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    Hi Kemi and Nicole, please do you know of Dr. Thaddeus, is he still with Georges? someone gave me his contact and when I contacted him he said that it cost 2m and will refund 50% back if it doesn’t work. Please, do you have any review of him?

    • Hi Grace @amarapearl dear. I have never heard of a Dr. Thaddeus at Georges, and the arrangement doesn’t sound familiar at all. I will call immediately to check it out and get back to you.

      • Grace @amarapearl , I just spoke with Dr. Iketubosin of Georges Memorial. Dr. Thaddeus is no longer with them. Please call Chika on 08078191655

        • Oh thanks for the reply, I appreciate

          • You’re welcome Grace @amarapearl :heart:

            • Hello Grace @amarapearl, have you been in touch with the clinic?

            • I have narrowed down my options to Diff in Abuja or Kingswill hospital in Lagos, I hope to cycle in May when I take my leave by God’s grace but will go to Diff hospital for investigation first week of Feb.

          • Grace @amarapearl , those are both good choices. But will Abuja be fine logistically for you?

            • I stay in Port-Harcourt, although my parents stay in Lagos and close to Kingswill hospital, i feel that I might be stressed in Lagos because of family interference. I am still considering the logistics of Abuja in terms of accommodation, but let’s see how it goes.

            • Grace @amarapearl dear, sorry for the late response. You are correct. Staying with family might not be ideal, as they might get too emotionally invested in the process. @oluwakemine, what is the name of that hospital one of our members highly recommended in Port Harcourt?

            • Hmmm, I get you about the family stress, if you come to Lagos Grace @amarapearl. That would be Gynescope. However, someone mentioned Save A Life hospital recently. Where did you cycle last?

              cc: @nicole

            • @nicole @oluwakemi, I know about save a life and Gynescope but I am not comfortable with them as their success rate is very low compared to what i read here about hospitals in Lagos and if only I knew as much as I know now (read a lot from here)I wouldn’t have made the mistakes I made in the past by cycling twice in a hospital (Noble hospital) that didn’t have any record. I want to give this my best shot and know that I did all that I could. Thanks for your concern it means a lot to me.

            • I understand, Grace @amarapearl. Just think about what works best for you dear. Is there anyone else in Lagos you can stay with? Have you worked out what your Abuja logistics would be, if you need to go there?

            • Yes I have people that I can stay with in Lagos, but I feel my husband might prefer Abuja because of its privacy to Lagos, but let us see how it goes by next week when I visit Diff

    • @amarapearl, Have you been able to settle for any of those clinics. Where are you cycling at?
      cc: @oluwakemine, @nicole.