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    Hi everyone.
    We are doing very well. Chai how I stalked this group and wanted to be here.Cant believe I am finally here. Five weeks of motherhood so far has been interesting and tiring. The little man is probably the gassiest baby ever. Breaks my heart to see him struggle to pass gas. How do you mums handle a gassy fussy baby? I cuddle mine which works for a while and drives my mum crazy.

    • @kaay hun, so glad to have you here as well :heart:. My daughters had loads of gas issues, but I found that placing them on their stomach, sometimes over my knee, and rubbing their backs helped a lot. Are you bottle feeding? You might want to check the size of nipple too.

      What do you ladies think? @dew, @mrs-al, @adaoraa, @annie, @ldike, @oluwakemine

    • @kaay, glad to have you here hun. My daughter has same issue (she also has a big navel/belly button and i hear that makes it worse). If you are bottle feeding, check the nipple and bottle type as there are some that claim to reduce intake of gas. Nothing has really worked to totally eliminate it for my daughter but INFACOL( a brand of infant gas drops) relieves her greatly for a while. I especially see the effect at night when she tends to sleep longer until i guess the drug wears out. It is safe to give from birth onwards. I also tried gripe water but didnt work for me , some mums swear by it though :hug:

      • Hi @linda tried infacol.worked for a while then it just stopped working. I am now on bonnisan and I am yet to see any results.i am breastfeed yet to introduce bottles. I am a bit reluctant cos of our gas drama

    • @kaay welcome on board, putting baby belly down helps. As you’re breastfeeding I’ll advise to keep baby close if that offers relief. Hopefully it would pass soon. Another thing my friends swore worked was using the oil of ‘ogiri’ it’s quite stinky but if you look beyond that it works.