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    For our IVF lady
    DeeDee (@deedee):  Trying to Conceive Ticker
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    • Good luck as you come to the end of your cycle DeeDee @deedee.
      Dear MsTee @mztee, how did the test go?

      • @oluwakemine thank you❣️❣️ 2 more days!! I’ve had absolutely no symptoms so been having moments of doubts. But I’m just praying and trying to stay positive. Praying on a miracle 🙏🏾 . @mztee I hope everything went well. Was thinking about you yesterday.

      • Hi ladies, @oluwakemine and @deedee. I am afraid I don’t have very good news. The test was negative, thanks for all the support. I have no choice but to move on. I sincerely hope and pray for you to get your :bfp: dear Deedee @deedee

        • Sending you lots of hugs :hug: :hug: MsTee @mztee. When are you doing a post cycle review to find out what went wrong? So sorry dear. It is well with you…baby will come. :hugs:
          DeeDee @deedee, fingers crossed for a :bfp: for you. :heart:

          • Thanks dearie @oluwakemine. It seemed everything had gone well from the beginning, first all the eggs harvested were mature, all fertilised, all got to blastocyst and the uterine lining was also great. We still have 9 frozen embryos. The Dr said he was quite surprised at the outcome and there will be an audit. Hubby is not around for now, so I would wait till he’s back so we could do the post cycle review together with the clinic.

            • :hugs: :hugs: @mztee. Let’s know how it goes with the review and all. Do take care of yourself dear.

            • @mztee, so sorry the cycle wasn’t successful hun. Sometimes, even with all factors being great, these things sometimes happen. Sending you lots of :hug: hun. Good luck with the review appointment. Be sure to ask a lot of questions, and you can decide whether or not you’ll be cycling with that clinic next time. We’re here for you hun :hugs: :hugs: