• All through the ride home, I didn’t utter a word. So deep in thought was I. Had I indeed not moved a step further since that evening in Pere’s Unilag BQ? Had my choices left me stagnated? Had several wrong tur […]

    • Wowwwwweeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Finally we got our happy ending. Congrats Isio. Kache will make a great stepdad to the twins but continue keeping Pere in their lives.He’s their dad. I’m sure Kache will make sure of that.

    • Congratulations Iya Ibeji. You got the best deal!
      Thank you TFC!
      I love you greatly.

      Now, I can complain.

      @Nicole, pls can you help out? I cannot comment when I log in but I can comment when I have to put my email addy and name without logging in.
      Please help out. This has been going on for 2 weeks.

      • Becca hun, that’s really strange! I’ll have to run it by our Tech Team. So sorry about that. What happens when you try to comment while logged in?

  • Even with the realization dawning on me, I still ran around the car park…hoping…praying it was all a big mistake. Hoping I’d just forgotten where he was parked. Praying he’d just driven out to get somethi […]

    • Which foolish are you thinking? To each it’s own abeg, so Daisy has carried another belle again abi what can she possibly be doing at the hospital and so has suddenly become marriage/love Dr abi?

      Isio stand by your decision biko and let world pipo say and do all they want.

    • Same here!!! It should end already!!

    • God bless you real good for this statement.

  • I just sat in the living room like a statue, no longer even hearing the persistent ring of the phone. Even when one of the boys awoke and started crying, I still didn’t move. I watched as his Nanny attended to h […]

    • Nonsense!

    • Someone get me a base ball bat so I can wack Kachi on the head. For once, his gentleman behaviour is really irritating. Can he not fight for what he wants?

    • Kachi oh…..the kitchen is too hot, he had to get out. Why not fight till your last breath, then you know you gave it all your shot. Why is love this complicated sometimes? @isio you were led like a sacrificial lamb to the altar. Is it by having all the family and friends there? Babes, if your heart is with kachi, please do not succumb to this charade. In as much as I love the family unit, Pere should realise he has to win your love not your family’s.

    • This Marriage with Pere cannot work, it will be full of issues and distrust. I so feel sorry for Isio………….

    • Ikr, to have someone handed over to u on a plate several times and refusing, now that she’s on another mans plate, u guilt him into letting her go. I don’t think I’ll forgive him if I were her. Mtcheew, I’m very angry.
      To have tasted maturity, security and love all rolled in one package only to lose it with just a toddler of a man in sight.
      Now I bore proper

    • Pere, that is not love,its called blackmail. Kachi, you should have tried harder. Meanwhile Isio don’t give in to family pressure and end up miserable for the rest of your life. You only live once Y.O.L.O remember.

    • Didn’t i say what Pere is doing is witchcraft and wizardry ?

      For once, i trust Isio to do the right thing, cos when she loves she loves hard, she is not about to let Kachi off so easily and neither is he ready to let go of Isio either so whether he left or not Isio will not marry Pere and the parents better brace up for what is coming for them, radarada!!!! Just giving the babe unnecessary baggage

    • You have read this story 4 times. Kachi did what the two prostitutes with King Solomon did. He loved Isio so much such that he didn’t want her to be divided into two. He surrendered her to Pere just like the baby’s mother surrendered the baby to the other woman so the baby won’t Br destroyed.
      Truly, Kachi loves Isio more than Pere.
      Please end this story with love abeg.

  • “What on earth do you mean by that, Pere?!” I exclaimed. “You two only just got engaged!”

    “I know!” he answered. “But I just can’t help wondering if I’m doing the right thing. I have twin sons who aren’t even 6 […]

    • Please fellow sisters let us all gather and pray against the spirit of Pere imagine him feeling so confident that Kachi is not threat.Bia, nwoke Kachi better don’t allow foolish anger make you miss out on true love.

    • Suzzy N. Ayekor Amponsah, you took the words out of my head, that is witchcraft + wizardry at the highest. Isio shey you can clearly see how confused Pere is? you just go back to him one more time, you will know all Miami and even Ogechi’s saga is child’s play by the time he is through with you.

      Why did you even collect the stupid bouquet sef? why not chase the delivery guy away + whatever he brought?
      I am too angry sef

    • Gosh, I dislike Pere!!! Isio, choose the one who has always chosen you. This Pere guy will only keep reminding you of your past


      Kachi, Shey you are there? I beg you to forgive Isio. She didn’t pick Pere’s calls. She ignored him for your sake. Her only act of stupidity was not to tell you. That babe can be dumb for Africa.
      But as a Christian, you will forgive her. You will see that she is telling the truth and help her chase away that Original Bad Luck & Loser of a Perelayefa or whatever he calls his name.

      You will marry her and your lives will automatically turn around with new jobs, better pay that will give Pere a run for his money, love her family as much as hlshe loves yours e.t.c.

      Now, don’t give the devil a change in your union. Eliminate the threat asap. In case you need help desiphering what I mean, devil and threat mean one thing – Pere!
      Be the matured man that you are and all will be well.
      I’m rooting for you o!!!!

      • :haha:
        Awon #teamKachi, shey you can hear words @kachi?

        As for us #teamPere, we dey your back gidigba Pere. Don’t relent, keep going. We all make mistakes don’t we? :good: :yahoo:

    • she may, 1st love is always real….See how she could read him before he speaks….. :haha: I want the boys to have their daddy and mummy together… :rose:

  • I lost track of how long Kachi and I stood there, in the car park of Voke and I’s new apartment, locked in the most heavenly kiss ever…neither of us able to let go…neither of us wanting to let go. […]

    • Please don’t fall, Isio…. please

    • Well, aint you Mr. Joker Mr. Perelayefa

      Isio, if you mistakenly go back to Pere, ………..

    • Hmmmmm…… Pere is back ooooo Isio please be very careful

    • Just hold it Mr Perenonsense, pack well let me see road as for you Isio, dog wey go loss no dey hear whistle if you like allow Perenonsense press ur mumu button again u hia. Why am I even using panadol for ur headache mtschewww

    • Pere! Pere!! Pere!!! Abeg no use your reggae spoil our blues. Carry your wahala go front.

    • Pere, abeg no use your reggae spoil our blues. Carry your wahala go another side.

  • The day following the argument with my mother, I woke up ready to take her on. Buoyed my anger over the presumptuousness of it all, and how Pere’s mother could expect to stay in my house just because I’d had giv […]

    • Pere forgets that Ogechi met him rich and already made. Would she have given him eye if it was years ago when he was dating Isio? Also how come he never remembers his times with Daisy and only rubs Ejiro in Isio’s face.

    • I swear its upsetting. Shey we had Gina and Tobenna to keep us company before. Now, its just Isio. If i did not know better, i would have said Na Folabomi dey write this story. E too long and not nuch to hold on to anymore.
      Give us some action @isio

  • I sat motionless for a long while, replaying the conversation, if you could call it that, that Pere and I had just had…and I felt numb. So badly dashed were my hopes and dreams that I was rendered devoid of any e […]

  • The next few weeks were surreal. We lost track of when night turned into day and vice versa…so caught up were we with watching over and praying for our boys. My only inclination that it was daytime was when Voke a […]

    • Ghen ghen ghen ghen…eshinshin carry ponmo!!! Isio, you don see na? but Pere sef, is forgiveness not in his dictionary? acting all sainted up!! mschewwwwwwwwwwww

    • Shikena!

    • God bless you for this o!

    • Ese replied 9 months ago

      Isio, move on already.. you are getting very pitiful and annoying… No be by born pikin, Man go stay. Get a life😂

    • Bos replied 9 months ago

      I knew this would happen, so sorry @Isio it had to be now. Pere has deep issues, still remembers the perfume and the clothes after how many decades???? What about Daisy and all the others? Abegi let him go, he needs serious therapy and you don’t need to add that to your plate. I’ve been there, we both dated others and reunited and never a word of our past. #lethimgo

  • Seeing Voke again at the arrival lounge of the Miami International Airport got me so emotional, I almost burst into tears the minute I saw her. And it wasn’t just because I was so happy to be finally reunited w […]

  • Even though it was Kachi who left my house that Tuesday evening, it was Apache who came to pick me up for work on Wednesday morning. To a third party, there would have been no material difference. He was just as […]

    • May the consequences of the decisions and mistakes of our youths never hound us in our adult life… I can imagine how you must have felt, Isio, but life goes on.

    • Isio be strong, heart ache is a terrible combination with pregnancy. The heart chooses who it loves. Let’s have these babies, do away with the hormones and open a new page. Do what’s best for you and your babies girl, your happiness is determined by you alone. So quit being sad!! A new phase of your life is loading…… :hugs:

  • Getting ready for work the next morning, my phone rang, and I smiled when I saw that it was Apache. Or rather, Kachi.

    “It’s your personal chauffer, reporting for duty Ma’am!” he said, prompting me to giggle. […]

  • It turns out everyone else thought Voke leaving the country indefinitely was a great idea. You could hear the sigh of relief our parents heaved all the way from Ogudu.

    “Abeg, let her go!” Mom said to me, whe […]

    • Well spoken!! However, It’s not quite logical to fight the “other” woman especially a pregnant one. Women should learn to fight their battles with their erring spouse and not the other woman. What if she’s a stark raving mad dog?
      I didn’t read anywhere Isio asked Pere to keep coming over, Ogechi also has to remember Obiora was his friend. Being with them is like mourning his friend as she would not understand. Pere is still in love with Isio and Ogechi should open her eyes and see these signs for what they are.
      Summary Isio will forever and ever be in their lives, that is usually the case when there children from “outside”. When it is not marriage, God knows i would have taken a hike if i were Ogechi.

    • Ogechi is a pretentious woman. She is definitely going to lose pere to Isio

    • I have a sneaky feeling this time apart will cement this confused love permanently. Cheers to both of you missing yourself sore and realizing you can’t be apart….. :wine: :wedding:

  • “Isio, I was reading that!” Pere exclaimed, shocked by my violent reaction to the obituary announcement.

    “You better get rid of that. You better not allow Voke see it!” I snapped, my anger boiling over. […]

    • Isio, dont let your sister leave you alone. You should grab Pere’s offer to go abroad now. You can be together and have fun while you wiat to have your baby. Your sister will find love again.

  • When my eyes opened the next morning, for a minute I thought it had all been a dream. But then I caught sight of her wedding gown hanging over us, and I realised it had been no dream. It was cold reality. Obiora […]

    • Isio you had better not do anything to make your belle come down. Which kain blood you wan shed? Let sleeping dogs lie o. Sorry about Voke’s situation. She deserves someone better. She will fall in love again and i hope Pere will borrow a leaf and grab whom he truly loves. Nobody lives forever.

  • I woke up the next morning, half expecting to see Pere lying on my couch like the last time…but he wasn’t there. And it dawned on me that maybe this time, he had called my bluff and really left me alone. The t […]

    • Kai! This is bad! Very bad! After all the warnings. Would things have changed if Isio told Voke Obiora was still screwing Belinda? I am so sorry about this! There is absolutely no way Isio can travel to America now.
      And Voke would definitely let hell loose when she knows her sister had an idea an out everything that happened.

    • Oh dear!! May his soul rest in peace, just sooooooo sad. After waiting so long, how will Voke recover from this? Isio won’t forgive herself, that’s the problem with lies & deceit. Now she is going to burden herself with the betrayal. Obiora, Belinda became the death of you!!! When these men think they have it all under control, demigods indeed..On the other hand, could it also be that Obiora wasn’t driving his car?

  • Somehow, I was able to keep my lips sealed, and got through listening to the rest of Voke’s wedding planning updates without letting anything slip. Even if I wanted to, I just couldn’t find it in my heart to h […]

    • Please fertile chick, can we throw in a part or two where Ogechi sends hired killers to take out Isio and the babies or pays a doctor to let hr inject rodent poison in her blood dtream or something?
      Drama don dey end o!
      Rooting for Pere and Isio though. Dude’s got to be true to himself.

      • In fact, are we sure we won’t hire you to join Isio :haha: . How are you momma? Thanks for reading!

        • Hello Nicole. Biko, i dont want to join her o. Except maybe have her twins. But i know Pere will not allow me.
          How have you been? Been a long while. Happy New Month to you and your family

          • I’ve been well, hun. Yes ooo, you abandoned us 😥 . But at least I know you’re doing good when I see you comment :heart: . Sending lots of hugs and kisses your way!

  • I awoke the next morning not quite sure how I felt. I felt a sense of loss I just couldn’t describe. I knew I’d done what I had to do by expelling Pere from my life…from our lives…but it still hurt like crazy […]

    • Oh! Come on! You cant be doing this na! Where’s the justice? Its bad enough that you post twice a week. This is the second time you are postponing the story! NOT FAIR!!!!

      Cool episode by the way! Isio needs to learn to stand on her own and accept things the way they are. Now for Obiora, Voke had better accept Belinda as Iyawo and she be content with Iyale. Dude is definitely having his cake and eating it!

  • The next few weeks were an absolute dream!

    Pere was pure perfection; attentive, kind and supportive. He couldn’t have been more doting and caring if we were a proper couple. His was always the first call I got […]

  • “Isio…Pere…I think we can all agree that this is a very important and delicate situation you have both found yourselves in.” Obiora said. “Isio, keeping the news from Pere for as long as you did wasn’t good, […]

    • Please be civil and kind to one another. Be friends! All the best Isio

  • As mad as hell as we were, Obiora stood his ground.

    “I’m not sorry for letting Pere’s name slip. Yes, it wasn’t planned, but no, I don’t regret it!” he said defiantly, when Voke and I confronted back in our […]

    • Hello Maya, the next episode is coming up on Thursday.

    • Isio darling, you will be fine. All will be well with you. Just tell Pere to be involved with your babies every step of the way. Hopefully, you will be able to find your way back to his heart. You cant blame him for the words you said and him falling for someone else. I would love to blame the dude but you also messed things up.

      Now, is it me or this episode is short? Kindly make it longer since you post only twice a week. Thank you.

    • Just stumbled on this series and i have been glued to my device reading from the 1st to this last update.

      Wow!!! This is truly addictive and its a wonderful piece to say the least.

      Looking forward to thursday for the next writeup.

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