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    Golibe 1: The Journey
    Golibe 2: Brave
    Golibe 3: Blood Relative
    Golibe 4: Strangers
    Golibe 5: Fill the Gaps
    Golibe 6: A […]

  • As Duke and I made our way back to the wedding party, it didn’t even feel like I was walking…but instead floating on clouds.

    My soul mate had found his way back to me.

    We made our way straight to the new c […]

    • Awwww beautiful

    • Thank you for sharing this story with us Golibe. It was totally worth it.
      Baby Dust to you and Duke! 😘😘

    • I can’t believe I just read a true life story! Congrats Golibe! Wish you a smoth pregnancy and a safe delivery. I enjoyed the story so much that I had to post a comment for the first time ever since I joined TFC! Thank you so much TFC!

    • Golibe….loved that name from Flavour’s song, you and Duke deserve all the happiness in the world henceforth. :wohoo:

      Hat doffed to this writer!! Such a beautiful story, more ink to your pen.

    • Waaaawuuuu!!!!!!! Love is beautiful. Pls keep us updated when your bundle of joy arrives. Lots of love Golibe

    • Thank you for sharing your love
      Beautiful end
      I love you & Duke

  • I looked at Dozie, kneeling before me. I looked at my father, watching with bated breath. I looked at Georgie, looking on in concern.

    And I knew I couldn’t do it.

    “I’m sorry, Dozie.” I said, shaking my head. […]

  • Walking into the house that night, looking dejected and defeated, CD player in hand, Georgie had taken one look at me and figured out what had happened. As she enveloped me in an embrace, I cried like a baby, […]

  • I declined returning to the hotel with Chuka, under the pretext that I wanted to spend more time with Anuli, when the truth was I wanted to find some time to speak with James alone. Anuli had remained adamant in […]

    • Now you know what it feels like to be left High and Dry!

      All the best in wooing your man back. If you can call him that

  • It was a beautiful thing starting 2016 with my father…my real father.

    After talking extensively on New Year’s Eve, I’d followed him and Georgie for Mass, and there was no better way to enter the New Year than […]

    • So Golibe, you think Duke will sit down and wait for you to come running into his arms after what you did.It’s. Good he has moved on, I just hope it’s not to the arms of that Mukoro abi what ever her name is, cos. You will have yourself to blame. Even, me sef am still angry with you

    • Yay! Am glad public holiday didn’t affect this. Monday please come quickly

    • You see why I warned you in the last episode not to allow Mukoso Put her claws in your man? That you should leave early as advised?

      I pray you can fight and win this battle. Because you will be going up against 4 women not just 1. And you have tattoos.
      God is your help.

      May I extend my thanks to you for making this episode a very long one?
      At least, it seems long to me.

      All the best as you try to “purchase” 😂😂 or “forget” Duke.

  • It wasn’t until New Year’s Eve that I had the courage to return home.

    That Christmas had been my most miserable ever. My flat emptied out as my flatmates all went home for the holidays, leaving me all alone in […]

    • Come o! What is it with Duke and im mama wey dem just dey breakdown anyhow?
      Pardon me. I am a sucker for love. But this breakdown levels no be im at all! What happened to hopping on a plane and coming after you?
      Anyway, since that is what it takes for you to realize you love Duke, Go Team Breakdown!

      Finally! You did the right thing by going after them. Your story will be beautiful henceforth.
      You see those wonderful women advising you go to Duke NOW???? Read and Listen to them. Go meet the man asap before Mukoso abi wetin be her name swoop down and corrupt your man!
      Can’t wait to read Friday’s edition.

  • Meeting with June the next day was mere formality. It was clear she’d made up her mind to hire me, from the first phone call, and our meeting was essentially to test our chemistry. Considering I’d already uprooted […]

    • You were angry and frustrated, upset about the lies and the delay in getting to know your biological parents BUT you have begun to heal which is why you find it easy to connect the old man you love to his young daughter.
      That is love. It’s high time you put aside your selfishness and connect to the men you also love or leave a trail so they can connect back to you.
      *Hugs Golibe

  • I’m usually one of those people who falls asleep the minute they get on the plane, especially for long haul flights. But in that flight home, not only did my eyes not close once, I felt hollow and empty. For the […]

    • Golibe dont be selfish
      You embarked on this journey for the truth and now you can’t accept it
      Don’t do that to Chuka and Duke

    • Come on ladies,it can’t be easy to feel your whole life has been a huge LIE!! We all react differently so we can’t expect Golibe to react the way we would.
      I pray God heals you @golibe, trust in him completely, remember to say your prayers. Remember Duke and Chuka are also by-standers in this. I trust once you heal, you will make the right decisions. God bless you.

  • Somehow, I found my way to a chair before my knees could give way. It felt like I was having an out of body experience, like I was somehow drifting, and watching the events from a faraway place.

    Chuka? My […]

    • The spoilt Brat shows up! Finally! True colors.

    • Just so you know Golly or should I say ‘Emma’ you also hurt me. It’s understandable that you want to be alone but don’t take it out on those who love you.Besides The people you even be angry with(your paternal grandparents) are all dead.

  • It wasn’t until I was riding back home with Olisa that I realized I’d made a big mistake. Even though Sister Petra had looked me straight in the eye, and assured me she would take me to my mother the next day, a […]

    • Yeparipa! Unbelievable! What a twist!

      Sorry bout Ngozi Golibe.

      I hope you now know that you will convince your father to let you marry his age mate!

      W . H . A . T ???

    • Twist of fate!

  • Awele laughed out loud at the idea of it.

    “Sister Petra?! How can?! It’s not even possible!” she scoffed. “It’s because you don’t know her well, that’s why you’re even entertaining such a thought!”

    Aunty […]

    • Gosh…..the suspense is killing!!! Once again i wish 2mrw was monday already

  • Falling in love with Duke was better than anything I could ever have imagined. So much better.

    With Dozie, we had a lot in common but very little passion. With Amobi, the passion was there but we struggled to […]

    • Chineke me!!!
      Why do i have a feeling Sister Petra is the mother of Golibe?

      Now, i love all the twists in this story!
      Love, Joy, Help from unexpected quarters ?
      This is beautiful!

      Sister Ginika better get ready for the inquistion squad coming her way.

  • I half staggered, half ran out of the house, wanting to get as far away from that picture as I could. It’s ironic how I had spent weeks trying to find out the mystery woman’s identity…but now, I couldn’t get away […]

    • Hallelujah! You dont want to know the relief that comes with this simple exclamation!

      Kisses to you Golibe. Love Duke with all your heart.

    • Hweew!!
      What a relief??
      Now let’s continue our love

  • I sat in fright, watching as Amobi drove like a bat out of hell, his face a mask of rage. I was too afraid to even utter a word, as the car careened past places of the town that were familiar to me, into lonely, […]

    • Abeg oooo, Dukes’ mother is not your mother and he is not your brother. Don’t claim relationship that is not your own, so after that passionate kiss you want to claim brotherhood. I always knew Amobi was a no good person.

    • Oh noooooo!!!!! It cannot be please.

    • Which kain original bad luck be this?

      It serves Amobi right that he got beaten! Yeye idiot.

      Golibe, i love the fact that you gave this episode length. You truly love us and want us to have a good time.

      However, unravel the wicked plot you put up there for us to read. The storu had better be different so YOU and Duke can end up together.

    • My Duke and Golibe can’t be related
      How can this happen
      Torture paa nie

    • Odiegwu! Wont you give us bonus Episode? I must have read this over 5 times.

  • We landed in Asaba shortly after 5, and by the time our taxi pulled into the driveway of the family house in Ogwashi, I couldn’t help but marvel over the fact that it was actually beginning to feel like […]

    • Haaaaaaaa, Amobi if you don’t take Golly to the hospital. Ernnn, your own is finished, Anuli I hope your eyes are seeing what happened ooo, but Duke why did you allow him take Golly from you naaa, don’t dull ooo

    • Anuli, aint i happy for you? You got someone to truly love you and you didnt go after him. He came for you. Love is sweet. Please enjoy it
      Golibe, Oh crap! Na tsunami of men you don find yourself in. And dont you blame Duke. He cannot do anything unless you break free from Amobi and declare yourself ‘Unattached”.
      Who has noticed Amobi is very childish in behaviour? Romance, you no fit do. Conversation wey make sense, you no fit hold. What is your essence? You’d better not hold Goli in captive else your brain go blow.
      Duke, biko woo Golibe na. Cant you see she is giving you loving puppydog eyes? No dull like James o.
      Aunty Writer of Golibe, Thank You. You’re doing a great job. Can we tempt you to start writing everyday?? *cyberhugs.

  • The following evening, Anuli and I were on the 5:10pm flight to Lagos from Asaba. She had reluctantly bought the plane tickets, and I had reluctantly gotten myself in the frame of mind to see Dozie again…after […]

  • “Dozie?!” I exclaimed, shocked.

    Anuli looked up from the bed, wondering what had elicited that reaction from me.

    “What are you doing in Nigeria?!” I demanded. “Why are you here?!”

    “Emma, you left me no […]

  • Anuli and I lay on the bed long afterwards, talking some more. I asked her more questions about Gozie, and it was like talking about her late son was the balm she needed. She recounted so many heartwarming stories […]

    • Omo! See gobe!

    • Drama Queen herself! Lawd help your case. 3 men on you alone. And you know who is best for you o! But you will Continue to court green eyes and trouble kwa.

    • Ha!!!! Just found this series today and read all of it…didn’t make dinner because I was hooked to reading it …what!!!
      Golibe is in real trouble now..hope she finds a way#teamduke

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