• We’re at 100 folks!!!! Going on 5 years since we started, and we’ve officially been blessed with ONE HUNDRED BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How awesome is this our God! I remember chatting with many of the lucky mothers as they began their individual journeys, many of them not having any faith that it would ever happen for them. But here many of them are,…[Read more]

  • I don’t have the words to describe the action @ipheoma will take today but I wish her and her Aunt God’s favour for this transfer. Those embies are so going to stick. And end up in :baby:   :baby:

  • Yes o, :good: beautiful ladies we must experience what we all can’t wait to do, already feeling sorry for our wonderful DHs

    @Nicole serious milking o, one more thing i am sure i’ll do is take zillion digital hpt just to keep seeing the  :bfp:   :yahoo:

    Thanks @Ipheoma, @ Jescy share the list ooo, @Mrs D pls knock urself out with the pics, rem…[Read more]

  • Mimi posted an update in the group Group logo of IVF BuddiesIVF Buddies 5 years, 9 months ago

    I tested today which is 12dp5dt and it was a :bfn: , I cried for a bit and stopped cos I won’t let this break me…I don’t care how many :bfn: I get I won’t stop, my heart is broken and I know is ok to feel this way. For formality sake I’ll test again on the 14th day before I call the bridge clinic… They were all praying for me just like you…[Read more]

    • OMG OMG. Mimi sweetie, i am so sorry. I jst felt my heart break in2 a million pieces.
      Your strength and determination in d midst of it all is epic.
      i really pray you get ur :bfp: soonest. I pray dt all dse ll only be part of d testimony. The God we serve ll answer you and give u ur cuties :baby: soonest
      U will alwyz be in my prayers.
      Lots of Love :hugs: :hugs: :heart:

      • Oh no….I’m so sorry Mimi (@prettymumtobe) :nope: . I was really hoping this would work out. I’m sending you huge cyber hugs :hugs: . Please stay strong. Take as much time as you need to heal. But we just have to keep on forging ahead! We’re going to win this battle! As soon as you’re up it, start working towards your FET. How many frosties do you have?…[Read more]

        • Nicole, where on earth are u from? it jst seems u were sent for heaven!
          Thnx for alwyz being there for all of us.
          Thanks for making all our journeys personal. God bless you. :angel:

          • Thanks Nicole and Isi, I’ve stopped crying oh… Now I just have to start the FET as soon as possible, because I know deep down inside that this too will pass. I’m grateful to God that we can even afford this whole thing even though it’s eating deep into our purse but God is faithful and one day very soon we shall all smile. I’m so happy to know…[Read more]

    • Mimi, I simply pray for strength for yu n DH. All these will end in praise, I believe! It is well with you dear.

    • I am so sorry Mimi. I am praying God puts a big smile on your face pretty soon. This will surely end in praise

      • @ Linda, thank you so much! :hugs: @ Nicole I have 5 from this cycle and 2 from my very first cycle. I’m thinking of using the embies from the very first cycle cos that was my lucky cycle that gave me my little boy that went away :cry: :wacko:

        • Mimi, I agree that you should start with the embies from your first cycle. As soon as you feel up to it, we need to jump right back on the wagon :good: . Stay strong love. God will make it all beautiful :hugs:

          • omg.. so sorry Mimi.. this has really weakened me..was hoping to scream for joy for you.. but believe me God will surely give us our testimony of come n see.. :hugs: . remain strong dear.. HE will. :hugs: