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    Hi ladies! how is everyone doing? Hmmm, so i had ER done on monday. Dont know the number of eggs retrieved yet. The doctor is aiming for a day 5 transfer but mehn, I havent been feeling too well. I had to go back to the hospital today and the scan showed i had some fluid build up and my ovaries are still slightly big. I have been asked to drink lots of water and take metmofin so the fluid can expunge naturally. Did anyone have this issue, i really want to get the fluid out so i can get the transfer done on saturday. @ eby big big congratulations. Do take it easy and rest

    • Hi sis. It’s OHSS. I also had this. Don’t fret. If the fluid is not or doesnt have a tendency to be much, u may go on wt ET.just ask them to “tap” or drain can have cost implications sha. But babe, if its much please allow them cancel the transfer if they want to. I had my own transfer 2cycles after n it went well.
      Just be calm n take pppppllllenty of water