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    For our IVF mamas in the 2WW, here are your tickers. Fingers crossed for only good news :plane: :plane:
    Princess (@princess):
     Trying to Conceive Ticker

    Rabiat (@rabeeyat):
     Trying to Conceive Ticker
    :dust: :dust: :dust:

    • Wow congratulations princess, wishing u a blissful 9months. As for me am still spotting/bleeding….. I don’t think dis is implantation bleeding… I am already crying my heart out. I haven’t tested sha! The clinic said I should observe

      • Rabiat @rabeeyat, until it’s over, fingers crossed. Please stop crying my sister. God’s got you no matter what. :hugs: :hugs:

      • Darling Rabiat @rabeeyat sending loads of hugs :hugs: :hugs: . Fingers still crossed for the best. God will work out everything for your good, you will see :heart: :rose:

      • Sweet heart….it’s not over till its over o…. :hugs: pls hang in der…is the spotting much, do u v the strength to POAS(Pee on a stick)….if u can’t then let’s keep our fingers crossed , in the meantime u r PUPO(pregnant until proven otherwise) so pls don’t beat urself up OK? :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

        • The bleeding started with spotting on monday, i didnt use any pad, yesterday i used just one pad for a whole day, and today it is increasing, dts why I have uncrossed my fingers(lol). POAS is the last thing on my mind right now..But may be i will give it a try on my test day. Thanks alot for your support Princess and congratulations once more> :hug: