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    Hello house. Thanks for having me here. Been TTC for 2yrs now. I an 37 my hubby is 51. I was trying to cycle eith bridge but for some reasons I dont know why not cool with them. Thinking nordica. Please advice .I have done all the test with bridge

    • Dear @cheevy, welcome to our family :hugs: . Choosing a clinic can be hard. What were the specific issues you had with The Bridge. My dear, I wouldnt advise Nordica at all at all oh. Have you seen our Clinic ranking?

      • @Nicole yes I have seen the ranking, that was where i got confused. My issues with not using bridge is they said they transfer two embryos. I feel that is not giving room for a high success rate.

        • @cheevy, I know what you mean hun. I too used to think it was a case of the more embryos the better. But science has now shown that 2 quality embryos have just as successful success rates :yes: :good:

          • Thank you so much. I appreciate your care. So bridge is it right?

            • @cheevy dear, in principle, yes they are. I know how you feel, as I too was all for the more the merrier, but 2 embryos is a decent place to start. Can I ask how old you are?