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    After a long while and 2 failed attempts, I have decided to try IVF again this time with Olive Branch the nurse aren’t so friendly like Georges I must say but then I’m not there to make friends .I will try long protocol this time and injections is to start on the 22nd of June. Kindly add me to the tickers@nicole @oluwakemine

    • Akins @beebee hun, so glad you’re gearing up to try again :heart: . Why did you opt for Olive Branch this time? I’ll create a ticker right away hun. Blowing you loads of :dust: :dust: for this cycle!

      • The only major reason is convenient timing. I dont need to start sneaking out of the office up and down. But if you’ve a different opinion due to report pls I’ll appreciate abeg.

        • Akins @beebee , Olive Branch is a good clinic. My preference would have been The Ark (after Georges), but for proximity, Olive still works :yes: :yes:

          • Thanks alot Nicole. It officially begins today is there any group for this quarter I can join?
            They intend using the 1 injection for down regulating as against the daily usage.
            What is your opinion?

      • Hi @nicole the next date should be 2 days after my period but I was told to call them first I will be told when to come.Lets put it at 3/4th of July for now.

        • update the next date is on Saturday. My period started on Monday and my next appointment is Saturday .No visit before ,their procedure is quite diff from what I’ve done and read though.