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    Hello everyone.
    Had my ER. Today and all went well, 31 eggs was collected and I was told I might be at risk of ohss, I pray God wouldn’t allow it. And I pray Dh sperm fertilizes all. if anyone know what to avoid and eat to help stop ohss, your contribution is welcome. I pray it ends in praise and celebration :bfp: @mabel @nicole @zara @osi4jc @li…[Read more]

    • Awww, congrats @chybaby! I had 30 eggs in my 2nd cycle, and didnt overstimulate, so it might not happen to you. In the meantime, please drink lots and lots of water hun! And if you can get your hands on any gatorade drink (with electrolytes), that could also help. Praying along with you hun :hug: :hug:

    • Awesome @chybaby, follow what others have said…drink water! drink water!! drink water!!! This has helped me over the years. Wishing you all the best and success.

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    Hello everyone. Happy to be back :yahoo: missed you all. @tfc_admin @mabel @nicole @oluwakemine @pearl @mrs-al @princess @zara @osi4jc @linda @all

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    Since I got married I have been learning how to buy babies items (essentials), how to cope, how to bathe baby, breastfeed, inshort take care of a baby. But this year I have been doing a research on cloth diapers/cloth diapering specifically.
    Please, would love to hear from you all about what you think / know / your experience about cloth…[Read more]

    • Wow, the research you have been doing is so good i like it :yes: :yes: 🙂 i dont even know the difference :scratch: (guess am waiting till when i get pregnant 🙂 ) i just know diapers are diapers,some are inferior to others. I will like to know the difference though when others contribute @pearl 🙂

      • First of all happy belated birthday to Nicole, also a big congratulations to all the new mamas on the block! On diapers, i have discovered that aside huggins there are many other good and more affordable diapers in the market, i use molfix…so far so good..on baby clothes, so far i order her clothes online from US stores mostly because they are…[Read more]

        • What an interesting topic Pearl @pearl. Cloth diapers was an experiment I tried when I had the first twins, it was okay, at least, I used the cloth diapers for some months, but I did not care enough about it to try it the second time. Diposable diapers all the way.
          Pearl, you have been ready for ages oh, :heart: :heart:

          • Hmmm, @pearl. I think I’m too lazy for that one oh :wacko:. I can’t imagine having to add washing diapers to the already heavy workload. Biko, I’m #TeamDisposableDiapers oh! And mehn, I’m so impressed by your preparation! That’s definitely the way to go about it! :hugs:

            Thanks @annie hun :heart:

    • @iyawodiipo: lol…There are Disposable diapers and Reusable diapers. I am thinking of making use of reusable ones when the :baby: comes but still doing my research on the pros and cons on both diapers.
      @annie: You are right…the word Affordable is the first on my list when shopping; but Internet/US shopping…Isn’t that expensive + deliveries.…[Read more]

      • Hi Pearl, i do not really find the online US/UK shopping that expensive, i have done a lot of research and i am still on it, to find affordable US stores. I use mostly MallForAfrica, then Shoptomydoor sometimes to ship and since i get emails on their promos (promos on if you have to pick up from a MallForAfrica outlet), with the promos you can…[Read more]

        • Hi Ann @annie, how’s our little Madam doing? This your shopping online is beginning to appeal to me oh. I shop here and these days all I hear is dollar is too high.I just tire. B-)

          • it and see, if you register on MallForAfrica, always look out for when there is a promo, if you want to shop on US/UK stores that ship directly to Nigeria and you find out that no matter how many items you pick the delivery cost remains same, find out if colleagues? friends? etc want to buy things too and split the cost of…[Read more]

      • Baby please come oo @pearl is over ready :baby: :baby: like @nicole said laziness will not even let me look at reusable or cloth diapers. Life in 9ja is too hard already biko. Lol.
        and i agree with @annie. I shipped about a years supply of a target store brand of diapers called up&up and so far so good. Then again so far my princess is a no…[Read more]

        • @ldike: Awesome. Love your baby to the moon, she is so understanding and cooperative hopefully she continues that way when solids start.
          Thanks for your comment, I will be looking into the diaper you and @annie mentioned.

    • Whaoo @annie, read and digested for almost two days…This is quite fascinating. :yes: From your explaination only God knows how a dinosaur like me will go about this. :scratch:
      @oluwakemine: I guess you don’t buy online or do you? :unsure:

      • No, I don’t even do I spend more than half of my day online. @pearl
        Ann @annie, definitely giving a try, as soon as I get more cohorts, in form of my sisters and friends.

        • @annie, I’m your partner in online shopping oh! It’s way way better! Even though $ and £ fx these days na die shaaa :wacko:. @oluwakemine, holler if you need me to show you the way 😉
          @ldike, awww you are so so lucky! It’s such a blessing to have an easy going baby! But she’s my girl, so of course she’ll be an angel :cloud9: :cloud9:

          • lol..@the $ and pounds fx… we shall over come, i still won’t go to balogun joor, will just not shop as often as i used

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    Ah, please share the links with us oh, @adaoraa :haha: . I need to refresh my make-up skills! I had a mini makeover like 12 years ago, and I’ve been using the same technique ever since. Ngozi (of Jaga Beauty) gave me some nice tips recently, but I need some more :hissy: :hissy:

    And I had to laugh at your comment about name tags in the forum :haha: . My frustration…[Read more]

  • @nadia, @eggy, @adaoraa, @sommie, @mrsd, @ldike, thanks my darlings  :cloud9:   :cloud9:

    @sommie hun, I’m speaking with our Admin right now. We’ll sort it out. My apologies hun  :nope: (cc: @tfc_admin)

  • @ipheoma, here are truckloads of kisses for you and those beautiful embies. Good luck hun :heart:


    @sommie hun, so sorry about the log in issues. Our Admin (@tfc_admin) assures us it’s all sorted now. Are you still having issues?

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    Hmmm….this is really strange @ldike :scratch: . We have to look into it!

    cc: @tfc_admin

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    Sorry my dear @ldike. @tfc_admin has removed that Capta stuff! LOL! That guy is something else! I think he annoys most people in the 20-week scan. Always so dramatic about revealing the sex. Let’s hope he has changed :haha:

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    Thanks @oluwakemine! @ipheoma biko mba oo cant shout!! :wacko: Maximum I can take is 3!!
    :heart: Meanwhile I don’t get notifications anymore in my email? :unsure: as to why? Cc: @tfc_admin

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    I wonder why, @pearl. Nobody else seems to be having issues commenting. @tfc_admin, could you please look into it?

  • Nicole posted a new activity comment 4 years, 5 months ago

  • Pearl posted an update in the group Group logo of PCOS GirlsPCOS Girls 4 years, 5 months ago

    Apologies: I have not been very active lately due to family functions, personal reasons and time.
    However, I will like to know whose who have been diagnosed with PCOS (I meant you have been to the doc. and you have done various test to that effect. Would also like to know which test was done).
    Those who have not been diagnosed with PCOS (Maybe you…[Read more]

    • @pearl welcome back:)
      I just even aske @nicole now based on the post on the blog the symptoms. I have never been diagnosed or said i have it(still in the process of trying too)but will gladly want to know.

    • Thanks for this @pearl. It’s a very good idea!

      As for me, I wasn’t diagnosed with full blown PCOS…but slightly cystic ovaries. My blood work came back fine, and my cycles are very consistent…however, I do have the excess hair, stomach fat, and hair loss that are consistent with the condition. I was never prescribed metformin…even though I…[Read more]

    • @nicole ,in which part of your body do you have excess hair…where was the hair loss occuring? Reading from your previous posts, you did had fibroid and blocked tube as well (hope am right).:scratch:

    • @iyawodiipo ,Are you ttc atm and If yes…since when?

    • @pearl….yes, I had a myomectomy before, and my right tube was affected by post-surgery adhesions. I have sideburns mainly…and my hair loss was mainly demonstrated by the thinning of my otherwise full scalp hair. But thank God, it’s regaining volume now.

    • whoaaaaa…lucky you with those sexy sideburns @nicole ,you arent me with sideburns,back hair and beards; competing with DH… :-( I dont wish to win tho. ;-)
      Just curious how did you acheive to regain those volume. :mail:

    • LOL, @pearl, I also have stray chin hair oh! Forgot to mention that. If I don’t shave everyday….hmmm :wacko: . Until I was 16, I also had very hairy arms and legs, but regular shaving and waxing have left me hairless since then (even if I don’t shave for a while, the hair there no longer grows like crazy). As for the hair volume….coconut oil did me…[Read more]

    • @pearl i dont understand.

    • @nicole ,No doubts; Coconut oil works wonders.
      I make use of them in so many things most people cant figure out, e.g brushing my teeth, adding it to smoothies, some drops in salad,e.t.c :coffee: :munch:

    • @iyawodiipo ,Am deeply sorry for making use of those acronyms.
      I asked a question: Are you ttc atm and If yes…since when?
      It simply means: Are you trying to concieve(TTC) at the moment(ATM) and if yes…since when have you been trying to concieve?
      Once again apologies… :friends:

    • @pearl, I didn’t know anything about PCOS until I joined this group so I can’t tell whether I have it. I took the PCOS test and the results was I didn’t have it. My Doctor have given me 3months to try and conceive by myself before we run any test. So seriously I don’t know if I have a challenge.

    • @naaadzane ,Great you found this platfrom.
      hummm…3mths… How long have you been trying to conceive?

    • @pearl Oh ok i got the TTC buh the ATM was what i didnt understand 🙂

      Ok back to your question….yes i am TTC and i started actively in March of this year of a myomectomy that actually went wrong in last September. But i am very fine now.

    • @iyawodiipo ,so sorry about that. So are you presently on any treatment or just ttc yourself and hoping for the best.

    • @pearl, 2 months

    • No I haven’t been

    • @naaadzane ,In as much as I dont want you to rule out that which you have in mind which I dont know.
      You need to do your own research and ask questions before you put in for any test/treatment/procedure.
      Always ask your doctor questions…that will give you a deep insight of where you stand. Also dont forget to ask about the pros/cons of going…[Read more]

    • Thanks @pearl, well noted

    • @pearl No am not on any treatment yet we are just trying on our own and just hoping for the best.

    • @iyawodiipo ,the best will surely come… :dust:

    • Wow.. I got to know about pcos 3yrs ago, have been having irregular period since I started(age:13). I only have them 4-6times naturally in a year. I have issues with insulin n Lil hair loss

    • @pearl, I was diagnosed with PCOS long time ago when my AF didn’t come for 9 months. The Dr just asked me to go and only come back when ready to concieve. To diagnose it, I did hormonal test and TVS however I suffer from severe hair loss, rapid weight gain like from a size 6 to 16 within few months. I don’t hv chin hair.

    • @reggy ,size6 to 16… :wacko: that’s much oooo.How have you been coping and what have been you strategies in dealing with this menace. :blush:

    • Sorry dear @pearl for my late response
      To manage it I am exercising and dieting. I was able to drop from size 16 to size 10 but presently at size 12.

    • @mikest29 ,I make Coconut oil myself.

    • @mikest29 ,Can you make a coconut milk from coconut?

    • @mikest29 ,I grate coconut and then add a little water to extract the milk by seiving.
      After which I boil on high heat in a clean pan/pot…and while it boils I remove the cream/curd.
      As you remove the curd while it boils it reduces/changes.
      As it boils/reduces you will start seeing the oil coming up to the surface; then you have to collect it…[Read more]

    • @mikest29 ,Great. Would love to have a feedback. And if you like baking or you have sugar tooth like me…you can add a little sugar to the remains after extracting the oil and make *baba dudu*. :haha:

    • @mikest29 ,Goodnight. :hug: :friends: :hug:

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    Awesome, @tfc_admin :good: . But the counters are still not working though

  • Adaora posted a new activity comment 4 years, 6 months ago

    Ok oooo @tfc_admin thank you so much.

  • Nicole posted a new activity comment 4 years, 6 months ago

    Thanks a lot, @tfc_admin. We’re looking forward to those updates :good:

  • Nicole posted a new activity comment 4 years, 6 months ago

    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    I’m so glad it worked Isi (@mimibabe)

    Thanks @tfc_admin :good:

  • Adaora posted an update in the group Group logo of Marriage SupportMarriage Support 4 years, 6 months ago

    Morning lovely ladies, my dear husband is God sent but some days like today I just want to just give him a HOT slap! :growlmad: :growlmad: :growlmad: :growlmad: So one my mums friend who is also my friend because she is young at heart like my mum is in town and I invited her to stay over at ours. She came to London straight from the hospital…[Read more]

    • It’s ok just calm down and ask him why he is against it.. now give us a smile @aadora

    • Hmmmnnn @adaoraa but you know you’re wrong naaa… Marriage is a fusion of two people. I feel you should have sought his opinion first before offering up your home to her. I’m sure if not for anything but because he was with you while you were on the phone with her(I’m assuming he was there) and you just took a decision that would affect both of…[Read more]

      • Sweetie @adaoraa you know I love you, and you won’t like me for this but I think I’m with @dew on this one. You would be surprised that his annoyance is not with the woman coming over, by the fact that he was not consulted. My husband is like that too. He will sometimes go against something I’ve made a decision about and say “wel you are just…[Read more]

      • Exactly what I wanted to say @dew. @adaoraa you know how our men are with their ego. I think he wouldnt really mind her coming over, but he is just upset that you did not ask him first. I remember how I got the first and last time DH invited someone to stay over at ours without asking me first; I went crazy :gun: you its having someone stay under the…[Read more]

    • Sweetie (@adaoraa), @dew is right oh. Men are all about ego! It will surprise you that if you had asked him first, he would have probably been the one to offer to drive to the airport to pick her up. But he might be smarting because you took the decision on your own. I am married to a proud Igbo man, so I know how they behave.

      The best way to…[Read more]

      • @adaoraa dear am with most of the ladies on this one, you know your man better than the rest of us. He’s probably upset you ignored his ‘authority’ and made a decision like that without consulting him. Just try to calm down, apologize and don’t let this become a bigger issue. Ok dear, :hugs:

    • @adaoraa dear , some days are just like that . I used to invite a few people to my house too without DH’s consent prior to the invitation( i wld just tell him that so and so is coming ) but i learnt from a friend’s experience (Her DH will not even carry her friends in his car , in their presence , he will say, i am not your friend’s driver) even…[Read more]

    • LOLz @ hot slap… Men (I know cos I am one), we have this thing called ego and it gets the better part of us at times. But ladies are our meds. If your are feeling like it ask him again when he is relaxed and maybe rub his head a bit. I ain’t bald but I know the wife uses it when I disagree and I end up agreeing. In the end she wins!

    • :haha: :haha: @ hot slap too… @adaroaa you have to take it easy biko, it is needless to begin stating the obvious but there cant be two captains in one ship, one’s gotta let the other take the lead or the ship will capsize :hugs: am with @Nicole on not cancelling with your aunt but warming your way through for a positive response and surprisingly a hearty…[Read more]

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    yayyyyyyyyyyy, it worked :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Thank you so much @nicole and @tfc_admin , you guyz are the bestttttt. I am so happy .
    God bless you :good: :heart:

  • Nicole posted a new activity comment 4 years, 6 months ago

    Thanks my darling @mimibabe :hugs: :hugs:

    Admin (@tfc_admin), is it possible to address Isi’s issues? Many thanks! :good:

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