going to make me cry because I’ll never be doing either.

I just want to go to bed, and end this day already!


My name is Morayo. I’m a TTC Warrior…and I’m far too stubborn to give up.


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