• November 7th, 2009

    It’s a beautiful Saturday evening, and JJ and I just returned from a brisk half hour walk. We didn’t cover quite as much ground as our usual run, as we just decided to take it nice and easy t […]

  • November 2nd, 2009


    I lost 3.2kg this past week!!!! I couldn’t be more thrilled! It was much more than I’d hoped. Hopefully, by next week’s weigh-in, I would have fallen below the 100kg mar […]

  • October 21st, 2009


    It’s amazing how a simple word like that (or is that two words) can bring everything crashing down!

    It all started when my cousin, Chidera, called me, just as I was getting h […]

  • October 15th, 2009

    A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

    That seems to be my new mantra!

    After my usual start to the day (school run, gym, and breakfast), I sat in my kitchen, pen and […]

  • October 6th, 2009

    Yesterday wasn’t a good day. No, it wasn’t a good day at all!

    After such a great start to the day…after religiously eating my 2 roasted sweet potatoes and mixed vegetable stir fry…after sip […]

  • September 26th, 2009

    It has been a surprisingly great week. I have actually enjoyed, and even looked forward to, the meals in my plan. Also, eating less sugar has definitely improved my emotional stability, […]

  • September 17th, 2009

    If I’ve learnt one thing over the years, it’s that diets work if you can commit and stick. Once you “go off” the diet, you can be rest assured that the kilos will pile on very easily, and […]

  • September 14th, 2009

    I am so depressed this morning. Yesterday was my daughter’s 1st birthday party, and it was a nightmare. The party itself was a raving success, and everyone had a great time. But I almost s […]

  • The Confessions of an Emotional Eater! Over 45kg to lose!

    As a favour for my dear friend Nicole, I agreed to share my weight loss diary with you…my quest to lose 45kg of comfort eating weight!

    So…where do […]

  • January 09, 2011

    I woke up yesterday morning, Saturday, feeling sad and depressed. For some reason, the moment I opened my eyes, all I could think of was my late friend, Uzoamaka. It was exactly this time last […]

    • May Uzoamaka’s soul rest in perfect peace, Amen. May we continually seek God’s wisdom in bringing up our kids.

      lol @ihunna are you sure you can chew your words? Let’s see how long you can…. :haha:

    • Thanks for reading, Ese :heart: . Ihunna returns next week.

  • January 04, 2011

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! So excited about 2011!!!

    We returned from the East yesterday, and to say we were exhausted, every single one of us, would be an understatement!

    After Akwaugo’s wedding […]

    • @ihunna has another wedding to prep for….. Allow Legachi, I knew that Yoruba boy was rebound… :haha: Great job on the weight, it is never easy eating boring during the festive season. I plan to take your approach on board, BE PREPARED. So fast, starve before the main event….. :yes:
      Poor baby, she’s missing her mummy. It must be tough, let them continue speaking. Hopefully once school resumes the distraction will help.

      • Bos @bosa, how can you say the Yoruba boy was a rebound? Legachi obviously needs time, not all this Ahanna getting into her mind and she went to ask Ebere for advice in this matter? Hian! Ebere of all people #SMH. Well done jare @ihunna

        • @oluwakemine He was rebound jor, I say so ‘cos I’ve been there, done that. It was too fast, You sic yourself that you are fine, date again and block out the real issue. Ebere or not, she had unfinished business with Ahanna. Being a second wife may not be such a taboo to her also, remember her mom was one. She would say it was a marriage of convenience only. That said, Ahanna deserves some happiness also. If the marriage isn’t working, my major annoyance is how a visit turned into an introduction. They should have waited till he was divorced, that is the messy bit.

          • It is messy however way you look at it and it is only just getting started. True she has unfinished business with Ahanna but must she finish it before he gets officially divorced? And are you sure the Chinko woman would be willing to divorce a man she has two kids with and has been wife to for ten years? If I were in her shoes, ama hold on tight, if only to make his life miserable. Anyways, I believe that Ahanna was happy with his Chinko wife, until he started catching feelings for his baby sister.

            But let Ihunna chill for now, they will come back to ask for her help.

            • Not to sound brash, but most Nigerian men who go abroad without papers end up contracting a marriage of convenience. Some true Igbo brother eventually marry an Ibo wife so i doubt Ahanna would have stayed true to this “overtheseas” wife.

  • December 28, 2010

    Thankfully, we were all able to put aside Legachi’s drama, and focus on what had really brought us to Enugu in the first place; Akwaugo’s wedding.

    The morning of the wedding, I woke up with […]

  • December 27, 2010

    “Dad. I don’t think you understand what we’re saying!” I exclaimed, after our ‘guests’ had left. “The man is not even a divorcee. He’s still married…and very much so!”

    “It sounds like one […]

  • December 27, 2010

    A wide grin broke on our father’s face, when I told him some people were downstairs, to see him about Legachi.

    “Some people have come for Legachi? You don’t mean it!” the old man had […]

  • December 27, 2010

    When we arrived Enugu this morning, I had to gasp…so great was my stupefaction. My father’s compound had been transformed into something out of a fairytale, with string lights and Chinese […]

  • December 26, 2010

    Getting the news of Chidera’s safe delivery was the best ever! It came via a BBM message, with an accompanying picture of the proud father, Okei, cradling his son. He looked like he was about […]

  • December 24, 2010

    Just as I thought, I spent my time in Enugu almost faffing around. Liza, the wedding planner, has everything on lockdown, so Aunty Carol and I have pretty much just been casual bystanders. She […]

    • Bos replied 5 months ago

      aww Congrats Chidera @ihunna !!! A Christmas baby…. :yahoo:
      I don’t know why I feel for Ahanna, people make mistakes i think he is genuine. Love conquers all so lets see.

  • December 21, 2010

    Even though I had only Akwaugo’s wedding on the brain, I tried to decode Legachi’s reaction, when I told her Ahanna and his brother had come visiting, and what their mission had been.

    “He […]

    • That your sisters’ ex husband is just a spoil sport. His bad belle full ground remain.

  • December 19, 2010

    Today was one heck of a strange day!

    We’d barely gotten back from Church, and had just had a late breakfast, when I was notified that ‘Legachi’s friend was here, with his brother’. […]

    • awwwww Ahanna 😥 We find love in strange places…..
      @ihunna please don’t break down oh, enjoy the wedding preps and give the bride the time of her life!!

  • December 18, 2010

    What a whirlwind week it has been!

    I have spent the last few days in a mad rush to prepare for our trip to the East. It’s been a double whammy this year, as I have to contend with not only […]

    • On behalf of all my yoruba brothers: “thanks for giving Morakinyo a chance “. We won’t disappoint you (I hope😂😀)

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