Morayo’s Mountain 11: Botched Cycle


May 16th, 2009

Well, right on cue, the stupid evil witch is here. I have been feeling like crap all day. Apart from the agony, I can’t shake off the feeling of disappointment that we didn’t manage it this month. I guess I should get used to that, as I could potentially have many more of these months to come!

Someone on my online forum suggested Preseed…but I’m not too sure if I want to use it for the next cycle. I’m not sure if it would be of any help, especially as the swimmers are in a cup right underneath my cervix. Surely their amount of swimming is minimal…I think.

But onwards and upwards. I’m not pregnant, and Babs and I are off for dinner with friends tonight, so I am having my first drink in two weeks. Well the theraputic powers of chocolate haven’t helped, so perhaps wine will do better!!

Fingers crossed!


May 18th, 2009

Okay, so my PMA has returned!! I’m over my sulk about this cycle not resulting in a nice BFP. I’ve ordered more insemination cups and even some Preseed, ready for attempt number two.

I resumed work today, after a week off, and it really wasn’t too bad…until someone in the team mentioned she was eating for two. It’s so not fair! This will be her second, and she started trying for her first nearly a year after we first started. So I did the only sensible thing I could in the circumstances…I ate twice as much cake as she did, so at least I will look as pregnant as her! LOL!

Well, at least I still have my sense of humour!


May 23rd, 2009

I don’t feel well!!!

My sister dragged me along for a girls night out with some of her friends last night. It was actually a hen night, complete with strippers and all. I was initially surprised because, as the bride is my sister’s age (i.e. very close to 40), I didn’t quite expect that…but it was good fun….too much, in fact!

There was so much alcohol, it was ridiculous. It had been so long since I had any more than a sensible glass of wine, or two. But last nights, I probably had over 10 shots of assorted good stuff!

And now, I have the hangover of the century!

Babs wasn’t too pleased, as I told him I was only going to be away for a couple of hours, only to stagger back into the house in the early hours of the morning. It was a lot of fun, and I was a much happier person last night (apparently!!!) But never again!!!!!!!

Thankfully not ovulating today (I did an OPK out of habit this morning). I think Babs would be lucky to escape with his life if he came anywhere near me today.


May 24th, 2009

I think we are going to get started tonight. My temps are so erratic, I don’t quite know what to make of it. However, I started to get some EWCM this morning, so we decided to get things going. I think Babs just agreed to it, so I would stop talking about CM myself!!!


May 31st, 2009

I give up this cycle! I just give up!

I give up!!

Apart from never getting a definitive positive on my OPKs this month, we only managed it with the insemination cups twice, with the first time being too soon for the ovulation window. We didn’t get round to trying the Preseed at all. So I’m not going to symptom spot or manically POAS at any given opportunity, because I just don’t think there is any point. This cycle is officially botched!

I’m just going to focus on next month now. That would be good. Give us an April baby. Same as Bab’s mum and my Dad.

So…on to the next one!


My name is Morayo. I’m a TTC Warrior…and I’m far too stubborn to give up.

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