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    @eby I retrieved on Wednesday.fertilization was Thursday.transfer is how many days transfer is that?

    I have told d doc am transferring 3 and freezing the rest.its 200,000 to freeze for 2 yrs.

    @nicole @dawnm @jaykay @eby @oluwakemine

    • U start counting from Thurs day so if ure transferring on monday, that means it’s a day 5 transfer and yes I advice u freeze the remaining better pls transfer 3.

      • Happy Sunday how are the triplets kicking pls pray for me to join you soon
        Concerning the pineapple core stuff is it one piece a day meaning I just need 1 pineapple

        • @bunmious so sorry am just seeing your msg ,God will see you thru dear and it surely will end in testimony, all you need is one whole pineapple divided into five then u take the core one each day.Am praying for you dear

          • Thanks.ET went well 2 blasts and 1 morula was transferred while 1 blast and 1 morula was frozen.felt slight cramps after but now it’s reducing am scared that mayb it didn’t implant
            It is well it wl all end in praise