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    So I officially tested just for formalities and it is BFN.

    • @rabeeyat, so sorry to hear that. God is still God and he’ll come through for you. Sending you loads of hugs :hugs :hugs: :

    • Rabiat hun @rabeeyat , so sorry about this outcome. Sending truckloads of hugs to you. It may not seem like that right now but God’s got you and he will work everything for your good :heart: :heart:

    • 😥 m so sorry @rabeeyat….wish it was the other way round…God knows best…maybe not now…but it will surely come to pass…pls be strong :hugs:

      • :hugs: :hugs: @rabeeyat. So sorry it turned out this way but you know what? God is still mindful of you. He will come through for you :heart: :heart:
        When are you doing a post -cycle review?