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    • Welcome Deetee @deetee :heart: How long have you been TTC?

      • Thank you Oluwakemi. Been TTC for close to 4 years. Had a BFP through IVF at the Bridge Clinic and then a miscarriage (a huge loss as I was to have triplets). There was no follow-up from the Bridge after the miscarriage! It was a terrible experience which drained me. Glad I’m out of it now and just taking each day at a time. Apologies for the long story. Just had to give a review of the Bridge.

        • Deetee @deetee, this is heartbreaking but I’m glad that you are recovering. With all their set up, The Bridge still fails when it matters. How can there be no follow-up? So sorry you had to suffer that loss Deetee. No need to apologise. When did you cycle there and why did you do IVF?
          cc: @nicole

          • Thank you @oluwakemine. Cycled with them last year and decided to do IVF since we had been TTC for a while. Tests reveal that we are both fine so I guess it’s “unexplained”.

            • Deetee @deetee, this is quite disheartening. B-) Please allow yourself to heal first, both mentally and physically before trying again. Are you exploring other clinic options?