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    Hello everyone. My name is Mz Tee (nickname), I just joined this forum and I am happy to be here. I am hoping to meet others who have had successes with IVF and also those in the same boat as I am. have been married for two years, 3 months now while battling infertility. I have seen different doctors and gyneacologists these past two years all to no avail. The last doctor i saw told me i was battling with PCOS. Anyways, i was able to convince DH two months ago to visit a proper fertility clinic. We visited Olive branch clinic in Lekki and started procedure for IUI, this however failed and we have now moved on to IVF. Right now, we are in the two weeks wait period, embryo transfer was done 19th of this month. We transferred 3 blastocysts ( 2 6AA and 1 6AB). Right now, I am still very scared and worried. I was so sure the IUI was going to work out but it didn’t. I really hope this works. The clinic wants me to come in for pregnancy test on 2 Nov i.e 14 days after the ET. I am thinking of doing a HPT instead, dont think i can wait that long. Will really appreciate any words of advice .

    • Aww MsTee @mztee, welcome to our group and community. :hugs: :hugs: We have had several successes from IVF, we have a member, who is cycling with Dr. Emeka too. I will add you to the tickers today we will countdown to test day.
      Even though, it will be hard not to test before then, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a :bfp: :bfp: for you. Try and find something to distract you at this time.
      cc @nicole

      • Thanks so much Oluwakemi @oluwakemine for the warm welcome and kind words. By the grace of God we will all share good news at the end of it all. God bless.

    • Welcome dearest @mztee hun. You are in good hands at Olive Branch :hugs: . I understand your apprehension dear, especially after the failed IUI. Praying for success with this cycle hun :dust: . In the lead up to your test date, just try to take things easy. My successful cycle, that’s what I did. Just relax and have faith that He has already done it. Personally, I prefer doing a HPT before the test date…as long as it’s not too early. This helped me with my 2nd cycle. We’ll be counting down hun :heart: