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    Hi everyone…m so distraught@nicole@oluwakemine…I Avent really shared my ttc story. Well I was diagnosed with pcos years after moving from one hospital to another, n dh had extremely low sperm count n motility.
    This prompted my IVF journey…two ivfs and three boys…great news shey?
    Well right now my twin boys are 4months old and I found out that m pregnant….again…with the diagnosis…who tot that I could conceive naturally…I did not see the importance of family planning so there was no protection of any sort.
    Hmm…the crux of the matter now is what to do with this Belle….dh is completely n totally against it…wants it terminated immediately…I don’t know if I want to
    Pls advice a sister…

    • My darling Princess @princess, oh my goodness, just see how God is blessing you left, right and centre :heart: :heart: :heart: . I know that it must be a shock hun, but oh my God I’m so emotional here. Look at this blessings!!! Did you ever imagine you would even have this problem? Just look at how our GOD has shamed the devil.

      My darling…I’m on my knees and I’m begging. Please don’t do anything to this pregnancy. The Good Lord who has blessed you with it will provide all you need for this baby. My darling, this is your MIRACLE BABY!!! Your testimony child. Your game changer! Please hun, let’s focus energy on praying to God to touch DH’s heart, so that he can accept this blessings for what it is.

      Allow me to scream!!! I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOUUUUUUU :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :wohoo: :wohoo: :wohoo:

      • Thank you so much@nicole…ur right..ds baby is my miracle…but dh is my major challenge…he has said lots and lots of stuff…even
        threatening to hate me and d baby for subjecting him to laugh and ridicule…that who has four kids in D’s time and age
        My work aspect is there too…been away from work for about 6months so do I resume to go on mat leave after another 6month??? I don’t know jhorr…v cried my heart out…been praying… praying for a sign from God…my marriage is on the line cos of this preg. This should be a thing of joy but all I feel is pain…God’s gift shouldn’t be this painful right…

        • My darling @princess, it is just the devil trying to cause confusion in the face of such a phenomenal blessing. Just turn to GOD, my sister. Commit your husband to GOD, and you will be amazed by the wonders He will do. He will not only touch your husband’s heart, He will make him so happy and excited about this baby, you guys won’t even remember this time. My friend went through this same thing when she was pregnant with her 4th. Her husband was so mad and they didn’t speak for months. But he finally came around, and he is now so in love with their youngest, none of them remember that awful time. As for work, my dear you’ll figure things out somehow. Even if it means using only your vacation as maternity leave, things will figure themselves out. In the meantime, don’t let songs of praise and thanksgiving leave your lips. Praise GOD and put the devil to shame. The devil is a big liar…he will not steal your joy, no way no how!

          Let me know if you need to :telephone:

    • @princess, allow me to scream for joy on your behalf at this great testimony. :yahoo:

      That being done, do pls consider @nicole advice. Yeah its too much to take in at the moment but in the end you will be glad you did. :hug:

      I tap into your testimony oh, i want to take in as early as 4months like you. Baba God, from my mouth to your ears in Jesus name. Amen!!!