Morayo’s Mountain 17: Back to the Doctors


August 22nd, 2009

My temp rose this morning. I actually wasn’t expecting that. I know I should test, but I’m soooooo scared, in case it is a BFN!

Oh, and I woke up with sore boobs this morning.

I’ve happily tested early every month for years. The first time of a real possibilty of a good result, and I can’t bring myself to do it. What’s going on with me!!


August 23rd, 2009

Another temp rise, and a BFN with first morning urine. Someone work that out for me?! Surely if I was pregnant, it would show by 13 DPO??

I’m going insane. Just want to be certain one way or the other now!


August 24th, 2009

I have absolutely no idea what to think any more. My temp did drop this morning but no where near enough to show AF is on her way. Expected her today, with it being 14DPO, which is my normal luteal phase but most of my cycles are 26 days, which makes her due Wednesday.

Anyways, I tested again this morning…and BFN.

But on the plus side there is no spotting, no AF cramps and no PMT.

I have got tonnes of creamy CM as well. Isn’t that another symptom??! I’m driving myself nuts because I keep thinking AF must have arrived.


August 25th, 2009

My LP is normally 13 or 14 days. So, going by that, I am now a day late. But I ovulated earlier than normal, which makes me due tomorrow…if I go by that. Someone is playing serious head games with me, and I don’t like it!!

I’m spotting a bit today, so think I am going to see a very sharp temp drop tomorrow, and the witch by Thursday or Friday.


August 26th, 2009

Well, she finally landed! Bummer!


August 27th, 2009

Well, I had a talk with Babs this afternoon, and I am in a bit of shock!!!

So, I mentioned the possibility of going to the doctors, to see if we can get any help, and he agreed on two conditions (my heart sank at this point). He wants to only see the nice doctor who finally referred him last time. He even went to get her name and the days she works in our surgery!!! And he wants us to keep trying with the insemination cups in the meantime.

OMG! Quite happy to both conditions, and would have suggested the same if he hadn’t!!!

I really really thought I would be dragging him down, kicking and screaming. I feel like I am admitting defeat by going to the doctors, but a bit hopeful at the same time.


August 28th, 2009

I am having the period from hell this month! I can’t cope with having my hopes raised so high up, and dashed – yet again. Everyone around me is talking about getting pregnant or babies. I don’t know whether I want to cry, scream or punch someone.

The weekend can not come soon enough!!!


September 1st, 2009

7 days, and the witch is still here!!!

I just don’t understand what could have gone wrong! I had every possible symptom under the sun, and elevated temps for 15 days past ovulation. I was going mental, as all the HPK’s were coming back BFN.

Now having the period from hell that just won’t bugger off! Ho hum! And I’m not feeling great about going back to doctors. I think Babs is even keener than I am!

This sucks!


September 2nd, 2009

Well, she’s finally gone!!!! It’s really draining having her hang about for so long, when I am not used to it.

I’m having a break tonight, and then tomorrow night the sex marathon starts again! I just have to hope that I don’t ovulate really early again, and then we’ll be in with a chance again.

To be honest, I have not made the appointment yet. We have a couple weeks off work from the 14th of September, and as Babs will only see this one particular doctor, who is free only on Tuesday mornings, I have to quickly book on time!!!

I can’t wait.


September 7th, 2009

I think I am due to ovulate either today or tomorrow. I’m not sure what is up with me today though. Got super evil mood swings and can’t stop crying! Poor Babs doesn’t know what has hit him!!! I’ve got a feeling it isn’t going to be a romantic night tonight!!!

I’ve got to confess…still haven’t made that appointment. Not sure what is stopping me.

Maybe, subconsciously, I’m still holding on the faith that we might not need them! Yep, might be wishful thinking…but a little daydreaming never hurt anyone…


My name is Morayo. I’m a TTC Warrior…and I’m far too stubborn to give up.

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