• Mrs Taipan posted an update 3 years, 11 months ago

    @fifi,@pearl,@machylicious , @osi4jc how are we doing ladies. Do ve a great day :hug:

    • I am not sure if I am doing great ma’am, my head hurts and I am so sure dat I have not ovulated dis circle. Worst of all is dat DH is so distracted dat we hardly find d time to be together! Oh!
      I hope it’s not too late already!
      N u? How r u doing?
      Tnk U for checking on Us.
      Have a nice evening.

      Hello! @nicole, @oluwakemine, @pearl, @iyawodiipo, @mavis-brown, @paula, … and every beautiful lady in d house, :hugs: :bfp: :dust: :friends: I love u all!

      • :hi: :hi: :hi: @machylicious have you done Folliculometry before?may be you should,its should determine if you ovulate or not. All the same,you take it all easy and keep hoep alive. Have a great weekend. :hugs:

      • @machylicious hun, so sorry about not being able to be with DH enough hun. Keep trying still. It might not be too late. Are you still using the Predicte brand of OPK? I thought it was quite easy to use. Do you want to switch to another brand? Sending you huge :hugs: hun

        • Good morning everyone, @nicole, ma’am, I think Predict is ok, although, I don’t mind trying another product. But my problem is wen to begin testing… considering dat I had no signs. E.g, my basal temperature hasn’t risen nor did I get any pappy discharge yet. It looks like I am not ovulating in dis cycle cos I usually get do signs wen I approach ovulation.

          @iyawodiipo, I did hormone profile sometime ago. Is it shame as Folliculometry?? Well, dat result said sat my Prolactin is very high n progesterone low. Even though I am not discharging any milk from my breasts.
          Someone advice dat I take a lot of vitb6. Don’t know how helpful dat is. Ladies, any advice on dis?

          My good news is dat by d grace of God, my blood sugar is becoming controlled! Dat gives me a lot of hope!

          Happy weekend u all, I love u loads!!!
          :hugs: :friends: :dust:

          • @machylicious hun, the low progesterone and high prolactin could affect your chances of ovulation. Vitamin B6 might not be enough to address these hormonal issues. Did your doctor recommend any meds for this?

            • @nicole, no ma’am. Not really. He placed me on Bromergon for a long time! I have take all sorts after dat. Whenever ovulation chooses to happen, it’s usually not on d days I expect it. N menses only comes after I have used some hormonal drugs or herbal supplements. šŸ˜„

    • @machylicious darling why not buy an ovulation test kit so as to detect when u r ovulating, and you need to talk to DH too. Not to worry God has ur back.this year won’t pass you by. :hug:

      • I actually have dat opk. But I do not know how to use it. I have no signs nor do I know wen to start checking… d period isn’t constant/irregular.
        Amen! A big Amen to dat prayer.

    • @machylicious hun, it sounds like you might have PCOS. Has your doctor ever discussed placing you on Clomid, and possibly progesterone support during your 2ww?

    • I am good @cynthia027. How is everyone doing? Keep hope alive and hang in there, our answers are here!