• Hello everybody.i hope the cycles have going great.i started mine at the mid September. And so far,it’s been o.k. Thank you everyone for all the articles you have posted, they have helped a great deal.thank you Nicole for all your advice.i had my transfer on Sunday 18th October, and am counting down,trying to relax.

  • May 4th, 2015

    Hmmm. Back on the wagon today. I promise to always fill my journal, even when I eat like a horse. That way, I’m at least accountable for my actions.  :blush:


    As for today, it went okay….

    Breakfast: Blackish tea + Oatmeal & Raisin cookies

    Lunch: Chicken suya (I was already dying with hunger when I saw the tiny portion. I o…[Read more]

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    For those of us undergoing IVF, i read the book of exodus and i found that God hardened the heart of king Pharaoh , he used moses to lead his people out of Egypt and also used the rod to perform miracles. What i have learnt is that God works in different ways and in a miraculous ways and the end result is that his name will be glorified. Ple think…[Read more]

  • This thread is common on a number of other forums, and I think it’s a really important one, to give people hope. Here are the questions we would love you to answer. Just copy and paste these, and reply to this post. Thanks ladies :-) 

    Name:Age:How long have you been TTC:Diagnosis or any known issues:Treatments you tried before IVF:How many IVF…[Read more]

    • Name:Mimi Age: 29,How long have you been TTC: 2 yrs +Diagnosis or any known issues: Male infertility, Treatments you tried before IVF:none How many IVF… 2nd cycle
      [READ MORE]

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    In case you missed it, we are offering free fibroid surgery for one of our community members! Click here for more details 🙂 🙂 🙂


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    yipppieeee, we are back! i missed this forum like madddd.
    nicole, welldone!
    so i have started down regulation. DH gives the injection. i could not inject myself. i tried but…..
    and i have been sick. headache and bitter taste and my period has refused to stop flowing. CD4 and flow is still very fresh. humm. its well with me!

    • Yay, Moyin! You have been missed! I’m so sorry the old site went down just like that! The former developer died, and we weren’t able to transfer information. Long story, but thank God we’re here now!

      Yippee for down regulating! You’re so lucky your husband is helping with the shots! How sweet! The heavy flow is normal. By down regulating, you’re…[Read more]

  • Hi my name is gloria I have been a strong follower of fertile chick I must commend your effort. I have been married since july 2013 n have not taken in I dont know what to do I have gone to d doctors but they keep telling me to be patient and keep trying. I want to know when its the right time to start looking for medical help

    • Hello Gloria. Thanks so much for supporting us. I understand your frustration. Are the doctors saying there are no issues with yourself and your husband? I am an advocate of getting help quickly, so if you want to go more aggressive, I don’t think you are wrong at all! Unexplained infertility is one of the most common reasons for IVF. Can I ask…[Read more]

      • Doctors said nothing but I have some red flags of pcos like facial hair unexplianed weight gain and irregular period.finally got hubby to do a sperm test came back he had low sperm count. Am in lagos by d way.