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    Hi yummy mummies,congrats @ldike,@babe on the arrival of your bundle of joy. May God bless them and watch over them. @nicole @oluwakemine thanks for always checking in,God bless you. Work is still hectic ooo. It’s not been easy getting additional hands. Seems no one wants to work anymore … So I have a question,should I be worried? My hubby mentioned he overheard the nanny say ‘I love you’ to baby F and he says he’s a bit uncomfortable with it. I’m a bit uncomfortable with it also especially considering the fact that she spends more time with her than I do as it is. But on the other hand isn’t it better she likes her well enough than mistreat her? What do you guys think? @nicole @oluwakemine @adaoraa

    • Honestly, if my nanny says those words to my baby, I would be thrilled. She has come to see my child as hers, hence my confidence in the nanny’s ability to care of my baby is increased.
      But I get where you are coming from, you might be feeling, she is getting too close to your baby, even more than you are, as they spend so much time together. In all, this situation beats having a nanny, you will never feel comfortable with. @dew
      Have you tried to get capable hands via other means, outside of your traditional sources, because my sister, people are looking for work o in this Buhari’s economy?
      Kisses and love to baby F.

      • @oluwakemine I guess I’m really just jealous tho. Especially considering my crazy schedule. I try to make sure I spend some time with her in the mornings (though I have to fight daddy for that. He considers that ‘their’ time since she’s asleep before he gets home) and also at night when we get back home. But during the day I’m just so jealous. But oh well.. As for workers I’m in the fashion industry and those guys are just super unreliable mehn! Always wanting money and not wanting to work…hiss…@nicole I know right. I’m trying to do that. Always wanna soothe her when she’s crying and try as much as possible to let her nurse directly from me whenever possible.. I’m hopeful soon too that work situation would soon sort itself by God’s grace . @ldike I guess boundary is the way…

    • @dew thanks so much as for your nanny I get where you are coming from. I think you should properly establish boundaries, but don’t think you can tell her not to say I love you to your child. Just let her know what her boundaries are as your nanny

    • @dew, I feel you hun. In those early days, I used to be so jealous when my nannies displayed too much affection. Just explain boundaries to your Nanny, so that she knows how to limit any display, but trust me when I say it’s better for your nanny to be affectionate than the opposite.