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    Hello all…I had my ER yday..9 eggs retrieved and 6 fertilized wants to transfer on Monday that’s day 6.i want to transfer 3 but they are saying they don’t transfer more than 2…wat do u think? How many did u transfer @eby @beautifulameera @dawnm @jaykay

    • My dear, my hospital transferred 4 day5 embies. Dunno sha but day 6 sounds far o

    • My hospital transferred 4 oo

    • @bunmious I think day 6 is far oooo pls don’t agree to that I had a day 3 transfer and I transferred 6embies all grade1 I transferred that much becos if my history of miscarriages but why would dey say they don’t transfer more than 2 and were you aware of that from the beginning ? Mayb Nicole could help us out @Nicole. But pls I think you half do day 3 or day 5 transfer.

      • @bunmious I agree with @jaykay and @eby. Day 6 sounds far. Day 5 is the longest I would advice. 2 embryos at day 5 is fair, but at least 3 would have been better. Can you sign a waiver requesting for more embryos to be transferred?

    • @bunmious it’s actually day 5. Your ET day was day 0. So you have nothing to worry about :hug: