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    We all are here to learn…would love to know on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the Highest and 1 being the lowest.
    @adaoraa @mabel @dew @tfc_admin @mrs-al @myde @sommie @toyin @eggy @estarib @mikest29 @dr-simi @toyin @frieda @iyawodiipo @heph…[Read more]

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    TFC Family wish you good luck
    For your upcoming exams
    We are sure you will
    Emerge as the best
    Considering all the time
    And effort you will invest
    We hope that you beat
    The crap out of your exams
    We all wish @mrs-al Good luck.
    @nicole @oluwasehun @adaoraa @oluwakemine @ipheoma @reggy @ldike @babymama @tfc_admin @dupsie @eggy @hephziba @mimibabe @ibu…[Read more]

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    Having been on this group for some couple of weeks, I noticed some are protestants, orthodox, muslims… e.t.c
    I am a Christian (protestant) and I know there are rules and regulations guiding towards our aspirations/ expectations in Life.
    I respect everyones doctrines/teachings and I wish most times they can respect peoples views and reason along…[Read more]

    • It’s 50-50. You meet some people that wil advice you to seek medical attention / prayers. The other set of people will tell you it’s spiritual : so fast and pray,go on mount blah blah..

    • hmmmm, I know what you mean! I try to act “normal” so that they don’t think I have a spiritual problem. Prayers are good, very good actually but I think wisdom is profitable too. I told a family member I had done ICSI and it failed and I got the “you shouldn’t have done it” response, like scolding me and I was hurting badly :-( and it made me…[Read more]

    • @pearl, In this part of the world, we often demonise issues. it just has to be because someone somewhere is responsible. In the end, this is really between you and your God. @ipheoma, I did not know about that Islamic angle. Could you expand on it.

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    “Just relax and it will happen,” seems to be the most common refrain women who are trying to conceive are told. Which, if you think about it, is kind of ridiculous. :gun: I mean, didn’t we all start out relaxed about :sex: ? Didn’t we all have honeymoons and a honeymoon period where we reveled in our partners and wondered if maybe that…[Read more]

    • People will always say #why will u believe in doctors,they are not God#.
      2) have faith, don’t give up

    • Lmao @adopting

      • 1. Ha IVF???? Do you want to help GOd do his work?
        2. IVF children are not strong, they fall sick easily. When I heard that , I felt like clapping my hands like our dramatic mothers and saying “really, tell me something”.

    • Paula replied 5 years ago

      “Just Relax” so overused. The last I heard is “Why didn’t you start trying for a baby before you married, you would have fixed the fault long time ago”.

    • linda replied 5 years ago

      @pearl I remember my mom calling me one year into my marriage and asking me what we were waiting for and me feeling like a sisi eko happily told her that we were waiting. Fast forward a few months later and I began to wonder why I let my husband talk me into waiting a bit before trying. I thought surely if we had started trying earlier we won’t…[Read more]

    • Pearl replied 5 years ago

      @reggy @oluwasehun @nicole I wish they know the process of adopting and not just the dictionary meaning. :dohh:

    • Pearl replied 5 years ago

      :good: @ipheoma will give that a try.

    • Linda replied 5 years ago

      Nice Compilation…. Cudnt stop Laughing…. most of them are loved ones who actually wanna show genuine concern but lack the right words cos’ they are not in those shoes :haha:

    • Misi replied 5 years ago

      The worst for me is the veiled harassment in the name of praying for me especially from inlaws and friends who should know better. Also, people telling me i’m getting old and i should stop waiting. I’m 33 by the way and got married a few weeks to my 30th birthday.

    • @pearl how about “you are not praying hard enough” and “you are not having sex enough”
      silly statements@ what about the one night stands that led to conception. Smh!!!!!!!!!!! maybe they should just write us the standards so that we can follow. :gun:

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    Good morning my fab fertile chicks!
    As part of my gift to motivate this activity the price I am throwing in will be a “Fabric”
    We all as women love clothes and with the recent increase in the African print trend, this will be a good one for one lucky lady to make an outfit of her choice. Like I stated earleir, “LET THE GAMES…[Read more]

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    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for your patience. :friends:

    The meal plan from @reggy is here. You can check it out here :

    Feel free getting back to her for any challenges or adjustment. 😉

    @nicole @adaoraa @dew @tfc_admin @mrs-al @myde @mabel @babymama @bola @cele…[Read more]

    • Ok Fab Fertile Chicks! Let’s do this! Where my ladies at?
      My pom poms are out oh!!!!!! No dulling!!!!

  • Pearl posted a new activity comment 5 years ago

    @reggy ,device isnt a problem. You can create new topics in Forum or post topics in form of update in groups. ;-)
    I hope this helps. @nicole @tfc_admin

  • Pearl started the topic WISHES ZONE. in the forum Group logo of The Chill RoomThe Chill Room 5 years ago

    • Ditto that, @pearl :haha: . I wish I could eat all I wanted, and still lose weight!

    • I wish I could eat all I want and not add weight. I wish my stomach fat and a little from my bum could be added to my height and boobs. I wish Ijebu Garri can be found everywhere in the world

    • I wish for a flat tummy and I can eat what I crave for B-)

      • @pearl, sorry to deviate, how do you create topics? Tried and it said I can’t create new topics, also tried replying to ur hobbies topic in the chill room, said I can’t reply the topic.

        P.S, I am not using a Computer, using a tab. Is that a problem?

    • I wish I can get rid of pcos acne with a blink of an eye. I really hate seeing my face with acne :growlmad:

      • Pearl replied 5 years ago

        @ruqayyaimam ,same here. I’ve got this sharp sponge and a wash-up (NIVEA), I scrub my face every morning and night and I can see improvement. :yes: :good:

    • LADIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Some of these una wishes na die o!
      @hephziba how about we make No. 3 in Kuwaiti Dinar (that is still the currency with the highest value world wide right?). At No. 5 do not be over bearing with your love, just a little dose at a time and he will come around.
      @pearl i wish my wish list will be endless and all of them granted to…[Read more]

      • isi replied 5 years ago

        i wish i can just have solutions to all my needs/worries as soon as they show up.
        @mrs-al , the not being overbearing with your love advise sounds just like my mum :good:

    • admin replied 5 years ago

      I wish I had a million wishes… That way I could continue wishing… #GeeksThinkTooMuch…

    • DrTBA replied 5 years ago

      @pearl mine is more of a prayer I think. That I do not require IVF for my second pregnancy.

    • Linda replied 5 years ago

      heheheee… really? well, may all your wishes come true. I just cant wait to be preggers! *my every waking moment wish*

    • I wish i have everything that makes me happy. I wish I have healthy beautiful bouncing children :-) i wish my bosses at work were a lot reasonable, i wish i was slimmer and did not have to workout or eat clean, i wish i was disciplined too, i wish my natural hair will grow faster and healthier :mail: the wishes are many jare! I want to be genuinely happy

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    When it comes to love and relationship…race or ethnicity shouldnt be a topic of discussion, but it is most expecially in this planet we live in. And when it comes to Infertility its another story entirely.
    Whats your take on inter tribal/race marriages or Have you any experience you would like to share to enlighten us. 🙂
    @nicole @adaoraa @dew[Read more]

    • Good morning ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      oh my darling @pearl you got me on this topic because I have first hand experience both inter-tribally and inter-racially. Brb, will love to share my experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!! heheheheheeee!!!!!!!!

      • Pearl replied 5 years ago

        @mrs-al ,I wish I can express the mood am in atm… :wohoo: :wohoo: :wohoo: Hoping to hear from you soonest. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

        • @pearl I will be off and on here cos got a lot of work. But let our gist begin!
          So I am Niger delta (Rivers state) and my husband is Yoruba. Growing up I told myself that I would marry from any tribe but NOT Yoruba. I never liked them (no offense to my Yoruba fab fertile chick after all now my children are going to be Yoruba). I went to school…[Read more]

    • I’m in an intertribal marriage, and it sure has its hiccups now and then. But I think I’m one of the lucky ones who have been well embraced. But I see so much tribalism even today, and it upsets me how people can still think like this in 2015.

      • I am in an inter tribal marriage and yes it has its hiccups. DH’s people are known to be very blunt and can say practically anything not minding if the other person is offended.
        What helps is if one has a strong husband who can stand for you at ALL times, protect you from every. If the husband is like “felele” foot ball (that very soft ball…[Read more]

      • Pearl replied 5 years ago

        @mrs-al @nicole ,I wonder same in this tech age…. :unsure: tribalism… :muaha:
        @reggy ,felele football… :haha: Your MIL :growlmad: that was too mean. Am happy you’ve got a full closeupsmile now. But people sha…….na wa o.

    • @pearl The second experience is with my younger brother. His daughter, my niece has 3 citizenship – Nigerian, American and French. Oh boy! so you can imagine the level of inter-racial-ness if there’s any word like that!!!!

      • linda replied 5 years ago

        @pearl @mrs-al @Nicole
        I am married to an igbo guy and I am also igbo
        funny growing up I didn’t want to have anything to do with Igbo guys , but I guess cupid had other plans

      • Pearl replied 5 years ago

        @mrs-al ,Am thinking the language barrier really helped in everyone minding thier own buisnesses. And also you both are matured and they’ve got thier boundaries of what to ask and what not to ask. Sounds really interesting B-) .
        I really do understand the situation of your niece. :yes: but that will be left to her in the future to decide who to :wedding:[Read more]

    • Nicole(@nicole) you are so right! the tribalism is so bad at times! when you are abroad you get discriminated for your color, you come back home and you have to deal with the tribal one. haba! na where them want person to enter nah.
      Ivuoma (@reggy) you raised a valid point. the role of DH is very vital in either inter tribal or inter racial…[Read more]

      • Pearl replied 5 years ago

        @mrs-al ,@nicole ,so true…Tribalism/Racism… :cry: :cry: :cry: Only God can help us.
        And the worst I have experienced from racism was a Morrocan telling me we are not from the same continent because she is fair and am dark… :cry: :cry: Ignorance…uneducated idoits…School had to close for that day. I taught the teacher the lesson of his life to have…[Read more]

    • Ayo replied 5 years ago

      DH and i are both Yoruba but i dated someone from the south south and language was one of the barriers. Suffice to say that the relationship didn’t work as Mr. Loverboy was a camelion who deceived me all along, his family also didn’t help matters as they never spoke english whenever i was around :growlmad: . That was my last relationship before i met DH…[Read more]

      • isi replied 5 years ago

        So much to learn from here. @pearl, i personally feel tribe/ race should not be a factor at all in love/marriage. People are who they are irrespective of where they are from.
        I am in an inter tribal marriage and i think i am one of the lucky ones. DH lost his dad when he was in Jss1, has 3brothers and only 1sister(who is amazing) and those are…[Read more]

        • isi replied 5 years ago

          But whether you marry from your village or from another tribe or race, having a man that can stand up for you is very important. i guess that is enough to shut /handle any hyperactive wannabe relative.Looool at @reggy ‘s felele man :haha: :haha: , you couldn’t have put it better

    • Pearl replied 5 years ago

      @zintos ,Language is always a barrier but thanks to ENGLISH. ;-)
      @mabel ,Family of DH to be never spoke English… :cry: .Most times tribe is irrelevant to couples, it is always the family and friends that come up with all soorts things.
      Am happy you all are couping well. :good:

    • DrTBA replied 5 years ago

      I certainly cannot be tribalistic or racist @pearl. I’m of mixed heritage and proud. My dad is Yoruba/bini and mom is bini. Grew up in an English speaking house and learned Yoruba in boarding school. I understand and speak basic bini (edo) I love my heritage . I’m a proud egba-bini girl

  • Nicole posted a new activity comment 5 years ago

    Copying you, @tfc_admin, so you can see the notification e-mail issue.

  • Nicole posted a new activity comment 5 years ago

    @reggy and @ldike, I think the comments disappear after a certain number, which shouldn’t be the case. Sorting it out with @tfc_admin now :dohh: :dohh:

  • isi posted a new activity comment 5 years ago

    @reggy, i can sooooo relate…….yours will come soon hun. :hugs: :hugs:
    i am experiencing the same thing o, can’t see earlier comments once the comments get up to 6/7. I experienced the same thing yesterday.
    cc @nicole and @tfc_admin

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    This time last year I had 3 friends who were pregnant obviously they have all had their babies by now. Although I wanted to join them it didnt seem as bad as its getting now! Went out last night to see my best friend who is 30 weeks pregnant. Had a lovely evening and it was great seeing her and the bump but the whole time I was thinking I want to…[Read more]

    • :hug: :hug: :hug: My darling @pearl I have learnt to just be happy because one day it would be my turn! :yahoo: Easier said than done I know but one has to choose happiness ALWAYS! Just yesterday my colleagues showed me an ad that read Women are less likely to have children after 35 that I should better hurry up. I just smiled and said I will oo! Most times…[Read more]

    • :hug: my sister @pearl, it doesn’t get easier, you get stronger. Everyday, I try to be strong…telling myself good things and reminding myself that God hasn’t forgotten me. Everyday, everywhere..someone is pregnant or has given birth (people that I got married before them!). It is hard and I am not even going to lie that I don’t cry. God knows best…[Read more]

    • Yesterday my bro in law’s wife had twins,she wasn’t even trying cos she wanted to space her kids,it didn’t help that when I called family members to congratulate them,they said ‘we are waiting for you next’. I cried so hard my hubby had to call my mum to talk to me.but I woke up this morning and asked God for forgiveness and strength to carry on.…[Read more]

    • Oh my dear Pearl (@pearl)! First a huge, fat, squishy :hug: for you my hun!!! Please stay strong through this. I beg. it is heartbreaking to have to go through this with all the comments (both from those that mean well and those that don’t) but the truth is I personally face life with 2 things in mind – “The things I can control and the things I…[Read more]

    • @adaoraa and @kenechukwu are so right. it is a choice thing. please chose to be happy no matter what. I have had friends who have hidden pregnancies and births from me and when i find out i wouldn’t care and keep acting like i don’t know. but the ones that genuinely let me in and share with me i celebrate them and there for them through the…[Read more]

    • @eggy plenty plenty :hug: :hug: :hug: to you jare!!!!!!

    • linda replied 5 years ago

      @pearl :cry: :cry: sending you big :hug: :hug:
      truth is sometimes its hard, other times its easier.
      one thing I do know is never let the devil steal your joy. Life IS for the living.
      you have no control of how other people choose to use their tongue, but you do have control of how you choose to respond/ react. Choose to be happy, as much as you can. :friends:

    • @pearl 2weeks ago my childhood friend called me to tell me she’s expecting her second child, she didnt call me to mock me i am so sure of that but she was hoping i would be too so we would carry the bump and go through the morning sickness together i got home that night and i cried my husband was suprised because usually i dont cry i wake up in…[Read more]

    • isi replied 5 years ago

      Awwwww, all the wonderful ladies here have said it all. @myde , this scripture is amazing. Thank you darling.
      Yes, However God chooses to make it happen, naturally or ART, it will surely happen
      I cry a lot o @pearl, a lot of the times, i feel i am not strong but knowing that ‘this too shall pass’ keeps me going.
      Last week, a very close friend that…[Read more]

    • ARAMINDE (@myde) and isi (@mimibabe) your comments just gave me the chill. omg! please you ladies shouldn’t make me bring out the tissue and start drying up tears here o!
      @myde thanks for that scripture. no matter how many times we hear or read it, it is refreshing and you just put a refreshing spin on it. God bless you! @mimibabe i know exactly…[Read more]

    • Gosh! This just took me back, and I’m feeling the pain just as if it was yesterday. When I was TTC, everyone around me…at work, in Church, everywhere, was as fertile as a rabbit. Pregnancies were just playing, left right and centre. And the pity was just too much for me to bear. It was incredibly difficult!

      @pearl, the only thing I can say is…[Read more]

    • Wow @pearl, @mrs-al, @linda, @myde, @isi these stories are all so very familiar; my friends who got married after me but in the same year coincidentally had their second babies this year, no matter how happy I am happy I am for them, deep inside it really really hurts. The one that really made me ask God why, is my childhood friend who got married…[Read more]

    • Gosh!!!! you ladies are sooooooooooooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! Nicole (@nicole) thanks sooooooooo much!!! you are amazing!!!
      @pearl, @myde, @mimibabe, @hephziba @ldike and everyone thanks so much for all your stories and love!!!!!!!! my darling @pearl hope you read it all oh! so you are not alone, so cheer up!!! the weekend s approaching so better…[Read more]

    • Pearl, I guess the best place to start this explanation is to start at the beginning. First some info about us. Met in 2007, married in 2009. He’s six years older. I’ll be 32 in November. He’ll be 38 in August. So we wanted to wait a few years. And we did. Traveled to Europe, Scottsdale, Miami, amongst a bunch of other short trips. Last April…[Read more]

    • Oh Lord, This is me at the moment. In March i requested that my sister inlaw visits Lagos for treatment since she has been trying to conceive after an ectopic with the remaining tube blocked. I encouraged her and got some medications for her which will help with the tubes and also prayed with her. A month later she called to say her period was…[Read more]

    • isi replied 5 years ago

      @reggy, i can sooooo relate…….yours will come soon hun. :hugs: :hugs:
      i am experiencing the same thing o, can’t see earlier comments once the comments get up to 6/7. I experienced the same thing yesterday.
      cc @nicole and @tfc_admin

    • Wow! @jessicar, I don’t even have words. Your friend must really think it’s all about her!!! I know a few people like that too. Hun, you don’t even need the drama!! My strategy is to just isolate myself from people/situations like that. Less drama for me!

    • In fact, you’re so spot on @hephziba. One of the reasons I kept away from Facebook at a point. I even considered shutting down my account once. We shall surely prevail in Jesus’ name!

    • @reggy and @ldike, I think the comments disappear after a certain number, which shouldn’t be the case. Sorting it out with @tfc_admin now :dohh: :dohh:

    • @nicole 100% it’s all about her. I txt her and 3 of our other girlfriends last Friday after work, saying, “Todd (hubby), just told me he has a really good feeling about this IUI! And he’s not a huge sharer!!” I was so excited. You know what she said? “Yea don’t rush it!!” Who does that?? I really want to say, ugh you have been married since…[Read more]

    • Pearl replied 5 years ago

      @hephziba @nicole …I had to delete my Facebook account to keep away from all those mess. Am more than happy now and have got a brand new ME. ;-)

    • Linda replied 5 years ago

      @pearl :hugs: its heartbreaking and so much like a vicious cycle, my heart breaks every 28 days, before it gets the strength to heal, it breaks again…. joining a support group as this has been very therapeutic for me, I share how I feel and I know the next person understands it almost exactly the way I feel and the burden is less. No need to worry…[Read more]

    • Pearl replied 5 years ago

      @babymama ,thanks dear. :hugs: :yahoo:

  • Pearl posted an update in the group Group logo of Prayer GroupPrayer Group 5 years ago

    May this Ramadan bring in you the most
    brightest and choicest happiness and
    love you have ever Wished for.
    HAPPY RAMADAN :hugs:
    @ruqayyaimam @bola @abbieng @adamayisha @hadassah @zayt @nicole @tfc_admin

    • HAPPY RAMADAN!!! May you all be blessed with the fruits and graces of the season! :cloud9:

    • A very big Ameen to your prayers @pearl and Nicole. I promise to use this period of Ramadan to pray for everyone in this room, I pray for abundant blessings and happiness to us all. :heart: :heart:

  • Pearl posted a new activity comment 5 years ago

    @tfc_admin , thanks. :hugs:

  • Nicole posted a new activity comment 5 years ago

    Hmmm….is this possible, @tfc_admin?

    cc: @pearl @mimibabe

    • isi replied 5 years ago

      awwwwwwwww, no problem at all @pearl sweetie. Just saw your request,, accepting right away.
      @nicole, in my experience, its common to click on delete /report but i usually get confirmation messages. I once deleted a post of mine because i was fast to click okay (without knowing/ reading since my brain was just working on default and fast for that…[Read more]

      • Pearl replied 5 years ago

        @mimibabe ,thanks so much :hugs: . Really felt bad tho…but wll be extra careful from now on. Wanted to ask for your zone (distance between you and gwarinpa) Before the ugly scene happened.

        • isi replied 5 years ago

          Thank you darling @pearl, we all understand jare. You are so sweet :hugs: :kiss:
          I am in Benin city, Edo state.That is like 6/ 7 hrs by road to abuja without holdups. Lagos is even a better option than abuja :hugs: :hugs:
          Wish we had a good clinic like that in Benin :unsure:

    • admin replied 5 years ago

      Very… I will add that to the list of updates for the next build.

  • Nicole posted a new activity comment 5 years ago

    I had the same issue with my Macbook this week. I actually had to reset my Safari for it to work. Do you use Apple gadgets? So sorry dear.
    cc: @tfc_admin

    • Yes I do. iPad

      • So sorry sweetie! It’s such a bother :-( . Can you try reseting your Safari. It might not bother you after that. Just click on “Safari”, and you’ll see the option to reset. So sorry sweets, @dew

  • Adewunmi posted a new activity comment 5 years, 2 months ago

    So sorry about that @tfc_admin but thank God all is well…

  • Adaora posted a new activity comment 5 years, 2 months ago

    Oh no! Sorry about that @tfc_admin hope she is better now?

    • She is fine now. Confined to the bed though, but fine. Now I gotta start reading and meeting doctors round. :scratch:

  • Nicole posted a new activity comment 5 years, 2 months ago

    Please please do, @tfc_admin. And please ask your doctor if it’s not too late to get a cervical stitch (cerclage). This will help her secure her cervix.

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