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    • Chichi @chi2008, you’re welcome to our community. Are you cycling soon?

      • Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m hoping to cycle in March/April, but bank the embryos for surrogacy.

        • ChiChi @chi2008, okay, where are you cycling and have you cycled before, hence surrogacy this time around?
          cc: @nicole @pearl

          • @oluwakemine, I’m cycling here in the states as my insurance covers IVF, but not surrogacy. I have done 2 IVF cycles already, and 3 transfers. I became pregnant every time, but lost all of the pregnancies early on. Before that I did IUIs a few times and similarly became pregnant, but lost them early on.

            I’ve had blood work done and the embryos tested and all was normal, so my reproductive endocrinologists here are at a loss as to why I can’t carry. I want to go forward with surrogacy in Nigeria but ship in my tested embryos here from the states.

            Hi @nicole! If you’re asking what prompted my choice in your site, I’ve been lurking for a few years now, but now that I’ve been urged towards surrogacy, I wanted to be in a community of women from home going through similar situations. I pray that all of the women cycling now have a much easier path than I have, IJN!

            • You’re welcome once more ChiChi @chi2008 to our community. Now, I understand why you’re considering surrogacy. The clinics @nicole mentioned are great. Please beware and let’s know how we can be of help on this journey.

            • ChiChi @chi2008 that’s awesome! I’m glad you’ve been in direct contact with Dr. Emeka. Much better than any of these funny agencies. We look forward to your posts :hugs:

        • Welcome to our family, ChiChi @chi2008 :friends: . What prompted your choice hun?

          • ChiChi @chi2008 dear, I actually meant choice of surrogacy, but we’re elated to have you as a member of our family :friends: . Reading through your history, I understand now why you’ve opted for surrogacy. You have made the right choice. The Ark, Olive Branch are just a few of the clinics with great surrogacy services. However, if you want to use an agency, make sure you do a lot of research on them, as there are a lot of people taking advantage now. Whichever way, we’re here to answer any questions you might have, and to cheer you on along the way :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

            • @nicole @oluwakemine

              Thank you both so much for the recommendations! I had been calling several clinics and they all but 1 seemed leery of the international courier aspect. When I spoke to the Olive Branch clinic, not only had they worked with international embryos before, but I spoke directly to the head of the clinic, Dr. Emeka, who was very kind and reassuring. I definitely hope to go forward with Olive Branch once I have embryos to transfer.

              I can’t wait to start posting more as I get into the swing of cycling again :good:

            • That’s just great ChiChi @chi2008. We will be looking forward to your updates. Meanwhile, sending you loads of :dust: :dust: :dust: ahead of the day.