Morayo’s Mountain 16: One More Cycle


July 27th, 2009

Well…I’m spotting and the cramps have started. I think the evil witch is coming to get me early. My cycle is normally 26 days, but I do have the off 24 day one every now and again.

Well…at least a short cycle means I can start trying again that little bit sooner.

I’m giving it one more month, which will make it 6 attempts with the insemination cups. If it doesn’t work, Babs will have to go to the doctors, even if I had to drag him there kicking and screaming!


July 27th, 2009

Still no sign of the witch. She is due tomorrow but I was convinced she was going to show early.

I tested this morning, just to make sure, and it was a BFN. I don’t even know why I bothered.


July 30th, 2009

Where is she??? She’s officially late now. And she’s showing no signs of arriving either. No spotting. No cramping. No desire to eat chocolate until I am sick.

And for some reason, I have kept on foolishly testing, and keep getting the same result. BFN in the bathroom. BFN in the bedroom. BFN in the garden. BFN everywhere!

I give up!


July 31st, 2009

I told my sister about my absent period, and she suggested I wear white underwear. According to her, every time she wears white underwear near her period date, it shows up that day for sure. I thought she was bonkers, but decided to try it anyway.

Guess what! Operation white knickers worked!!!! I got everything ready to get dressed. Went for a shower, came back, got dressed, went to the bathroom for a few minutes, and there she was!!!!

Well, at least I know she is here, and no more head games, so more relieved than disappointed now.


August 1st, 2009

I was actually quite depressed today. I had almost started hoping I was actually pregnant, but that was silly of me. There was no way it was implantation bleeding, unless there were octuplets implanting into several internal organs.

I’m so bummed and disappointed…and tired of the whole thing!


August 9th, 2009

After a rather rough week, I feel much better now.

Ovulation expected in the next three of four days and, right on cue, this morning I had a lot of EWCM. I didn’t get any last month, and came out of the bathroom with the biggest smile when I saw it. No idea what Babs thought I had been up to in there, when I came out grinning…lol!

We couldn’t make Church today, so I spring cleaned the bedroom this afternoon. I ended up clearing loads of room in the bedside table for all the insemination cups, OPKs, Preseed and HPTs. It was a little bit depressing, but its only for a few more weeks, so I might as well.


August 11th, 2009

Thankfully, we seem to have gotten this insemination sex down to a science. No more clumsiness or anything like that. In fact, when we have insemination sex, we hardly ever bother with the humping and thrusting! I get him to ejaculate into the cups, and the cups go inside me. Chikena!

And so far, so good!


August 16th, 2009

It’s 6DPO, and I do not have a single symptom to report. I haven’t even had any desire to POAS. But the good thing is that I am not having my normal 2-week wait stress, and the time is going by fast enough.

I wish I knew what was going on!


August 20th, 2009

Decisions, decisions, decisions!!

10DPO today, and another temp rise. It’s the first time since I started charting that I have been this high on 10DPO, and the first time I haven’t had a temp drop yet.

I wonder if I should test? A part of me really really wants to, but all the time I hold off, there is more time to carry on hoping.

I’m so scared…

This is so hard. I can’t concentrate on anything else!!! I’m supposed to be on a course this week, and I’m not going to learn a thing at this rate!

I think I will hold off testing for a couple more days at least. AF is due on Monday, but I think if I can wait a bit longer, and if my temps are still looking good, I will test on Sunday! I will go insane if I get a BFP on a Monday morning, and then have to go to work!!!!

As for symptoms – I have cramps (similar to AF but not the same), lower backache, a need to pee 15 times a night, tired (probably due to getting up 15 times a night), and am very tearful. And I haven’t stopped eating in 3 days, but have somehow lost 2lbs.

And so, we wait…


My name is Morayo. I’m a TTC Warrior…and I’m far too stubborn to give up.

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