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    My dear ladies. This two weeks wait is driving me crazy, I have just two more days to test but I am feeling really discouraged. I keep feeling AF will arrive at any time. I have been spotting (brown) for about three days now and it worries me because I am so sure it’s too late to have implantation bleeding. I purposely did not buy any HPT so I would not cave in to testing too early. Please is it normal to spot at 10-12 days after a 5 day transfer?

    • @mztee hun, as long as it isn’t red, you’re still in hun. A day after my own :bfp:, I had a pant full of brown blood…not even spotting. I was so worried and frightened. But the babies were still intact. And that was around 14 days after a 2-day transfer. You could test now if you want…I think it’s a good time to :yes:. How many times a day do you take your progesterone?

      • Please don’t be discouraged MsTee @mztee, like Nicole said, you are still definitely in the race towards that :bfp: :hugs:

      • Thanks Nicole @nicole, I do try to be positive as much as I can but i break down some times. I’d rather not do HPT due to disappointments in the past. I will wait for the test day at the clinic. I take the progesterone twice daily (400mg i think). I went for a progesterone check last week and it was 37.5 (ok according to the nurse) but i was told it’s not an indication of pregnancy. I am just really scared and want to get over this as soon as possible.

        • I understand your apprehension @mztee hun. Thankfully, you only have a few days left. Let’s not overthink it hun, but instead we’ll all pray along with you for the best outcome :hug: :hug: :hug: