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    • Welcome Tiga @tiga to our community. Please tell us about yourself.

      • Tiga replied 4 months ago

        Thank you. Am 36 with a son. I have secondary infertility due to mayomectomy that I had a year after the birth of my son. I have been TTC for about 4years now.

        • Tiga @tiga, did scar tissue occur as a result of the myomectomy or exactly what happened after the procedure?
          cc: @nicole @pearl @bosa

          • Tiga replied 4 months ago

            Scar tissue and a blocked tube which I suspect is a result of the mayomectomy. I didn’t have any issues conceiving my son,but the pregnancy was awfully eventful which was why I decided to have the surgery done. Biggest mistake of my life.

            • Tiga @tiga, what is the percentage of th scarring and how’s your doctor treating it?

            • Dear Tiga @tiga hun, welcome to our community :friends: . So sorry that your myomectomy led to that. That’s one of the fall-outs of the procedure. Has your doctor recommended a laparoscopy to clear the scarring? That’s what mine did for the scarring I got from my own myomectomy.

            • Bos replied 4 months ago

              sending you :hugs: @tiga…..don’t beat yourself too much for having the surgery. I didn’t have a myomectomy. Mine was as a result of an evacuation from a miscarriage. So these things happen babes….The solution is to find the right doctor even if you have to travel and tackle it head on once and for all.
              :hug: :dust:

    • Tiga replied 4 months ago

      My doctor recommended laporoscopy and I have done that but with another doctor and he said the scar tissue is a bit serious to be corrected but am going to seek a second opinion. Wish to go back to my former doc but I have relocated from where he is and am in another state, which was the reason I had to go to a different doc.