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    So I decided to buy Nigerian to ‘grow the naira’ and purchased a made in Nigeria pampers and I’m sorry to say Tiwa and pampers don do us wayo.. Like seriously . I don’t understand why we do this to ourselves in this country. Is it that we have a really low standard in this country ???? I also have another experience with feeding bottle. I initially didn’t plan on bottle feeding a lot so I just bought one bottle,I later realized I needed one more and bought . Would you believe the lettering on that one is already peeling off while the one I bought before is still intact and I’m like WHY??? We’re just always looking to short change and cut corners. It’s so sad.

    • @dew, I never even tried myself with Naija pampers. I can grow the Naira in any way oh, but not with my kids, I’m sorry! I was just looking at Tiwa and her fine face, in that Pampers ad, and I couldn’t help but ‘yimu’ her. Na so! And the annoying part is that the price difference isn’t really that much…at least not enough to justify the low quality. We are our worst enemies, and that’s the truth! Someone asked me why I still order my kids’ clothes online, and my answer is always that the alternatives here are often just as, or even more, expensive…and meanwhile, give it 2 months, you will see the fading of life! Ruff & Tumble is the only exception, but their stuff is also expensive, so I might as well order online. My dear, I would recommend Huggies…not even foreign Pampers sef! I personally am not a Pampers person. The other funny-name diapers, I can’t even say anything about sef. God is our muscle oh!

    • See me just talking my own! What do you ladies think, @annie, @oluwakemine, @mrs-al, @ldike?

      • It’s really such a shame. After the whole Tiwa ad thing went on, my sister bought pampers for my niece, it gave her this raw reddish spots, so it was back to Huggies. Pampers was my go-to diapers back then. It’s such a shame.

        Bottles? Those ones are another matter altogether.

        • @Nicole you are too funny , lol @yimu at TIwas fine face. @dew I already ordered 1yr supply diapers o as I am not ready to have headache with 9ja pampers. My mind is already working to see how I will get around ordering and receiving any other supply, Clothes diapers etc. as time goes on. We are our own worst enemies in 9ja, sadly. I really hope it gets better.

          • LOL…. i started with huggins but the money no be here, someone gave me a pack of molfix and i must say it is really okay, not expensive and good so for now i am using molfix, i tried touchous( made in Germany) not bad, went to stock up and it was outta stock, so molfix it is now. On bottles, i got medela bottles from amazon and everything on it washed off, then i got moma..pretty good. I got a whole pack of philips bottles, five in one, still yet to use those. Then clothes..i can shop and window shop online for Africa, i do not remember the last time i got clothes in our naija market, boutique..etc..i order baby clothings online just that sometimes i think i over do it, but for durability and quality, i order from US..all thanks to shoptomydoor and mallforafrica…na dollar just wan break my heart…congrats again adaora! :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: :hug: