• Gigi posted an update in the group Group logo of Clomid GirlsClomid Girls 4 months, 1 week ago

    Hi everyone, this is my first time here. I am a clomid girl.I have been placed on clomid 50mg, one morning and one night from CD 2 – 6.will be going for follicle monitoring on CD 11,hopefully I will have good and maturing follicles.cant wait to start :sex: Tomorrow.

    • Dearest @gigi. So sorry for the late response. I missed your post somehow. Good luck this Clomid cycle hun. What CD day are you on now, so we can count down with you :yahoo: :yahoo:

      Blowing you lots of :dust: :dust:

      • Gigi replied 4 months ago

        Hi Nicole,i am on CD 13 today. my CD 11 ultrasound went well, I have mature follicle in the right ovary measuring 29mm * 21mm, 26mm * 16mm and maturing follicle in the left ovary measuring 19mm * 15mm, 16mm *14mm respectively. I guess the clomid really worked. :sex: Has started already once daily. Hopefully this circle will be positive. B-) :heart:

        • Praying along with you hun :heart: :heart: . How many days is your cycle typically?

          • Gigi replied 4 months ago

            my circle is usually 28 or 29 days. Today is CD 14 and an experiencing pain on my lower abdomen. It’s making me so uncomfortable. Do you know anyone who has been through similar experience during fertile days on clomid.

            • @gigi hun, my Clomid + Injectibles cycle was like that. Lots of lower abdominal discomfort. I was told it was a result of the stimulation. Has it subsided now? Praying with you hun :heart: