• Oluwasehun posted an update 4 years, 7 months ago

    Please I will like to ask this question. @nicole @pearl @ttc group how do you guys cope with work and ttc.. it’s frustrating for me

    • hummm…@oluwasehun, it can really be a difficult situation especially when your work giver/employer isnt supportive or doent have a knowledge of the situation at hand.
      It can be frustrating because you have got load and lots of appointments coming in consecutively from the hospital/clinics.
      Most of the people I know ended up leaving/quitting the job for a while due to the impossibility/stressfulness of balancing both.@nicole

    • OMG, @oluwasehun. I won’t lie to you, it was rough for me. It was rough for me to stay focused and concentrate on work…when all I had in my head was TTC! And I went from being an A-performer, to a C at best! And having to take so much time away for hospital visits didn’t help either. I was lucky that my bosses were understanding, especially as I used to be such an ace performer, and also because they sympathised with what I was going through. But as sympathetic as they were, I was still skipped for a promotion the year I had the girls.

      I’d love to know what the other ladies think about this. @adaoraa, @mimibabe, @linda, @reggy, @eggy, @oluchi, @babymama, @myde, @hephziba, @nne, @estarib, @lawlahmabel, @mabel, @supergirl, @sisinene, @machylicious….what do you guys think?

      • It’s driving me crazy… they don’t understand

      • It drives me crazy. I have an understanding boss but I know how tasking it is for him to give me breaks at every point I need to do one procedure or the other considering the fact that it is a one man company and we all have to generate income to pay salaries.

        Before TTC I was an A staff but now I know I am not and it hurts. Told my hubby one day to do and “hammer” so that I can quit. I have considered quitting several times, my heart is willing but my bank account is weak.

        • @ivuoma maintaining pcos is fat bank account itslf. So yes we must work

        • LOL at “body is willing, but bank account is weak” @reggy. I used to think that, and that’s what kept me there for as long as I stayed…but when I got brave enough to take the plunge, I was so surprised by how much easier it was.

          May God help us women, because it’s not easy!

      • @nicole and @oluwasehun, you guys are in the spirit. This issue has been on my mind. I have an appointment on monday and its been an issue for me because i am a very private person(but you need to confide in your boss to get permission, right?) and i don’t like asking for favours, but unfortunately, i work in a private establishment and my hands are tied, so i had to ask because this is very important to me (more than the job right now :dohh: )
        Before now, i never needed to take permission because i usually scheduled my apointments after 4pm on weekdays (by which time work would have closed as i was in govt employ) or sometimes, weekends.
        Its more difficult now though but finding a clinic with flexible clinic hours may be helpful .(guess many private clinics have that.I don’t know how it works in Lagos sha). TTC most likely brings down ur performance at work and its so common to be torn between quitting and just managing to remain. May God help us through all the complexities and give us wisdom to handle this delicate situation.

    • God bless your soul sis @pearl

      • God bless you, @pearl :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

        @oluwasehun, so sorry about your doctor disappointing you. It’s very painful when that happens :hugs: . Thanks to @pearl, you are now spoilt for choice. When do you plan to go there?

        • I will check on tuesdays@nicole thank you so much

          • I know i have carried last on this topic but better late than never right? TTC has not affected my performance at work and this is probably because i have never had to take days off because of any procedure and secondly my work hours is flexible so i can cook up a story and breeze out of work. I am very private when it comes to TTC and i would really hate to be forced to reveal the real reason why i need to be away from my boss, but for now, work and TTC haven’t really clashed