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    @nicole @oluwakemine it’s been easy to say the least . It’s like all the work waited for me to return. I feel so guilty leaving baby F even though she goes to work with me. I don’t spend enough time with her. I fear she might even get to recognize her nanny before me :nope: :nope: . Oh well!!!

    • @dew, I know hun! I felt the same way. Because I started my leave so early, I was back at work when they were only 10 weeks old. It wasn’t funny, but a Mom will always be a Mom, don’t worry about it. Is the creche in your office? You’re so lucky, if that’s the case. But even if its not, just make the most of the time when you’re back at home…and weekends too. :hugs: :hugs:

      • @nicole I’m actually self employed. But right now it sure doesn’t feel like it. Too much to do and less hands to do it. I’m just hoping something breaks for me soon. Like hubby has been saying to me ‘it gets darker before the dawn’ so I’m praying all this would lead to an increase in business .. Thank God at least baby F sleeps through the night now so it’s not so bad.

        • @dew, her sleeping through the night is such a BLESSING! It took me almost 2 years to get there :wacko: . I’m sure everything will fall into place well, hun. Will hiring an extra hand make a difference?

          • Pele @dew, it will get better and God bless your hustle. How did you get Baby F to sleep throughout the night? That alone is a major relief.

          • @nicole extra hands would make a lot of difference . I won’t need to leave home early and also would have time to spend with her when at work.. As for her sleeping through the night @oluwakemine @nicole I honestly don’t know how that happened. The first time she started it,I was so shocked and felt a little sad that she didn’t need me as much again, but I’m just so grateful now. She seems like she’s going to be an independent child. I just hope she’ll still need me as much as she grows …

            • @dew, you are so blessed my dear! Please, enjoy it :hugs:. As for the extra help, I think you should really think about it, especially as it will definitely help :yes:

    • Aha!@dew. Motherhood and mixed feelings. If she’s an independent madam, maybe you will get another, who will be cuddler. But you do know that she needs you though. :heart: :heart: