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    Good afternoon everyone..
    My name is Soum..I am 28yrs old, Live in Lagos..been married for a year and few months..Found this blog on Bellanaija even before I got married..Mid last year found out I had cyst in my ovaries measuring 5mm,but in December did another test and the cyst was gone .We are actively trying for a baby now and hoping our :bfp: comes soon.

    • You’re welcome Soum @soum, sending you loads of :dust: :dust: :dust: Thank God, the cyst is gone oh. Has your husband been tested too?
      cc: @nicole @pearl

      • Thank you so much @oluwakemi. No he has not,actually we have decided to see a doctor and we are going to Georges (based on the recommendation here) he just need to get time off work so we can go,hopefully next week.

        • So happy to learn that you are moving ahead Soum @soum. Considering it’s over one year of trying, your DH should also be investigated, just to be sure everything is as it should be. :heart: :heart: I’ll be looking forward to feedback from you.
          Meanwhile, are you tracking your cycle?

          • Thank you so much..sure DH would be checked..As per my cycle i am not tracking it ooo,cause my period has been somewhat irregular..though I did in December,and do everything right according to the books..was so shatttered when my period came in January..don’t want to go through that again..So we’ll go to the hospital and take it from there.

    • Welcome, dear Soum @soum :friends: . We’re glad to have you here. I’m glad the cyst is gone, and you can actively start TTC. Also great you’ve chosen Georges. Please specifically ask for Dr. Iketubosin when you go. Good luck with your tests hun. We look forward to cheering you on to your :bfp: :yahoo: :dust: