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    • Welcome Bomi @smiley. Has it been over two years, you have been trying to conceive?

      • Hello Kemi. Good evening again. It’s been 2years, 9months. At first, it was me having PCOS. But even with that, I have been ovulating. However, my spouse has varicosele. At first, we thought it was azoospermia. After meeting with a Urologist in LASUTH, we ran series of tests which pointed to varicosele. He had a minor operation and specimen was taken for tests. The verdict was IVF ICSI. That was last year. Funds for this has been the major issue. So it’s like a standstill for us.

        • Hello Becca @smiley, what a journey you have been on. Regarding funding, the Ibidun Ighodalo foundation, Beibei Haven and even Access Bank W team might just be able to help you. Go through this link, it will tell you how to apply for a grant for the Ibidun Ighodalo foundation;

        • @smiley Now that you’ve got to the bottom of the cause trust me you’ll find a way to circumvent it. Yes, ICSI+IVF seems an effective solution for your case. You’ve got all the luck on your side and my good wished. About the finances – people say when you want to have a baby you’ll find the money somehow. I was there a couple of months ago myself because my first IVF failed and we need to finance any further rounds all by ourselves. I guess you’ve already found a solution or a way to deal with the crisis but just incase it helps – did you try for reproductive tourism. After considering that we’ll have to wait for our next round if we’re to manage with the finance – we wanted a quick alternative. We found reproductive tourism pretty assuring. Why don’t you explore that option too if indeed you need to – just a friendly suggestion. Hope you find succes with TTC soon no matter what way you choose! <3 <3

          • You know when you are aware of something but dont know what it’s called. That is how this seems to me. It is a suggestion worth considering. Thank you so much for this.
            Merry Christmas to you and yours😊

    • @oluwakemine, they sent pple who filled the form a collective bulk email. You could see those who applied for same thing.
      Fingers are crossed. Prayers are being said. May favor locate us. Amin