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    • Momytrips @rhema, welcome to our family. :heart: :heart: Do you have an endo diagnosis?

    • Hello Oluwakemi,I’m new to this forum and yes I do have an endometriosis diagnosis.Its been quite a rough ride so far but I do have a testimony.I cycled with Fertile aid clinic Abuja and it was a success at first attempt.Currently planning another cycle and there are some new development with my ovarian reserve.Abuja seems so far now and I thought about choosing another clinic only because of the distance and the stress involved.I’m currently very confused with my new situation and I’m worried about the protocol that would suit me because my previous protocol may likely not be too good for me and I was quite sure if same was done for me it would most likely be successful.I’m seriously trying to keep hope alive.

      • @rhema: Would you mind sharing the new development about your ovarian reserve and possibly your current situation/challenges? Moving forward, where are you currently located so that @oluwakemine and @nicole can help out with clinic(s) you can cycle with.
        Sending your way lots of sticky baby dust.
        :dust: :dust: :dust:

        • Well,I recently visited a fertility clinic in portharcourt,I had investigations done and I was told I had diminished ovarian reserve which is quite common with endometriosis.I wasn’t too comfortable with the clinic so I decided to either go back to Abuja or consider using somewhere else.I live in Delta state.

          • Momytrips @rhema, in the light of this development, I’m thinking you should consider going back to Abuja. Staying with a doctor that has treated you successfully before and knows your peculiarities may boost the odds of success the second time.
            At most, get a second opinion on your ovarian reserve.

            • Momytrips @rhema dear, diminished ovarian reserve is indeed quite common with endometriosis. Going back to Abuja could be a good idea, but you could also try Dr. Ikimalo of NisaPrime in Port Harcourt. I know he is very experienced, and should be able to well manage your current situation. It could also be an easier commute for you. But if logistically, Abuja won’t be a challenge, then you could return to Fertile Aid, because I know treating women with endometriosis is one of Dr. Shuaib’s key areas :yes:

            • Hello Momytrips @rhema. Still looking forward to your feedback. :heart: :heart: :heart:

            • I haven’t gotten a second opinion from doctor shaibu yet ,trying to make out time for my trip.

            • Okay then Momytrips @rhema. All the best :dust: :dust: :dust:

          • How are you Momytrips @rhema :heart: :heart: ?

    • Hopefully in 2weeks.

      • Hi @rhema, how are you? Have you gotten your AMH results, whats the results saying. Have you also been able to consult with Dr. Shaibu or you have chosen another clinic.
        Hoping to read updates from you soonest. :hug:
        cc: @Oluwakemine, @Nicole