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    Hi ladies, motherhood has been all shades of beautiful for me and my princess…. Still trying to get into our own routine without grandma’S and all. I’m kind of dreading it and also looking forward to time alone with her. @adaoraa it’s almost here ooo… I remember when we were all in the ttc group last year. God has indeed been good to us all. @nicole @oluwakemine I doff my hat to you on twins oo. It really isn’t easy with one how much more Two at once. Baby has got a very bad case of colic and I’m so helpless. It not a good sight seeing your little one in pain and not able to do anything. But hopefully she’ll soon outgrow it. My regards to all expectant moms in the house. Safe delivery to everyone. @ldike @zintos

    • aww @dew this is so sweet :baby: glad you are having a wonderful time with you baby, I pray she gets well soon and outgrow it quickly. Stay strong dear :hugs:

      • Hi Latest mummy @dew!! Nice to hear from you!!! Sorry about the colic heard they get it lot at this age. She would soon outgrow it. Thanks for the wishes. Stay blessed and cuddle baby girl from me!! :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:

    • @dew, so glad to hear you and the Princess are doing well :heart:. So sorry about the colic hun. Have you checked the size of the nipple on her feeding bottle? My girls had colic and I realised they were using one that was letting in a bit more air than was ideal. Don’t worry, it gets easier :hugs: :hugs:

      • Indeed, it gets better with time, she will outgrow it. Say hello to our baby o, we love her no be small. :heart: :heart: :heart: @dew

        • Thanks guys. @adaoraa , @ldike , @oluwakemine ,@nicole. I’ve noticed it’s happening less frequently now. I’ve also changed the nipple as suggested by @nicole don’t know if that’s why though. But every little helps. Baby had her second batch of immunization today and she’s just been wish I could take away her pains sha…. 😥 😥 😥 😥

          • @dew, awww pele hun. Immunisation days aren’t fun! Did you give her Calpol/Paracetamol in the morning, before leaving for the hospital? I found that helped my girls. Glad that the colic is reducing. It gets easier hun :hugs: :hugs: