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    • Welcome Ilobe @ilobe to the weight loss group. Do you have a weight goal you are targeting?

      • Thank you very much. I have been TTC for a year and 3 months now

        • That means you have been to the doctor already @ilobe? What’s your diagnosis?

          • Yes I went to the doctor and he asked me to do blood test consisting of fasting blood sugar,vdrl,fbc etc and urinalysis etc. Then on the 12th day of my cycle he did a scan on me, he said the results where OK and there was an Egg and that my womb is k too. He adviced we meet very well this cycle so am keeping my fingers crossed. But I will like to know what and what can be deducted from a sacn examination?
            I have this little transparent liquid from my breast and no EWCM which I mentioned to the doc but he did not say anything about it
            What do you think?
            Thank you very much for everything

      • Yes o,My weight flunctrates between 75kg and 78 kg. I really want to come down to atleast 65kg

    • Am sure the doctor is aware of the water like discharge from my left breast, bcos he did a physical examination, though when I read through my file he noted it as a scanty transparent discharge am so surprise he never mentioned it and then on a second thought I felt maybe because he saw an egg when he did the scan on me. Thanks for all the troubles, am so glad someone is finally listening to me. God bless.cheers

      • Welcome to our family, Ilobe @ilobe hun :friends: . I’m surprised your doctor didn’t say anything about the discharge in your breasts, but let’s keep crossed fingers about this cycle. The fact that your uterus is fine and he saw an egg are both good indicators, so make sure you get loads of :sex: :sex: this cycle. Blowing you lots of :dust: for a lovely :bfp: :cloud9: :cloud9: